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  1. What about Jeans Jackets ....

    Thanks Jake , I found it not long after posting and am going in another direction .
  2. Winter is here in my consumer region and I'm in diar need of a better casual jacket , after some initial research I desired the ironheart N 1 but when I went to their site to order one every colour was extinct bar the grey and as only lesbians serial killers and ravers wear shines grey I'm looking at alternatives , as my motorbike leather jacket is alpaca lined and I love how warm and toasty it keeps me I would like to stick to that lining material and my first choice is brown but I'll have to settle for blue in another brand as no one else is doing brown or alpaca . So as an alternative I'm torn between the Pike Brothers or Eat Dust ,anyone ?
  3. Iron Heart Jeans

    WANTED ripcord N1 jacket in brown size medium . Feel free to mail me or share link to item advertised . Cheers
  4. What about Jeans Jackets ....

    I have a denim jacket but I just don't find it kunfy particularly if I'm only wearing a tee underneath and was thinking of getting a cord or duck trucker . I love this blue cord , it looks good on you're frame . im bummed no one here stocks anything like that , even Levis don't stock Sherpa here . ok edit , I see someone mentioned it's a model , of cause it looks good on them . can someone name the jacket / store , thanks .
  5. General TV show discussion

    Just watched the season two final and I'm not surprised , I never warmed to the lead so I'm glad it's gone in this direction .
  6. Sorry you are right it is circle a brand and the material is unsanforised . so Would it be more beneficial to boil jeans over just a hot wash . I don't have a drier so I'll have to spend an afternoon at the laundrymatt with a fist full of dollars . cheers and thanks for the advice .
  7. Still selling the Dukes ? 

    How much and location ?

  8. Well ok then , two years ago I ordered some wasab denim jeans from " The circle brand " was advised on a size and while I got dicked around waiting for said special order I lost weight and for some unfathanable reason the size I was sent is exesivly large so after corraspondance with maker about size problem and build issues I sent them back only to get the same pair back again so now I'm done trying to get my size , Iv two choices selling them on and copping a loss or a successful shrink .
  9. General TV show discussion

    Anyone seen " counterpart " looks like a grown ups fringe .
  10. General TV show discussion

    I keep giving Legion a look in but it gives me a headache
  11. Major shrinkage ! I keep reading about it but find little on intentionally doing it . how would be the best way to approach it and how many sizes down can be achieved ?
  12. Imperial Jeans

    Be nice to be able to try a pair on . iv made some bad/costly online purchases in the last two years , I'm done ordering online .
  13. Architecture

    Hi brains trust , I bought an old Art Deco dance hall a few years ago that I am going to move into soon as a residence and am looking for some insperation to remodel . ATM it is built on three boundaries so I can't have Windows except on the front and on any additional floor that is added and skylights . so would like recommendations for sites to look at . cheers .
  14. japan :: tokyo :: general

    CYCLING TOURISTS , now that I have you're attention , am going do do a cycling holiday late this year or early next year with my brother who is working in Tokyo who will take some time off . So what would be nice is not only some meal recommendations but maybe some drinking company and share some adventure stories . Anyway direction not known yet and could involve a train/ferry journey so am open to suggestions that I can correlate with what my brothers interested in doing as he will be on the ground and have a better lay of the land . cheers and thanks for reading .
  15. Samurai Jeans

    This is something I'd be interested in knowing also as I'll be visiting my brother who will be doing a two year stint in Japan and while I'm there might as well take the plunge on some local denim that shipping and sizing has restricted me from buying in the past .