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  1. I far prefer to be called “Big Boned” or “Gordo”...Thankyou. “Fat” is an expression used by judgmental Americans...sorry, is that redundant? “Gordo” is often an expression of endearment and at the worst, simply an adjective.
  2. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    @goodrain Much Thanks!
  3. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Modern Times.
  4. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    That entire response is really thoughtful. I have gotten reprimanded on this forum when I have brought up historical content of denim jackets so I am glad to hear your interest in such, but then I could say, “Ice Cream tastes good” and the gatekeepers are going to disagree with me...Lol As for arcuates, or logos, not being important, I wonder how Nike sales would be affected if they removed the swoosh from their products? I am pretty certain such things do matter to most. Personally, I like many designs such as Lee and MF and I like the “wings” on the Samurai and various others but then I like hand embroidery on shirts and even though I don’t have any Wranglers at the moment, out West and in the SW, they are as much a symbol as the rainbow is for others. Although, Wild Ass brand does not have a pocket design, I really like Henry the kicking mule patch (besides they are a tight weave heavy denim that are long wearing).
  5. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Yes, as you said, a lateral move from the LVC. It appears to me that the vast majority of JP & US premium denim brands have some type of stitching on the back pockets. (Link at bottom.) Back pocket stitching is like the secret handshake or the Ichthus Christian Symbol—exclusivity of membership. Since one of the biggest themes of denim forums is to impress & identify as a unique community; typically spending big bank on denim in the hopes that a fellow collector will identify the brand, ergo, the wearer as a brethren fashionista. Does anyone here actually prefer the “minimalist” generic bland white bread look of the 1937 rear pocket over the broken arches of SC yesteryear? Or the other minimalist stitch designs of other brands? More power to you, but not my taste. https://www.heddels.com/2014/06/the-complete-arcuate-collection/
  6. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    It appears that way based on the W38 only having a 90-cm waist measurement on the chart.
  7. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Why can’t SC design some type of arcuate on the back pockets of these Levis replicas? I understand the lawsuit but other JP brands have created some sweet stitching. Blank back pockets were characteristic of J.C.Penney type denim pants...cheap. I can say it is very difficult to remove the pocket stitching while leaving the rivets in tact, sewing in an arcuate and then restitching the back pocket.
  8. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    SC41947US ¥32,780 ≈ US $268.00 (on this date) Excluding any Shipping or Import Duties
  9. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Ahh, thats great. I would love to read them. Any articles in Fine Homebuilding? I had just finished a Sunday breakfast meeting when I typed my last message. Three engineers and myself. The conversations were drier than the toast, but always thorough. Waiting for the release of the new 1937’s. I wonder how closely they will resemble the Lot 303 or 304 or the 40701 in measurements and number of buttons on the fly. Any insights on the denim weight?
  10. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Nor an engineer that was a good builder but You are looking at it all backwards. He is an expert craftsman first who is a PE second and architect third. He wore a toolbelt first and it set the foundations. You would need to have come up in the trades to appreciate the significance. Edit: Ofcourse, we are failing in giving Frank Lloyd Wright the proper recognition.
  11. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    Is there a sub-forum on denim repair by hand or with a sewing machine? Thanks
  12. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    Follow-Up: I did finally manage to pull the Lot 54 BB into position and get them buttoned. Whats your opinion on fashion trends for 2022? Do you think the muffin top look (with belly fat spilled over the beltline) might make a comeback? If it does, then I am claiming credit for the trend.
  13. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    Thanks to all of you for your helpful insight. I did check the Sizing Chart and this is why I must have thought the 54BB would fit me. The BB has the identical dimensions to the Lot 44 and I can wear the Lot 44. I sure do like the rear pocket stitching (arcuate) of the MF’s and really admire Christophe and his annual themes of Americana.
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