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  1. HAZARDkid


    i have a pair of 105's worn once size 3 for sale if anyone is interested. They don't quite fit the way I want them to. Might try a diff model.
  2. I purchased a pair of LVC 54 "new rinse". Are these levis version of a hard one-wash? Some descriptions online say they are while some refer to them as just a design.
  3. For all those who own loopwheel sweaters or sweaters in general, I need some laundry drying tips. After hang drying one of my wtaps loopwheel hoodies the sweater got really warped around the shoulder and chest area because of the delicate/heavy nature of the material when it was hanging. I bought a couple flat drying racks to lay them flat on but I feel like its taking so long to dry them. Do you guys have any tips? Do you think putting them in a dryer on low heat will damage the sweater material if i put it in a net? Maybe ill flat dry them outside on certain days? Thanks.
  4. HAZARDkid


    Just picked up a pair of one-wash 105s in size 3, not sure if this is an older lot or what not but the model number on the orSlow tag is No. 01-1050-81K Measurements (BiG Style): W: 34" Fr: 11.5" Br: 15" UpperThigh: ~12" Inseam: ~31.5" Lo: 7.5-7.75" Waist relaxed not measured aligned is 33" which is similar to the measurements on many websites
  5. what kind of thread is this? lol perfect fit is relative to the wearer, best way is to try it on and if its comfortable than buy it. if you cant try it on than measure a pair of jeans you like and match it with the sizing charts.
  6. HAZARDkid


    pretty sure 3=34" for 105 one-wash, im about to pull the trigger myself