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  1. tespedagogy

    Recommend me some trainers

    When I commute to work, I commute in Stan Smiths. I leave my loafers on campus. I have a very limited palette when it comes to trainers. Can anyone recommend some trainers to commute in, to wear with some relaxed trousers and a puffa jacket?
  2. tespedagogy

    Best Down/Puffa Jackets

    I'm in the market for a navy down/puffa jacket. I plan to wear on the way TO work (with wide trousers, oxford shirt and some trainers of some description) and on the way FROM work i.e. post-gym (with short, T and the same trainers. Ideas?
  3. Always been fascinated with codes and etiquette in different workplace. How would you dress if you were a teacher?