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  1. New Tmobile plans are mad good. Joined my friends line and I'm paying 40 for unlimited everything. Fucking ridiculous.
  2. red

    Best laptop

    Thinkpad T or X series.
  3. red

    sufu fantasy football

    That dude deserves the title after ass-raping you guys in trades.
  4. red


  5. red

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    Some recent sites are reporting 15 hrs after heavy use which is pretty good. The early findings were probably because of pre-release firmware. In any case, I just happened to go on Google play at the right time and bought one before they sold out. On a whim I put it on ebay to see what it sold for, and got $600 BIN within a few hours. Today was a good day.
  6. red

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    I wouldn't worry either way since it's a Nexus. The design is as much Google's as it is LGs, and the Nexus has always been a solid product.
  7. red

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    three bills unlocked.
  8. red

    sufu fantasy football

    All my wide receivers not named roddy white up for trade. Because some of you have some scrub ass wrs in your starting line up.
  9. red

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    Whats wrong with it? Been looking to pick one up.
  10. red

    sufu fantasy football

    I want to personally thank you for dropping Michael Turner.
  11. red

    sufu fantasy football

    team name is stacked at wr, and looking for a rb
  12. red

    sufu fantasy football

    sent money to abraham.
  13. red

    sufu fantasy football

    Are you really set against having no 3rd WR spot? I don't like it when there's too much or too little talent in the FA pool. and 2WR leauges usually end up with too many talented WRs available, even with the flex spot. In my experience at least.
  14. red

    sufu fantasy football

    im number nine.