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  1. OkayOkay

    longboards are for dirty hippies and other unsavory types

  2. OkayOkay

    Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

    This ^ It's pretty much always a grab for attention, and she'll use you to get a rise out of her boyfriend. If it hints don't work work she'll take it to the next level and tell him, which will usually send him after you to beat your ass so he feels better, and she'll feel like she's being take care of. This is a trainwreck pretty much every way you look at it.
  3. OkayOkay

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    I dunno where to put this, and a bit self-promotional, but I work for these guys and we just dropped a pretty solid colab hat with Venice Originals. The video turned out really solid
  4. OkayOkay

    Ello Ello

    For me G+ never had the marketing momentum to explain it or make me want to understand it. It seemed like linkedin X facebook, and the idea didn't really catch me. I don't tweet or use tumblr, so at first glance Ello looks like those rolled into one, but it's so basic and so shaky right now it's hard to know what it's really going to become. Not having a mobile app makes it pretty annoying, I think everyone is sort of waiting to see what the purpose is so they know how to use it. I remember buying the first gen Ipad and looking at it like an insanely expensive paperweight, now I use it religiously, almost more than my laptop. I'm definitely not "mad" at Ello like some people seem to be, just giving it a chance to figure itself out, and for users to find it's home. There does need to be some sort of interconnectivity tho for it to be relevant, like how FB tried to introduce hashtags to create conversation (which honestly is brilliant), but the education wasn't there to let people know how it worked.
  5. OkayOkay

    Ello Ello

    I feel like I heard all these arguments when twitter, instagram, tumblr and FB launched too. I don't think it's "some lame shit"...maybe it'll fizzle out, maybe it'll become a thing. I do like that they aren't data mining or allowing advertising, I doubt that's really sustainable tho. Interested to see where it goes. either way, if you're on: https://ello.co/gregghfa
  6. OkayOkay

    Ello Ello

    yea, I'm trying to navigate it and see if it's useful but not catching my attention really. Super hard to even find people if you have their usernames.
  7. OkayOkay

    Ello Ello

    who else is jumping on this? What do you guys think of it?
  8. Ron why do you buy and wear billabong wetsuits. They aren't good at all compared to what else is out there. Construction is prehistoric, company back end sucks and isn't worth supporting...anyone good at that brand left 10 years ago, it's mass produced and isn't even their focus. There's equally basic brand wetsuits that are 10X better for the same price. But you should be buying Patagonia R2 for actual quality or O'Neill Psycho 3 Fuze or even Xcel is killing it. I know money ain't a thang for you, why slum it on a costco level wetsuit. You probably surf ok too also I'll bet. Why Billabong.
  9. OkayOkay

    shit you hate

    same here ^ and some of them aren't bad at all. I respect that hustle.
  10. OkayOkay

    What are you listening at right now

    Jenkem / Bronze 56k mix 11 https://soundcloud.com/jenkemmag/jenkem-mix-11
  11. OkayOkay

    shit you hate

    trying to navigate invoicing and billing for "creatives" is fucking agonizing. Feels like every photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, etc I've ever worked with has no idea how to bill for their work, and leaves it entirely up to interpretation. I end up trying to liaison between them and accounting departments, and it's almost always a hassle. Protip - most every business will fuck you if you give them the opportunity to. Quote a project accurately and bill for it, treat your photo/art/graphic design/whatever business like an actual business. And no, just because some established photog in NYC you've never met allegedly charges $20,000 a day doesn't mean that's what you get.
  12. OkayOkay

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    that brand that makes the "pussy eater" and "fuckkk" stuff is behind me at this tradeshow. Or it's a knockoff pussy eater brand, which would be even funnier.
  13. OkayOkay

    shit you hate

    getting CC'd on unnecessary internal company emails.
  14. OkayOkay

    shit you hate

    that Comcast call making the rounds right now makes me want to pull my fucking hair out. I had a similar call not that long ago but just hung up on the employee and went into a comcast store instead, shit was the worst.
  15. wasn't someone making a SufuWiki for a minute? There's too much good history here between stolen backpacks and cousin fucking to let it be forgotten.