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  1. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    The Pronto website shows the Lot 64BB "Okinawa" and I have to ask is this how the jeans are actually designed, to be so tight? How am I supposed to do Judo like Mr F himself if half way into my front kick, my tight denim has squeezed my cajones back up into my abdomen?
  2. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    Spoke with a buddy of mine in BKK and he said he met Mister Freedom at PRONTO Siam Square about two weeks ago at a big music bash (carnival) they sponsor. Did any of you guys make it? BTW, I have a layover at LAX soon, how much time would be needed to jet over to his store? Cheers
  3. Dude, That was 30 minutes of my life wasted and which I will never get back.
  4. https://www.tofugu.com/japan/japanese-swastika/ I have never found offense in symbols...only actions. The short lived Nazi regime has no more monopoly on the swaztika symbol than the LGBTQA+ have on the rainbow. You can't take a symbol that has existed for millenia across cultures and then claim exclusive ownership...unless the rest of the world chooses to be victim to such bullying...or you are Apple...Lol Here is an excellent Jungian summary: "For a Christian or Jew, therefore, the challenge is to come to terms with, and respect, other religions’ views of the Swastika as a sacred symbol. It is not a competition to see whether the Swastika will eventually emerge with a positive or negative meaning. Rather, it involves finding a way to maintain both perspectives simultaneously and integrate the opposing associations into the same symbol." https://steve.myers.co/is-the-swastika-a-symbol-of-evil-or-of-good/
  5. Pedro

    Mister Freedom

    Do MF denim jeans always come Raw and not OW or Hard Wash? Is there a chance that a leather patch would look like this directly from the vendor if sold new? Based on your collective experience, how many wash/soaks would typically result in this wrinkling? Thank you
  6. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @Double 0 Soul really enlightened me on the entire fake fade thing and I want to ask opinions on this pair of 40401 on Yahoo. I am guessing they are a fake fade or pre-distressed but what I need help understanding is at what stage in their lifetime this likely occured. They are green tabbed so they are an early Hawaii? They are also missing any patch. Was SC making these pre-distressed versions way back when? Or did someone buy these and then distress them? They don’t look like they had that much use based on the deep indigo still present. Any insights appreciated. Someone sure destroyed a great pair of Hawaiis.
  7. Detergent actually attracts dirt and oil particles by chemical bonds and pulls them away from the fabric. I suppose if its just crotch rot then these are largely the result of body oils that a mild dish detergent and a bathtub soak could help remove (dish washing liquid is what is used to clean animals after a petroleum spill because it is gentle and effective on grease/oil). The crotch region could even be treated locally with pants turned inside out on just that location. After all, dirt is found on the exterior of denim but crotch rot originates on the inside so washing that from inside would not impact the indigo as much. Ofcourse, the balance between contrast and laundered is a personal choice based on several metrics. But I am with @JDelage and wash my jeans.
  8. In that case...although I am not sure it comes in selvedge options.
  9. To be fair to Momentaro Staff, I think the description was quite accurate on how to achieve contrast fade and proper detergent. It has been my experience here in SE Asia & Asia, that for whatever reason, males do not have nearly the body odor issues as my western counterparts (including myself). Part of this may be that most people over here shower atleast twice a day. I think health studies will also support my claim that Asian populations do not...yet...suffer as much problem with obesity and being overweight. Most Western guys I know will agree that carrying extra pounds typically results in more perspiration (the bodies attempt to regulate core temperature). It might be that different cultures can avoid laundering their denim longer than others.
  10. I can only hope this was simply a poor word choice.
  11. Pedro

    Japanese '50s Cut Repros

  12. Pedro

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Wool fiber should only be spun at the lowest RPM setting or it risks damage. Ofcourse, we are not talking about a fine woolen sweater but practices are established from long experience. Now should it be hung on a hanger to dry. Initially it should be laid flat on a towel and a towel should be placed flat inside. This can be performed on a drying rack with good air circulation by a fan. Once most of the water has evaporated then it should be hung up And the fan should still be directed at it.
  13. Pedro

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    After cold soaking a wool lined denim jacket, I would sandwich a hefty cotton bath towel inside and press out the water being held in the wool.
  14. Is this what @volvo240thebest uses to get such amazing fades? https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/03/02/levis-is-replacing-workers-with-lasers-to-distress-jeans.html
  15. Pedro

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @mlwdp Black Bear design definitely takes it up a notch with the omission of snaps and eliminating the button flap. This is a vest which could be worn at professional occasions.