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  1. F/S Highland Relaxed Carrot Pant Sz 30 (S/S '11) - $75.00

  2. Great Pants from Highland's SS '11 season. Medium-to-high rise camouflage pants with a vertically oriented Tigerstripe pattern. Nice medium cotton twill fabric. Color is between an olive drab and a desert brown. Two slash pockets, two plain back pockets, hook and button closure at waist. meant to hit around the ankles,but can be cuffed or not as you wish. I am 6'3" and 170lbs. Sadly they are now a bit too tight in the waist for me. Worn about 10-12 times Waist: 15.25" Rise: 11.75" Inseam: 30" 75.00 Shipped USPS Priority in the continental US. PM for Paypal. Thanks!
  3. skateboarding saved my life

    I used to travel with a skateboard carry-on with no problems. But 1) I was a kid, and 2) baggage limits have changed quite a bit since 1995.
  4. skateboarding saved my life

    Cyrus kills shit. One of my favorites to watch skate lately
  5. Skate shoes?

    Cabs, sk8-highs, and mountain editions lately
  6. Clothing for The Great Outdoors

    Was about to say... Owner operator might work for you. I hate snowboard clothes. But theirs are tolerable I suppose
  7. REPCOM 1.0

    So non-subscribers can see they are being repped but can't access the comments? Talk about some carrot dangling bullshit.
  8. skateboarding saved my life

    That's an interesting post Okay. Thought provoking to say the least
  9. Clothing for The Great Outdoors

    It's not even that their attempt at content marketing looks bad, but I'm beginning to worry about arc'teryx a little bit. Can't put my finger on exactly why, I guess I just fear they are trying to be all things to all people (bicycle commuters, joggers, skiers, climbers, tech fashion connoisseurs) which is a noble effort, but if not approached with care, a swift path to brand dilution...
  10. "ATHLETIC" wear

    http://clothsurgeon.com/shop/M-F-Y-Jersey-Cotton-Basketball-Shorts SICK.
  11. "ATHLETIC" wear

    Highland might have something for you next season. Not sure if this is the take on sportswear you're after? https://www.openingceremony.us/entry.asp?pid=8503
  12. skateboarding saved my life

    Also, If this doesn't make you want to ride your skateboard you must be a corpse: (forgot how to embed.....) EDIT: Oh, it does it for you now, cool.
  13. skateboarding saved my life

    New setup for an old man... Love the shape on this thing. Rolled my ankle on my other board pretty bad while it was in the mail so sadly haven't even got to really ride it yet...
  14. skateboarding saved my life

    Definitely fuckin with Bronze. Gonna check out solo jazz tonite...
  15. skateboarding saved my life

    Age 29. Back on my shit as of two weeks ago. Been 6-7 years or so. basically since this thread started. been Sessioning a parking lot where no one will see me ever while I get my self up to speed again. My pop is GONE. Dunno what the fuck happened. It's like my legs know what to do but they just can't do it. Also I have knees now. The fuck? Never even noticed them when I was younger. After the 3rd time out I went and swapped out my spitfire classics for some rat bones reissues. 60mm; 85A. Add some risers and my old man swag in full effect. Next thing you know ill probably order a cruiser board. Really tho. All that said I'm having a great time. Been catching up on who's who and what new companies have emerged and alla that shit. Gotta say I'm definitely impressed with the magenta boys. That whole squad has a style that reminds me of New York circa 93 in a way that somehow manages to feel fresh and original too. Leo Valls is a lot of fun to watch. Ok that's it carry on.