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I'm a nikehead I rock chains that excite the feds (Jordans too)


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"Nike and Dover Street Market come together to release a unique collection of Nike Air Force 1s to mark the 30th anniversary of a classic. The DSM AF1 features a “materials first†for Nike footwear called Ventile, which is a woven fabric that is naturally waterproof and windproof with an impeccable resistance to tearing and fire. They also feature a Tyvek tongue tab marked with 17-18, the street number of Dover Street Market London and a nod to the race day numbers worn by competitive runners. Launching 28th July."

clean and simple. these also look like the minimal deconstruct version too without the foam padding

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those shoes coming out in s/s 2013 *gahhh*

Need some new gym sneaks, what you guys think of the Kukini and how is the sizing like? I wear 9.5 in the Free 1's and it's a snug fit. I think if I go with the same size I will have to go sockless.

Been wearing some hi-top leather chucks otherwise but it's a bit tired .. Want some new nikes

Want to pick up several but 2013 is not too far off.






Last one is more of a wild card. Testing out non-black

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