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  1. BAGJACK BELT NXL 25 $90 shipped
  2. The Norvans? I really like them too but they don't do an all black or grey model atm sadly goretex achillies low
  3. FS: BNIB Salomon S/LAB Black Edition Sense Ultra 5 - US 9 150 shipped
  4. yo will the voronoi ARs work for summer? its just nyco like the apparats without any warmth tech right? the summer nylon version feel way too delicate.
  5. Are the Cargo LT and Apparat shorts the same cut and fabric (other then the pockets)?
  6. BNWT nomin pack (ss17) $500 shipped
  7. SS17 Veilance for sale BNWOT Voronoi 28 black - $200 BNWT Apparat 28 black ii - $220 BNWT Nemis XS ash - $320 all prices shipped
  8. Douro Arris looks amazing in person. Anyway, have unworn SS17 nemis in ash, and black apparats and voronois in XS/28 - looking for trades in S/30 or sale.
  9. what do you guys think of the summer shorts, worth it? looking at the black ii apparat - voronoi looks too slim for shorts
  10. Do you guys take the same size in frame tees as with your outerwear?
  11. anywhere dropped the ss17 pants besides mr porter?
  12. FS: alk phenix dou parka / tech urake BLACK, M BNWT, 170 shipped
  13. Just got a Nomin pack. Beautiful, but its really big on my 5'8" frame. Wish they made something smaller for light carry, perhaps Astri 19 sized
  14. do you guys think the field jacket works/looks better in the insulated or regular version?
  15. any good shorts to recommend? usually rock patagonia baggies and some alk phenix joints