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  1. so yeah, you're totally right @brainerd666
  2. Yes, I do suppose that Veilance and Acronym have become more than aware of their places in fashion. ..And neither of the two can be considered a "design free zone" Cayce was an example of classic design sure, but she was also an exaggeration of the state of branding and fashion in the early 2000s, the ubiquity of certain brands that constituted the norm, you know, the "Tommy Hilfiger event horizon" where clothing that can be no more derivative, more devoid of soul, and their presence in the environment of inescapable advertising. A point where calculated design and more and more targeted advertising is ever present (insert Francis Fukuyama quote on the "satisfaction of sophisticated consumer demands" here) and the most interesting fashion is a kind of anti-fashion. It's in Stonestreet's slept-in suit, and that shpeal Cayce has about Doretea attempt to "out minimalize" her, and the infamous Buzz Rickson's black MA-1 (which is its own ironic beast []).
  3. Yes, I suppose you're right @shifty I live in Vancouver where, according to the CBC, 90% of the population owns an Arcteryx jacket of some kind. My local Arcteryx store has a (small) wall dedicated to Veilance garments. I can see how many a dad that just likes Arcteryx would buy their pants from that wall Edit: who cares about that dad, doesn't change the pieces.
  4. I don't think that everyone who wears Veilance is on this forum. I have been wearing Veilance for three years and came across it from via actual word of mouth. I only stumbled across this forum a couple of months ago, more so through an interest in Acronym.
  5. I agree that Veilance, no matter the extent of their marketing, will attract the attention of mainstream fashion, it is far too visually subtle. The only people that will drop $1200 on a jacket without branding, made of insulated gore, cut for movement, with the aesthetics of minimal, pseudo-futuristic business wear are those like us here. Nor do I think that the actual garments will decrease in quality with an increased popularity (I think the opposite). A big part of Veilance's ~cool factor~ is its lack of branding or brand presence. It is clothing that Cayce Pollard could wear or would design. It (and, to an extent, Acronym) exist almost outside of traditional marketing, relying mostly on (figurative) word of mouth, much like the Gabriel Hounds of Zero History, it's near to the very root of cool because it is without advertising. plenty of companies make clothing without external branding (of course, none to the level of Veilance) but not many have this kind of allure.
  6. I do like the new pieces, but I don't know if I like the increased marketing efforts, wasn't the whole point to be a sort of pseudo-secret brand.. You know, the veil in Veilance..
  7. When are they supposed to drop?!
  8. @Voyager The PB factory very well could be a Gore factory rather than one owned by ACR but what do I know
  9. I also love the articulation in the voronoi, its almost like they aren't there
  10. @Toilettebun That's too bad, If you contact Arcteryx, they should be able to repair them for you. I've had (mainline) Arcteryx pieces repaired in the past. The cost is generally minimal
  11. @Kasper I normally go to the store in Kits just because its closer to me. They carry most Veilance, but I have never seen it on sale or anything. The factory store only has lower prices for one-offs (in which case, they would still be very expensive). If your staying in Vancouver proper, and were looking for a specific piece, I would just call ahead to either. If you're just planning on browsing, I'd go to whichever is closer.
  12. Big WTB: Veilance Apparat size 36
  13. I couldn't agree more. I have it in black, but almost bought it in Utility, but wanted to stay more neutral. Probably runs a little cooler. The conduct is certainly my favorite piece from SS17 (or any SS veilance season) it so light and breathable that I am totally comfortable wearing it in 25+ C without feeling too hot. My go to windbreaker/summer jacket without question.
  14. Brands like diesel will be in techwear for no longer than a minute. They, and their customers will quickly realize that GORE-TEX is more expensive than polyester.
  15. If I remember correctly, there was an XL option last night, but I may be wrong