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  1. Visvim fw2017

    DSM London dropped Visvim.
  2. Visvim fw2017

    Thanks , hope for a navy colour way
  3. Visvim fw2017

    Any thorston spot release this winter ?
  4. Visvim fw2017

    Is it the latest fashion ? Kelsi has the same pose ? https://hypebeast.com/2017/7/wmv-visvim-santa-fe-store-grand-opening Gonna spend time on mine this weekend , ATM look too gay ... no disrespect to gay Visvim members here.
  5. Visvim fw2017

    Anyone seen the ss18 collection ?
  6. Visvim fw2017

    Agree , I'm buying less and less of it , then again I'm not buying anything else either.
  7. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Thanks Fycus
  8. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    WTB Size 4 navy dugout
  9. Visvim SS17

  10. Visvim SS17

    Off topic ... any reviews of Paris FW17 show ?
  11. Visvim FW16

    Was he Thorson jkt released again this season ? Been searching for a blue size 4. Any critique of this piece appreciated. Hopefully it will be here next winter.
  12. Visvim FW16

    If his girl said give up the Vis and wear FoG , who wouldn't ?
  13. Visvim FW16

    Thanks for the replies and a good debate. For me a lot of the "asian" styles though I do like to see them seem very difficult to pull off and price wise too much of a risk if not a perfect fit. Still Visvim still churns out a lot of great gear , some not so great but the majority does look really good.
  14. Visvim FW16

    Any time seems less and less people here ... even Hiroki's Italian twin now wears Fear of God and Rick Owens.
  15. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    WTB dugout 15aw size 4