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  1. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Saw this on insta ^ extra hawt fit
  2. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Trade away!
  3. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Have you checked the button fasterners on yours the qc on these were dodge as well might be able to get it back to ACR for recall/refund Edit - pic for ref off fb group
  4. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Few from the last week
  5. Acronym.

    Go with an L man, I'm 6,1 and wear M 23ts low on my hips and i can just get away with it. I found for me that because i wear them on hips when i had a large the booty ballooned due to the extra material. 6,4 that extra height should comp for that. Also yeah can't ever size for waist just gotta wear a belt lol.
  6. Acronym.

    If you are wondering about the waterproof-ness of the 6TS X Pac just cycled 7 miles in the pissing rain and everything is dry inside. The actual X Pac dries pretty fast as well, was suprised at that.
  7. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Just want to +rep @blakebru97 smooth transaction, super fast shipping as well.
  8. Acronym.

    Late but joining in with the bag pics, do any of you have more than 1 of the zip bag inners that velcro in ? How many can you fit i was thinking of getting two for the front and then a big laptop one for the back but unsure.
  9. Acronym.

    3A-Z1 €495
  10. Acronym.

    Like the new carry strap across the back they added on the new 6ts, wished mine had a handle or that.
  11. Acronym.

    I tried this but the it was always uncomfy. Ill play around with positioning a bit more. Thanks !
  12. Acronym.

    Q - how does everyone store there detachable hoods? Is there a sensible way to store inside the jacket whilst out and about and im just being dumb or just store else where bag etc? Pocket looks a bit silly when its in there.
  13. Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS Index - Binding Pants Size 3 - fits 34 waist. I removed the zippers on the front two pockets because they were uncomfortable. Worn but still excellent condition. *SOLD*