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small questions thread (use before making a new thread!)


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Chris Lundy Laser Dunk


which shoe should I go for?

Ohh! I like these. I have a pair of laser-etched dunks, and what I like most is there are no seams on the shoe. It's like having a wholecuts, but instead of oxfords they're sneakers. And it makes them super comfortable.

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So, I just got my jackets from Cristeza and they're absolutely huge. Measurements are all correct, but you know how these things work, clothes hang differently on different people etc...

(Throught no fault of Cristeza's, by the way, he was genial through the whole process, I simply did not ask enough questions.)

Basically, do you think a tailor can change this jacket from what fits me like a large to small? Or, two jackets, to be more precise.



Basically: armholes raised, arms taken in and cut higher, the whole jacket needs to lose about a foot in length, shoulders cut down, body "slimmed" substantially, and more, most likely. Sounds like a nightmare to me. Anyway, maybe someone knows.

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anyone know where i can get a cheap merino cardigan, either 4 or 5 buttons?

like this one:


i ordered this one from banana at $17, but got an email a couple days later saying they were out of stock.



gap version, no pockets. not seeing it on the website but its relatively new

was 50ish i think but might be on sale in-store before long

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is NYC maison martin margiela having a sale?


Was just there yesterday evening and they told me it was a wrap as of last week of December. If you've never been there its worth the trip regardless. The design is top notch, the employees are the nicest I've encountered in a store with that price point, and the clothes...well, you already know the deal. New spring stuff is in and it is really nice. Some of the Artisanal pieces are incredible to handle (especailly the vest/coat made of winter gloves (!?!)) Don't miss it on your trip...

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I believe that Chris picked those up for some people when he was in Thailand from a small designer who did "shape" T-Shirts. They pop up on SuperMarket every now and then, that's really your best bet, as I don't believe they are available anywhere else.

(I could be wrong, it just looks an awful lot like those shape shirts that Chris was picking up)

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was looking at WAYWT, saw diamonds "minimalism t-shirt" any idea where to get "minimalism t-shirts?"

Servo is correct, they are the shirts Chris got from Thailand. I have two of them (a blue hexagon and a grey triangle) that are a bit too small. They're about the same size as an AA small. If you're interested, PM me, and I'll sell them to you.

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