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  1. ^ the one in the mall @conqueror? will check out later this morning if i go in
  2. IC: 2016 ACG Woven Khaki, BNWT, Size L Code: 851978-325
  3. IC: 2016 ACG Woven Khaki, BNWT, Size L Code: 851978-325
  4. Great seller, bought the WTAPS sweater, great communication and as described. International shipping with tracking. Awesome!

  5. lol
  6. Awesome, thanks @sufu1
  7. ^ @sufu1 I know but you have to select your Custom Stream every session. Be nice if this would stick
  8. this still doesn't stick (for me at least) any updates?
  9. nope, hopefully fixed soon
  10. thanks, found it but the settings won't stick and need to be reset every visit
  11. yep, would be nice to click on header and automatically go to last unread post like other forums do? when clicking on the last page it just forwards me to an ad which i'm guessing is some kind of bug?
  12. this atm, my wife wasn't a fan of wonderwood
  13. i used to size up but sizing has been all over the place of late so depends on what season i guess