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  1. Edit: No disrespect was intended in either of my posts above. My only purpose in providing wash/dry instructions is to help guys care for and extend the life of their fine quality garments because there is alot of misinformation floating about. I didn’t want others to think soaking vintage wool as you did can be done without consideration. The jacket may have cost you pennies but I believe these older garments have an inherent value far greater than a few pennies and should be treated with care. Same for your kitchen sink. I did not realize you did the installation yourself. Its a good choice of butcher block and basin and nicely installed. I just didn’t want to see it get ruined and the fact is it can use an oiling. I can see where the wood is dark just above the basin from absorbing water. Since you know about such things then you know this leads to cracking or splitting. I have a great appreciation for vintage materials and quality craftsmanship being properly cared for and, after thinking over your post, its fair to say I worry more for these things than whether I hurt your feelings...although I didn’t mean to ruin anybodys fun. I sincerely apologize. Edit: "Caulk" is an all-purpose term. Not sure what your common vernacular is in GB but caulk just means any type of sealant. I caulk wooden boat hulls using oakum...but its still called caulk and caulking. BTW, that last fit pic you posted, well, the pants make your hips look big. There. Now we’re even. ;-)
  2. BTW, there should be some caulk between the top outer edge of sink and the butcher block counter or you will get grunge and wood rot back there.
  3. Did you use Woolite or any mild non-detergent? Its probably going to shrink quite abit and maybe would have been better off at a drycleaner. How do you intend to dry it?
  4. Thats great news 00.
  5. Liquid CO2 is what 9 out of 10 experts recommend.
  6. More like separating the crotch rot from the Ben & Jerrys.
  7. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Very naive question but where is the elastic located? Thanks
  8. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Here is a cool jacket in size 40 on Ebay. Still very crisp denim. Very practical with rare bi-swing shoulders.
  9. Fabric Softener Bad Mojo for denim fades.
  10. @mlwdp The genuine article in remarkable condition.
  11. Pedro

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Great movie and clip but why do I get a 2-minute commercial on ED medications at the beginning? Lol
  12. Patagonia. A leader in Environmentally Responsible Denim. Does anyone know another denim brand that offers more? https://www.lifegate.com/businesses/news/patagonia-eco-friendly-ethical-denim-collection Has anyone seen denim with this dry indigo dye process? Opinions?
  13. I far prefer Maynard’s witty response a few posts up. Lets not take ourselves too serious.
  14. Does the human body display the same physiological signs of stress & anxiety when first worlders are stressing about first world things as humans in the rest of the world respond to daily concerns of food scarcity, resource scarcity, neighborhood violence, etc?
  15. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @lance Beautiful pair of Rainbows on 242. I would love to find a pair of these in 34W or 36W. cheers