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  1. oh man, the lookbook is fire: https://havenshop.com/lookbook/fw-17-04/
  2. So would the monitor SL be made of c-knit?
  3. any insight into how much the haedn jacket is gonna cost?
  4. End has a bunch of stuff up: https://www.endclothing.com/us/catalogsearch/result/?q=NIKELAB+acg
  5. ^great post, really liking the look of that moinn comp pullover
  6. I'm traveling to japan soon and was wondering if anyone knows any stores that carry Guerrilla Group (eyes & sins)? Checked their site and couldn't find anything about retailers. thx!
  7. my friend used the dryer on a pair of flat head 310s he had and a wierd line appeared running down the leg that never went away