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  1. SuperDepressed (support community)

    Anxiety makes us feel a little stupid and insecure because we think we *shouldn't* be experiencing anxiety in whichever given moment. That can lead to us damning ourselves and thinking that we are deficient, because if you then feel an anxiety that you believe you shouldn't, then you think you are doing something wrong - which leads to getting anxiety about anxiety. We all feel insecure, and what I find works is just what you say - acknowledge it and accept it. Having anxiety or insecurity does not make you a bad or worthless person, it is just something we are working to reduce. Instead of telling myself that I shouldn't be anxious in a given moment, I try to accept the fact that I might be, and in accepting it, it reduces the fear of having it. I don't invite the anxiety, but rather tell myself - "I'd prefer not to have anxiety going into this situation, but if I do, then yes, it might be uncomfortable, but I know I can survive and carry on". Just gotta try to be compassionate with yourself and not judge yourself. We all human, we all have weaknesses, we all learning and working on becoming better people.
  2. Best Non-SLR digital camera

    ^ You may want to look into the Fuji X70 - same compact size that also has an APS-C sensor and 28mm equivalent. Has the advantage of a tilting screen that is touch sensitive. Ricoh is better for single handed use, but if you like tap to focus and the tilting screen, then Fuji. If you shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW, then the Ricoh is good for their black and white processing, but if you like the JPEGs out of the X100 series, you'll probably like the Fuji better.
  3. SuperDepressed (support community)

    Therapy is definitely a good move forward, whatever format it takes, because you making a positive change. And don't knock the medication, it can help level things out a bit while you work on getting yourself into a more confident head space (anxiety operates on both biological and psychological levels, so treating both is a good plan). Provided it helps you get better, and not just feel better, it's always worth it. Anxiety is that cyclical worrying about the "what ifs?". I find writing it down helps - write down what your thoughts are in that anxious moment (everything from starting to get nervous to thinking you might die if you don't escape that situation). You'll start to see patterns in your thinking and then you can see what you can do little by little to challenge those automatic assumptions your brain is so good at making now. For myself, I'm finally working on trying to get back to life again after a year and a half in and out of hospital for physical health stuff and being housebound thanks to major anxiety. Feeling good about this year though, I got progress to make and fly shit to do.
  4. Forgot about this. Price dropped. Kop!
  5. send me pics of your buh buhs

  6. deoderant that doesn't ruin your shirts

    Pitrok natural spray. Alcohol and aluminium free, so good for sensitive skin. Unscented so you can spray away.
  7. Best Non-SLR digital camera

    Nah, just the G7X has touch control for the screen which makes focusing in video easier. Technically the RX100 provides more options for video, but for day-to-day shooting of video the G7X is just more pleasant to use.
  8. Best Non-SLR digital camera

    ^ Sony RX100 is probably the best bet. I'd get a Canon G7X instead if you're more interested in video though.
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