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  1. skateboarding saved my life

    You can feel the spirit of harold hunter channeling thru.. Preme decks are something else
  2. Urban Techwear

    On the account of that off centre zipper, I had one on my Arcteryx jacket. It's great when you have a beard,but I found myself using two hands to close or looking away to release pressure on the zip. Other than that it functions great ..
  3. Lets Talk Sandals.

    That metal may look nice but putting them on after you left them poolside will be warm if not hot..
  4. Backpacks

    Did you have a look at the Crafted Goods Todero ballistic 25 L ?? https://www.undscvrd.com/craftedgoods-ballistic-todero-25.html In between both bags and easily adjustable to your needs. I have used the bag a couple of times on my bike and with waistband and chest clip it was really comfortable..
  5. Dope?? From here I can hear Magic going : Ah hell no!!! If you run with the design do something good with it, terry cloth and losing two eyelets doesn't cut it in my book.
  6. Wrong thread son. Ugly and weird sneakers is where it belongs.. The bottom and upper don't seem to belong together
  7. Lets Talk Sandals.

    Biz hiswarm weather get up??
  8. MacBook.

    I don't think miss Yellen agrees..
  9. Forgot about them but I had a hard time wearing them in. Their canvas is tough and long lasting but a bitch to break in (sore nuts and all). Then again you can cheat and wear a speedo..
  10. my thoughts exactly.. Would have been so much better and cleaner
  11. What are you looking for ? Plain? print?and where are you based?? If in the States have a look at Reyn Spooner's shorts. Can't beat those..In Europe you can have a look at Hoalen's Traver short which is bound to be restocked.http://www.hoalen.com/en/explorer-man-traver-558.html#/size-s/color-stone_ink Still my Orlebar Browns Bulldogs did me a world of good last summer both in and out of the water. Expensive but I am buying a new pair this summer..
  12. Urban Techwear

    looking at the back of that jacket I have two questions springing to mind : Why is the drawstring on the outside??Water may slip in from the ventilation flaps above.. What is that piece of string doing in the ventilation flaps?? Any one know??
  13. Urban Techwear

    The socks are all right in emergencies. But imho a pair of proper waterproof or GTX boots is a better investment as hiking with soggy boots. They start to stink after repeated outings in the wet and you just break them off quicker. Not to mention they get heavy from the water you lug around.. No offense the socks do their duty but it is not something you would want. And in respond to the other hikers ..I had sno sealed http://www.atsko.com/sno-seal-wax-4-oz-tube/leather boots for snow shoeing trips. They were dry. My guide kept saying dry ,reapply and blow-dry.. It is not the expensive shizzle that counts it's the prep you put in. I do find it hard to believe that out of ten hikers no one thought of GTX boots...
  14. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    In that defense your f**ked on the first part but blessed on the second. The new Rijksmuseum is now one of the best museums in the world. Took 4 years but they nailed it.. On the weed...the quality has been dropping quickly due to the fact that the shops have more customers and can't get their hands on enough good weed. Plus with quick change to low energy Led grow lights many of the regular customers started to grow their own. So qc is gone with tourists now making up the main customers in the inner city.. So go to the outskirts of town. If you need a list hit me up when you get here..