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  1. Watches and Denim

    No worries, and yeah, that sounds like a good idea!
  2. Denime

    What’s the consensus on the quality of the current lineups fabrics? Is it worth looking for Orizzonti or Shins at yahoo or should I just get what’s readily available? How big and what is the difference if any?
  3. Watches and Denim

    Good on ya! Id start with I cheap one to see if you like it. To answer your question; no, it won’t hurt the watch. In fact it should, theoretically, make the watch last longer until you need to have it looked over by a professional. This due to when it doesn’t move there is no friction on all the moving parts, something you won’t get on a quartz.
  4. Shoes that look better with age...

    3140 at about 10 years. Curiously mine are lined. Toe box is lined with canvas and everything else with leather with padding between.
  5. DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    This is what mine look like now. Who’s judging the comp btw? (Sorry if this has been touched upon before).
  6. Watches and Denim

    On the topic of 7s26 and Sinn (beautiful watch btw), here’s my daily beater: A Seiko SNK809 modded with a face from yobokies. Keeps time pretty well (+4sec/day).
  7. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Try the google translate app. You just take a photo of the text and google translate it for you. Easy peasy. Oh, and nice pic up! Post some fit pics!
  8. The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Diemme Iseo in Kudu antelope leather. If you like me dig Vans but grown to apriciate better quality leather than Vans Vault I can really recommend these. Oh and they have arch support!
  9. Watches and Denim

    So many nice watches. I’m a Seiko guy as many above but I haven’t got the funds for a GS. My weekend watch is a 6458-6000 from ’81.
  10. DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    Yeah happy holidays everybody! i’m at my father in law at the Swedish west coast. 14m/sec winds and cold but no snow. TCB 60’s moving along fast. Wearing them with Ebbets field x Our legacy cap and the rest is vintage except for the red wings.
  11. The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Those look really nice! What are they!?
  12. Nakameguru is great. Lots of nice stores and eataries (Nigel Cabourn army gym, Seirinkan (pizza), J'antiques (best vintage store ever) and more. Daikanyama is quite close and equally hip with great stores and eataries. Blue Blue has a store here and so does UES. Lovely aereas both. Just walking around I found lots of really cool stores/places.
  13. The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    There’re some great ones for sale on Swedish eBay. I can proxy if anyone’s interested!
  14. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Snowy and about -7C here in Lidköping today. Vintage cap and Spiewak jacket. Vintage indigo furoshiki used as scarf. Han Kjøbenhavn submariner. Penfield shearling gloves. TCB 60’s Eastman made in Maine rough out boots.
  15. As a quite short person (170cm/5’7), I’ve often wondered about the fact that most Japanese denim only come in one length. This works ok if it’s a true straight cut but what about tapered cuts like the ‘66 or more modern cuts. The fit would be drastically different on a person of my height compared to one who doesn’t need to hem at all. I need the jeans hemmed at about 29 inches (after shrinkage) compared to the “36 that most jeans come in. Thoughts?