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  1. Im 184cm and 185lbs. In your position I'd go for the 42 just for the range of options it affords. As with any shoes/clothing, better to be a bit too large than a bit small. The former is so much easier to deal with (and less painful).
  2. 2.5 years I think? Don't get to wear it too much in Australia, but it's a godsend on windy days.
  3. No way could I fit a sweatshirt under. I could fit a tee or light shirt under a 42 at best.
  4. I am, measuring around my chest, 41 inches, and I needed the 44 to layer. So definitely follow s&s advice and size up.
  5. Boot jacks are amazing; got mine from Brass Clinch for my Engineer Boots from them, and it makes taking them off so easy. Also, not sure if this is a benefit for you, but my overdye blacks from Brass now have the brown showing through the black on the counter, due to constant boot jack usage. I love the look.
  6. Ha correct mate, though having to sell the Lofgren due to my stupid thin feet. Could make them work but would take a lot if modifying, rather pass them to someone with an average/wide foot, which is what they're made for.
  7. Just received some Clinch Brass Tokyo overdye black engineers (brown underneath)
  8. Plug comes from the dutch verb 'plugge', which is something used to seal ("plug the sink"). As associated with performing a valuable, laborious task (holding something closed), it mutated in English into a synonym for hard work ("plugging away at the task"). Yet, as with the sink plug, it's not something anyone (in polite, English society) should be ostentatious about ("look how hard I work!"), as that's viewed as vanity. Instead, one is simply expected to work hard quietly; this is seen as dignified. So when something is a 'shameless' plug, it's that horribly pretentious promotion of one's plug (hard work), which *should* be performed quietly.
  9. TCB

    Hey John - yes. I don't have a tape measure on hand but the denimio measurements ring true to me.
  10. TCB

    Thanks John - my chest measures the same.
  11. TCB

    I'm 1 inch taller and probably 5-6 pounds heavier, and here's how a 42 fits on me. Pic is quick and dirty but you get the idea:
  12. First time wearing my Brass Clinch with denim, I'm beginning to get the appeal of this engineer boot thing.
  13. I'm a Brit living here but I'll take the Aussie nomination! Comparison with the Lofgren strap:
  14. Agreed IH, looking forward to it. Not sure if this has been mentioned about clinch but the leather thickness is insane, at least 2x as thick as my Lofgren. Not thinking this is necessarily better or worse, just something I didn't expect!
  15. Just received Tokyo Brass Clinch boots, CN brown. Very narrow last, thank god for my slim long feet!