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  1. I sorta felt the same way initially, but I've actually grown to like the placement of the pockets, so much so that I'm almost irritated when wearing other jeans because of sitting directly on my wallet. I should mention that I'm one of those "empty your back pockets to sit down types" so for me it's almost alien to be comfortable with anything in either of my back pockets while sitting...
  2. absolutely great to hear! looking forward to seeing pics...
  3. ditto here... finally my suspenders will have something to hold up!
  4. heck, Bobbo you might wind up helping him sew 'em at this rate although, like aho, I'm in no rush to spend more dough... just put a $13k engine in my Subaru and bought my wife a new Volvo XC90
  5. Ryan got a pretty nice write up in the July issue of Denver Life magazine.. mostly stuff anyone here would already know sans a detail or two, but it's great to se someone who cares so much about his craft get the credit he's due. Read it here.
  6. if anyone is looking for a sample pair of the R1901s 33x35 they popped up on ebay this morning for $150 + shipping looks like they were purchased directly from Ryan... ebay Item #272653636103
  7. this is going to sound silly, but in a perfect world we'd all get together for a group picture after wearing our 20's for a year. of course if someone is a "photoshop ninja", we could fake it, but it certainly wouldn't be nearly as fun
  8. not to "rub it in" on those of you waiting... somehow I snagged a pair of the R1942 Trail Ryders in 14oz Kuroki Mills off grailed (for a song) guy who bought 'em was simply too small for 'em.. oops they arrived 2 days after purchase and have literally become my favorite pair of jeans (ever?)
  9. well, not so much a giant as one might expect but my knuckles do drag from time to time! actually, my biggest hangup with these was going with the 38 or the 40. based on the comparative differences between the sizes I'd be a 39 but figured I'd be better off sizing up and going with an additional hot/warm soak (or *gasp* a stint in the drier) than hoping to get some additional stretch. plus I truly want to make use of the cinch/buckle as well as throwing on suspenders when inspired. I will be climbing in 'em for work, so a bit of "roominess" won't hurt there either. length is based on wanting a definite cuff, much like Inoue's initial pics... I'll make sure to get measurements back to @volvo240thebest and the group!
  10. Aloha! I'm in! I figured y'all could use a stocky american in this thing and I've been eyeballing the TCB's 201s for a bit... Volvo thanks for cross posting on Denimbro. 1st SUFU post...