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    199cm / 6'5, slim build, it has to be black.
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  1. Way


    The J70 was/is my favorite design of the season so far but the measurements look reassuring for my bank account, no way any size could fit me well. It's one of those designs that I'll appreciate without having to own it.
  2. Way


    KaDeWe might not be what comes to mind when you think of Acronym but they do stock it besides brands like Rick Owens, Undercover and Veilance. You could also see if VooStore has anything you like. Might as well check out Markthalle 9, grab a slice of pizza from Sironi and walk to Gate194, if you're there. They have a curated selection as well, even though they don't have much stock in store.
  3. Way


    Did anyone catch the price of the P38-E?
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