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  1. Copped p24 RAF and the P10ts. Hopefully the P10 are as tapered as normal and that picture was an anomaly. Bodega pricing on the p24 was like $550, I wasn't going to buy until I saw that.
  2. I hate to be "that guy" but info on these please. I love them.
  3. I think -3ts was $580 shipped to US.
  4. Anybody got some sz M p15-s for sale?
  5. Hey! So I SUPER suck at table tennis but I am in love with it. I'm having trouble finding suitable shorts that are functional. I found a picture of some Gyakusou shorts that look like what I am after (I think). I want something that is nylon-ish/techy. I am really wanting something with pockets that can fit table tennis balls in them however. And I want them to look cool...I tried to find the Gyakusou's but I have no clue how sizing is on these as Gyakusou seems to be kind of all over the place in that regard, and all I see are 2xl and the like. Any other shorts that may fit the bill?
  6. I don't know if the purchase will go through but I was able to check out with a US address on the German Nike site...
  7. Trent/Atlanta (that makes three of us so far?)/Accountant(killme) I literally got into tech wear so that I could wear black and not think about matching colors anymore. And have pants that are tapered but still have room in the crotch to avoid sticky balls. Pretty specific reason but carrot shaped pants ftw, New life goal is to dress like a comfy-samurai to work as much as possible. Question says other than dags, but dags are life. Underwater squad!!!!!!
  8. I'm not totally sure about that. Errolson said "first drop" and everyone else commented same sizes available (ie small ones). I hate to ask, but does anyone have these to confirm the fit? I know low AF1 fit 1/2 size big.
  9. DAF1 dropped, only small sizes 7 and under are showing up.
  10. I only took them out of the box for pics. I can try them on for you and let you know. I have a pair of S.I. US10s, and I matched up the soles with another pair (US9 cargo khaki in this case, same as pe sock darts). The outsole is definitely longer than regular US9 sock darts. I think the upper is just snugger on top of the foot, the shoe isn't actually shorter than non SI models. If you are more interested pm me and I can try them on, measure them etc for you. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have a spare US9 Black Stone Island X Nike Sock Dart. Only taken out of box for pics. Place I bought them from doesn't take returns and I wound up with two pairs. I want to sell this for what I paid. $200 shipped to CONUS. Thanks guys.
  12. So I just got mine last week. I had to send a pretty blunt email to him, which he replied to. I think I wound up waiting just under 6 months (like 5 months 3 weeks). I don't think I would have received it that "early" had I not emailed asking for a tracking number/refund. I used the address. The belt is fine. Nothing revolutionary, just nylon after all. I really felt kind of stupid by the time I received it. I could have spent the $100 on a sewing machine and learned to sew and started my own company in 6 months... edit: good luck
  13. Link for the Stone Island Nike sock darts is up.