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  1. I dunno for me i always prefer jackets that have just have a hood rather than it being outside the collar. Will still be copping though
  2. I was hoping for the same built in hood from the 47 on the new 28 still flames but it did me a little disappoint
  3. Can some one legit chek on this spec sheet plZ
  4. Tom London, UK Transmission Controller/Grime producer & DJ Techwear appeals to me for function, fit and comfort as well as the asthetic of future/tech/anime vibes
  5. Turns out i actually need an L in P24a for me chub waist, apologies again to @opetian for putting up with me
  6. Nice one, can guesstimate now how many body parts i have to sell
  7. Anyone seen anything about pricing on the new drop yet Euro/USD ??
  8. Hello all, Putting the feelers out will have cash ready in a week or so WTB P23TS-S Raf - Size M P24A-S Black - Size M Safe
  9. Ty Kamikaze. Just measured against my Nike Whitelabel Goretex and its exactly the same sizing for the Large which is excellent news. Love the cut of that jacket.
  10. Indeed. Regardless though you da man, always come thru with the info
  11. Anyone got the sizing info on the J28-GT? Does it differ from the K Ver, or same fit. Wanna be ready to pull the trigger on right sizing when the new ver drops
  12. WTT ACG FW16/17 Wovens Black Size L for a Size M Condition is new without tags, only tried on once
  13. Got Cargos in a M and id say the fit is similar to acr p15/17/23 wide drop crotch then slims in the leg but the waist fits normal and not huge like acr. Full length on waist fits full length i didnt find there was a crop but i wasnt bothered by that. Drop slightly and let sit on ur hips then fold the bottoms 3 times and youve got a nice summer crop p17 styli. My main concern with this was when folded is it a horrible gimpy fold that makes the leg super wide answer is no, it looks good! Im super happy w my pair, black is deffo more like a night/dark dark blue tho but i can live w that, wasnt feeling the beige c/w too shiney/wrong beige imo
  14. *SOLD* WTS - Nike ACG Alpine Jacket - Olive Size XL Excellent Condition - No wear or tear only worn a handful of times £470 + Shipping depending on local Based in UK Can sort out some pics if interested
  15. Sooo whos got the classified info about FW ? My hopes are J28-GT upgrades include poppers and two way escape zip, and fold in hood system like the 47 for me this looks a lot better thay the outside hood. Duo tone would be a bonus, i think if that did happen id try grab a black and a duo, if the bots dont scoop em all But yeah i could be totally wrong but a man can dream.