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  1. NWT VASCO VS-204L LEATHER TRAVEL BACKPACK (Camel) made in Japan W47cm H45cm D20cm weight 1600g New with tag , Leather, handmade Brand new , in package , color Camel , weight 1600g, dimensions height 45 cm, width 47 cm, bottom 20 cm, genuine leather( vegetable tanned with a very beautiful pattern. Smooth, thick, pretty tough first time to touch. As RAW jeans takes some time, so that the diamond sparkled in all its glory. The main feature of the material is that it will be very nice to grow old, do not lose shape(becoming softer over time) and after a decade will look noble. With proper care, this product will last a lifetime and even great-grandchildren will get.Handmade and piece work, made in Japan. Color brown-red, closer to the color of wealth and good fortune in Feng Shui. Almost square - if not tightened neck. The bottom is semicircular. Pockets" workers", volume, not flat, riveted in the corners with copper rivets. The inner side of strap tactile soft, very pleasant to the shoulders, back, etc it will include the laptop, but there is no support - just one branch. Normally consists of sneakers, a sweater, a windbreaker, wallets, etc. Will not tight Packed. The backpack is made by Japanese factory "VASCO". Profile: bags and leather goods, which are based on the concept of "goods for travelers". The finished production cycle is based in Kōenji, Tokyo. Unlike most factories, everything is done by reservation. In fact, each thing is a piece, handmade. The complete production cycle of the product is performed by one master from the design to the finishing touches. The output is a product made specifically for you. The waiting period of the order is stated 3-4 months, but sometimes can reach 6-8 months. This is due to the individual approach, adherence to the precise process technology. Tanning leather, casting buckles is carried out on their own. The advantages of this approach are: identity ( each object is unique in fact). There are no two identical bags or backpacks from VASCO. There is no marriage. This backpack is rather urban for a person who goes to work without a strict dress code .A man of masculine appearance, preferring good, but not catchy things. It will be organic in autumn wardrobe, with shoes, jacket and scarf.. In the summer, too - but not in the heat, and under jeans, loafers and a light sweater. .The weight is not felt much. It looks quite impressive 900 USD + Fee + Schiping