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  1. Pedro

    Samurai Jeans

    @beautiful_FrEaK Thank you. How does the Pandemic appear to be affecting JP retailers? I have not noticed any elasticity in pricing from my own surfing...nothing like what has been experienced here in the US. For example, although the MF Sale was initially quite exciting, I certainly hope it is not the precursor to closing up shop as a result of the Pandemic effect on the economy.
  2. Pedro

    Samurai Jeans

    @cause4pause What is 2nd? Thanks
  3. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    I think they would be great with many patterns/colors of vintage rugby shirts, especially once they start fading in areas. Maybe with some Stan Smiths.
  4. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    @vIGGiou riou Oh that light blue is hideous but they remind me of a pair of Levis I had from the 70’s and bring back fond recollections of Saturday at the Roller Rink. I think they were much wider at the hem (cuff) back then. Have you thought of which shirts you will pair them with? Could be a really cool look.
  5. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    If this image had been posted just a few days earlier, I would have thought it was the Resurrection with one twist...Jesus clothed in Denim.
  6. Pedro


    What? Maynard was being a wiseacre? Thats a first. Next thing you know it will be identified as South Miami Beach on some holiday like New Years or something. Its getting to where you can’t believe things on the internet anymore ;-(
  7. Heavy oils will mat down the suede hairs. Some guys like this look but absent the suede hairs it just looks like leather. How much darker are you hoping to achieve? There is an aerosol mink oil that works well at darkening suede a few shades but it is temporary of 2-3 months before reapplication is necessary. Its by a reputable leather dye and treatment company called Angelus. Coconut oils risk becoming rancid as well.
  8. Thankyou. Deleted incorrect information. Although sunlight is natures best method of viral inactivation, tests have not proven that is effective against this Coronavirus. I live in Thailand and it was being reported that Sunlight was effective but that claim has been modified. Much depends on the angle of the sun, the ozone level, and even elevation. Although it has not been proven or disproven to inactivate this Wuhan Coronavirus, if you live between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer, based on studies of other viruses, sunlight UVC likely helps.
  9. @SuperJackle (Deleted.) I admire your diligence. I don’t really understand all the people joking about not following distancing guidelines, etc.. I have heard it said the C-19 is just not deadly enough to convince the dim-witted.
  10. @SF2Turbo Fabric Softener is great to make new denim more comfortable against the skin but the wax coating it applies to the surface of the fibers limits the abrasion that is responsible for the relase of the dyes. I hope its OK with Double O that I posted this. I didn’t ask his permission...Lol
  11. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    Now that is what a pair of jeans should look like. Wearing well. @ecsong187
  12. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @Punch, This latest photo fits great. It was really just that one directly from the front that appeared wide hipped.
  13. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @Punch That is the similar fit I have with the various 1966 pattern and why I can’t wear them. FWIW, I agree the appearance from the front is unflattering (poofy in the hips) but the fit from the backside is really a decent fit and look. Maybe just walk into rooms backwards when you make your first appearance! Do you think sizing down would be beneficial? After all, the waist will stretch?
  14. Great consideration for several brands that rely on Zimbabwe long-fiber cotton such as SC. But can we ever get a reliable report from fair-trade type certification agencies? Not being cynical, are there some you trust? Thanks
  15. First, my question was never, “Which occasion you would need to wear the coverall” but the strawman arguments have certainly enlivened the forum a bit. That photo is a perfect response to what I thought an innocent question...its an incredible style and fits well with the wearer’s beard. So much so that I would be interested in a pair myself. Being soneone who wears coveralls for atleast half of every work week, I usually just look forward to getting to put them in the locker at days end but I would love to have a pair for trips to the Pacific NW when I rely on public transpo like the fellow pictured. Bud (nee Pedro)...Lol
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