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  1. I really love they are offering the double knee selections but I prefer when the second layer runs all the way to the beltline instead of stopping at mid to upper thigh. I always suffer blowouts just above the second layer.
  2. I have only seen those side pockets on loose fitting carpenter or painter dungarees. Traditionally used for pencils & utility knives (etc) but nowadays cell phones. I am a big fan of modifying my clothes to fit my needs. A trusty sewing machine and learning basic skills could allow you to add such a pocket to any jeans.
  3. I should have been more articulate. Nama quality of materials & construction looked great...the only trouble I had was 90%+ of the customers at the expo were Thai so that is what size garments were on display. I have no proof of this next claim but I would bet that the Thai population wears more denim per capita than any other country. (Atleast that I have been to...Lol) The great majority are not high end but denim is such a durable material and there is a price point to meet just about every income bracket over here. Thais just love denim. ;-)
  4. Yep. The Machine shares a brick wall with the old TAKE-5 shop (now out of business). Tel: 081-836-5729 You may already know about the PRONTO flagship store which is in Siam Square Soi-2. This is a street level shop and has the largest selection of Japanese denim that I am aware of and also many other Japanese Vintage style garments. Tel: 02-251-7448 Concerning Nama...Terminal 21 had a big bespoke denim expo a few years ago and I tried out some of their light weight chambray shirts but they were not sized for pumpui farang so I had Ben make me two custom tailored. Vipiana?
  5. Yes, an important distinction. I carry my large denomination paper money in that pocket when out after dark. The ladyboys in most tourist areas of Thailand get very aggressive when you walk by and they are not trying to cop a feel of your extraordinary vintage denim...Lol. Those hands are cleaning out the unsuspecting tourists pockets. The watch pocket takes an extra second or two for them to dig into which should be enough time for a guy to have pushed them away....now if your reaction time is blunted by booze or you happen to enjoy TSA style pat downs then the watch pocket is not going to protect your cash. TMI ? Lol
  6. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I really did like the genuine suede and I thought it might be a bit more modern slimmer cut. The 70’s shearling type jackets I used to see (its been years since I had local access to a good vintage store) were full cut in the body and I have a similar build as NonJazarinko by his deecription. Shoulders and arm length I need an XL. I don’t even see this Sherpa in stock now. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    What size is your Sherpa? Is this a 4-digit pricetag at full price? That is an awsome jacket.
  8. Sugar Cane Denim

    Jungle Cloth? Anyone have experience with this? I am intrigued. Apologies if I should post in SelfEdge? “Jungle cloth is a very durable fabric that far outlasts any khaki (fabric, not color) on the market, also due to it's gros-grain weave the fabric is weatherproof and extremely soft on one side, the inside of the pant. The inside feels like pressed cashmere while the outside is a smooth and slick canvas so any dirt or contaminants are easily brushed off.”
  9. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Yes the side without the watch pocket. I agree those pants would be more of a collector's piece. What would be more practical is if they created a 6" x 8" fabric sampler book of the various years of denim with a shared binding. Such a book and a magnifying glass would make for some cool evenings.
  10. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I am going to take out a second mortgage on the house to participate in this one. My 1933’s are all threadbare now. That 1955 501 is fascinating but only if it comes with a diagram identifying each year denim in the pattern. (What year is the left front leg in that dark ink?) Thank you very much for communicating this news because I had no interest in the 1947 and 1954 so was giving up on LVC in a post-Cone existence.
  11. Iron Heart Jeans

    Excellent deduction. The tannins from the leather patch. Vinegar (acetic acid) with very hot water or steam used to be a good remover of tannins from coffee, tea or wine but I think you can find a specific detergent for a tannin stain today that is superior.
  12. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I have similar sentiments as yourself. $285 is crazy high. The value is just not there when my pocket bags look like this compared to SC at $160. (Levis on left. SC41947 on right.) I too wonder how a post-Cone Mills denim world will be to live in. Sort of like “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy is my fear. Lastly, I am ready to be stoned by this community for what I am about to say but I am going to freehand sew some Levi-esque arcuates on my newly acquired as-yet-unworn Sugar Cane 1947’s. As previously mentioned, I have worn STF since atleast 1970 and a pair of jeans just look so wrong without the back pockets arcuate. I love what the Levi brand and arcuate symbolizes. The historic origins of American ingenuity, textile inventiveness, and the fact those denim dungarees made the harsh work environments safer for labor. I love all these things every time I see that arcuate but Levi’s has lost the script IMO and companies like SC are honoring the traditions Levi has lost.
  13. Iron Heart Jeans

    I missed the link to the photos until your post. Fully agree that fade is killer. The brown staining is really interesting. I had similar occur when I was bleeding on leg and it had a chance to dry before laundering. The iron in the blood actually oxidized like rust. No chance something splashed on these prior to washing or they were laid down on something? You could try vinegar on the pocket bag to see if it aids removal of the brown stain without risk of discoloring the indigo...just a thought.
  14. Iron Heart Jeans

    Right on. Denim being used for what it was created to do. -pedro