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  1. I bought it - thought it was an hour and 30 min not 30 sec lol. It was great, hopefully you guys do another one. After watching it and blue gold i'm probably going to end up blowing some serious dough this weekend ahah
  2. you are probably right, i'm just going by the instagram pics but it's hard to tell cause japanese people are so slim lol now that i look back on it the leg opening does look pretty small
  3. kinda looks like the 1105 but with a more relaxed/roomy top block? i personally like the silhouette of the 1105 better - i'd pull the trigger on it right away but still debating cause of the zipper fly.
  4. ^you won fair and square, just take your WIN and move on man - stop rubbing it in ......fyi your pair was not the best pair
  5. lol usually you join a competition to compete, so winning and losing does matter
  6. ^pretty sure the registrant votes will still be biased if it's an open competition and not restricted to the same model/brand. if most of the people that enter wear ooe lvc or warehouse you can bet with good odds someone wearing samurai ironheart or nf will not win. only way to make it fair is too have equal amt of judges from japan europe and north america lol
  7. I always thought that they line dry them, I've handled a lot of one wash pairs and they seem too stiff/corse for a dryer. I thought they would of ended up a lot softer for a full dryer cycle. Maybe half and half or maybe the heat setting? I'm assuming some brands steam/iron them also after as I have ended up with pairs that dont even look like they've been washed. Mostly from the upper thigh down to the leg opening. But some brands don't bother as the jean will be wrinkled throughout.
  8. Great seller, bought the WTAPS sweater, great communication and as described. International shipping with tracking. Awesome!

  9. has anyone been in contact with warehouse lately? i ordered something directly from them and they never sent me a tracking code and they haven't responded to my emails for like a week.
  10. raw denim

    ^Maybe Nudies has the best option for women? Edit: Scratch that, I just went saw that thread you posted bF. I had no idea that thread was that big.
  11. damn that blows, it'll be hard to make a case because you soaked and washed them so there is no proof that it didnt happen from that process. good luck tho
  12. I'm selling the pair I got: Evisu lot2000 no.1 'red selvage' Raw brand new w/tags size 36 chain stitched to 81cm inseam. Waist measures about 35", I know the length will probably be too short for most of you guys, I'm 5'8 so I don't usually order long inseams and no one does in-house chain stitching in Toronto. Raw(unsoaked) Waist: 35" Front Rise: 11" Back Rise: 15" Upper Thigh: 13 -13.5" depends on angle Inseam: Just about 32" Leg Opening: Little less than 9" I really wanted these and were hoping they were going to fit but I expected the waist to be closer to a 36". Be sure to ask for flat measurements if you guys ever order online, I completely forgot that some places in japan do 360 method and that's what they gave me. Anyways they are listed here for $170 shipped depending where you are from but I'm willing to let them go for much cheaper for a quicker sale. Just PM me if you are interested. Thanks
  13. Is there really a need for this thread in superdenim? There are some things we can control and some we can't.
  14. What's the best way to de-wrinkle jeans after they have dried from a wash? Sometimes I get a lot of creases and wrinkles near the bottom of the legs. I usually just wear them and they come out over time, but is their a way to do this other than ironing or tumble drying?