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  1. @Ecotrons Get the overshirt.
  2. WTS Arc'teryx Veilance Conduct Anorak black size L 9/10 EDIT: would also trade for Arris or Align in black, size L
  3. To be frank, the piece I find most interesting is the J16-GT I'm not sure what it is about it, perhaps the more direct and industrial design, It just looks how I imagine Arc'teryx LEAF would be making for spec ops teams in 2037
  4. I think it's a reference to military jackets that use similar Velcro patches to attach flags and unit markers and whatnot.
  5. @larssss Thoughts? Real?
  6. I asked for them.
  7. I just took them off last night, and as I was about to wash them, I noticed the hole. they said it was a quality control issue, traded them in for a pair of indisce pants. no biggie
  8. one more warning about this season's Voronoi ARs, after less than twelve wearings now, there is a rip along the seam of the left back pocket. Stay away from them guys.
  9. That video looks how a 13 year old would imagine interpretative dance, after hearing only the definition and a brief explanation of interpretative dance, to be.
  10. of what's currently on the website: Align, for fall winter, probably the Voronoi...?
  11. Has anyone tried the indisce pants from this season? If so, how are they? any different from last year?
  12. @damagedroid I hate to say that I don't know, the only place I have seen most of the pro stuff is at the factory store in north van last time I went there I came out with a killer deal on a LEAF Alpha Gen II jacket and a pair of the helicopter guide pants.
  13. Every ten times you hit refresh, a new thread pops out!
  14. hey, guys, serious question, I'm looking for a water repellent toque for the upcoming winter, does anyone know of any good ones? requirement: must also be cozy
  15. I too like these sunglasses