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  1. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    I know the feeling! although I'm pretty used to 'em at this point and have managed a wear or two on the outside... mine certainly look a bit wider and the duck surely makes 'em heavier, getting used to that "extra bulk" has been the strangest part. we'll see how it goes when I've gotta climb in 'em...
  2. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    agent #19 checking in... as per @volvo240thebest proof of said "happening" *all images extracted from the secure server on instagram for your review*
  3. not sure if it's the same duck fabric that i've got on a pair of tellasons... kinda 10oz duck but it crocks something fierce, i rinsed 'em once and wore 'em a bit but the cut is just a bit tapered for me... shame really since the fabric is so incredible here's a closeup of the fabric detail and selvedge
  4. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    at least the ones in the music videos are!
  5. ...heck if it was half ignored, oh wait... doh! i for one would dig seeing more of the non-levi's cone selvedge and also wonder if that absence is simply due to newer brands using it not really designing anything out of the ordinary? also wondering if the vintage lee heavyweight selvedge came from cone? i used to see loads of deadstock lee double front "logger" jeans around my old neighborhood in chicago, should have nabbed a pair when i had the chance... they'd be a little hot here in florida though
  6. that was only part of the point... ultimately, i really thought i had too and am sorta realizing it deserved another look... and although i sorta singled you out because you were takin' flack in the bigger picture my comments aren't necessarily aimed squarely in your direction. there are a load of folks unnecessarily "bagging" cone right now and i think there's much more grey area to the discussion... ultimately my 2 cents isn't going to change anyone's opinion nor is it an attempt to. although i grew up as a STF 501 kid (yes, back in the selvedge 70's) and i eventually parted ways with levi's, i'm just kinda realizing that my general association with cone has always been via levi's. now i see i'm still somewhat surrounded by their denim and didn't really appreciate it as something diverse... well, until now. btw, i can't say how much i appreciate the nostalgia, the personal histories, and the candor
  7. i read back through the thread and oddly enough the majority of posts mention LVC or Roy (as far as owning denim from white oak) as do the pics... this might have to do with folks having issues with what they consider a "short sighted" opinion... and, yes, @dudewuttheheck is entitled to his opinion... the closing of white oak has made me go back through the range of jeans i own and really look at the diversity of denim from a single factory, my tellasons have been around for nearly a year (huckberry tellason colab) they've been hot washed and dried to get a little shrink out of 'em and my fingertips still wind up blue while wearing 'em! although they're not as "hot" as other pairs i own they're pretty damn fine and slowly they'll develop their own character if anything this has truly forced a certain kind of reconsideration with a different set of eyes, in the end the true shame is that it's gone. i know ryan (wh ranch) has mentioned he's secured more denim from white oak and it's made me consider purchasing another pair simply so a year or so from now i'll be surprised with another piece of history what i'm saying, in a rather rambling way, is that it's possible the folks with "lesser opinions" of cone's white mill selvedge simply haven't seen this diversity first hand and consequently, due to that limited view have created their opinions... possible right?
  8. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    agent #19 checking in... first off apologies for not posting sooner, inevitably when i get on show site i disappear from real life i had hoped i could get away with wearing 'em today and snap some fit pics yet i was told it would be "show blacks" all week. doh! in the meantime i can at least get online and see all of yours! like @nycsurfer530 i've already got some nice rust on my buttons and like @bartlebyyphonics some great roping on the hem detailed measurements (& a bit of background on my process with radical shrinking) Raw: W (flat) = 42" / W (inside) = 42" / Inseam = 40" / F. Rise = 13.25" (seam) 14" (fold) / R. Rise = 18" (seam) 17.5" (fold) / Thigh = 14.5" @ 2" / Knee = 11.5" @ 11" / Leg Opening = 10" 1hr Hot Soak + 30min Hot Dry: W (flat) = 40" / W (inside) = 40.5" / Inseam = 38" / F. Rise = 12.5" (seam) 13.25" (fold) / R. Rise = 17.5" (seam) 17" (fold) / Thigh = 13.5" @ 2" / Knee = 11" @ 11" / Leg Opening = 9.5" 30min Warm Soak + 40min Hot Dry: W (flat) = 39" / W (inside) = 39.5" / Inseam = 47" / F. Rise = 12.75" (seam) 13.5" (fold) / R. Rise = 17.5" (seam) 16.5" (fold) / Thigh = 13.5" @ 2" / Knee = 11.5" @ 11" / Leg Opening = 9.5" originally i'd thought i would do a single cuff but the denim is so soft and the taper is enough that it needs a double, although i've managed to swing the fancy double with the hem peeking out of the top to show off the roping... although i may try to use some moisture + tension to stretch the cuffs so they're flatter... like most of you i'm surprised by the amount of stretch in the denim (even with approx. 5 -7 minutes of wear) somehow i managed to snag 2 pairs of second hand suspenders locally, they're from C.O.W.S. (the folks who did most of the vintage repros for "hell on wheels") and are a mid-weight duck with leather tabs... they seem to compliment the 20's pretty well (even if they're historically supposed to be from the 1860s) @volvo240thebest i promise some fit pics over the weekend when i can wear whatever i please
  9. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    #19 arrived yesterday! due to my current show schedule it was too dark and too late for anything more to happen to the largest pair in the contest... well, except for being rapidly removed from the DHL bag! measurements and pictures to come.. I opted to go "oversize" in order to get some real shrink out of 'em, so expect a litany of data
  10. Linen Shirts... or even well fitting Hawaiian shirts?

    keep in mind on the "hawaiian shirt" (aka aloha shirt) question, if you're looking at vintage shirts they're almost always oversized since they're based on the traditional "club shirt" cut and are meant to be worn loose and untucked. although sizing down and being acutely aware of your measurements should allow you to find what you're looking for. I've got a few friends that have their aloha shirts altered to fit their preference for a more tapered cut. in a lot of cases you're going to need to verify the fabric since many are synthetic blends and don't really breathe well, although some of us live with it in order to be as bright as humanly possible! ..keep in mind, I'm really only talking true vintage here... many of the newer companies shirts aren't anything like your average vintage aloha shirt based on a direct comparison of measurements of each
  11. The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    yeah, but it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun
  12. Imogene & Willie and Raleigh both use Cone from White Oak as well.
  13. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    sure was hella fun to watch... at one point I was tempted but I'm far from being a 31 and figured it would be a bit of a "d*ck move" to do so... denim karma and all
  14. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    this might have to be my post-christmas excursion... we're going to be in Atlanta to see family so it wouldn't be too far away just posted some thoughts on the LVC thread...