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i got mine NB574's from footlocker at some buffalo outlet for $30 six years ago.. was that before or after they started being cool?

all the silicon valley programming types have been on that NB shit for a hot minute. Theyve always been fashunz

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have some made in USA 998's and UK 1500's i picked up off ebay for pretty cheap. I was originally attracted cus of the "made in....." implying quality. but the quality doesn't really seem all that great now that I have them. Hanon Shop really charges insane prices for these things. the blogged product shots look way better than these sneakers look in person.

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nope, i think i have that honour

psssshhhhttttt. I definitely have the edge on hideous NB's.

Had the orange ones until a couple months ago, sold to a thrift/consignment store for like $15.


Still have these, and honestly...still like them. I'll post a fit someday in them if I decide I have too much rep and want to see it drop.


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