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  1. Jesus dude you've already been told in other threads you're spamming - this isn't a sales forum, go there if you want to sell stuff.
  2. Just got the WH Dungarees shirt in from the excellent The Shop Vancouver. Wearing it with a chambray underneath. Apologies for quick pic but got to head out!:
  3. Pancho & Lefty in Sweden sell them, they have a web store.
  4. All of the above recommendations are really good. I'm also partial to RMC's chambrays, especially the new pullover chambray.
  5. Thanks for the reply mate, very helpful. Look pretty good to me, but if you want to offload them just let me know!
  6. How's the fit mpukas? I'm generally a 33/34 in most jeans, canoe says to size up 2, what do you think of that advice? Also looking at getting the wool overshirt in L, 24 chest seems pretty big but as an overshirt might work well considering I take 44 in many shirts.
  7. An RMC day in London, from top to bottom (asides from the ray bans!).
  8. Yeah I have a very well-worn pair of RMC 004s, and a slightly less worn on pair of 991XH and both are, in terms of cut, my favourite jeans. Can't go wrong.
  9. Awesome, let me know!
  10. photos by Godspeed store. Not on instagram but hope these copy/pastes worked... also @mikecch'S comment cracked me up. Yes indeed sir, we should share a beer soon!
  11. The fit was spot on for my foot. The consensus is indeed to size down for TB, but of course that 'size down' is relative to other sizes you take in other shoes, which again are on different lasts, sized differently depending on brand, and so on...! For example - I've owned 9.5-11 in Alden Trubalance (currently own the 11s); all have fit my foot more or less, with changes in socks. I wear a 10.5 in Viberg if that helps, but also own a 10 and 11 in Viberg; again, both fit. And yet, in notoriously small, narrow lasts like Brass Clinch Tokyo's 'Closed Narrow' (CN) last, where everyone says to size up 2(!), I actually fit into an 11 fine, where I was told I'd need at least a 12 (fits fine too with insert), probably a 13 (nah, would be way too big). tldr; take all size advice with a grain of salt.
  12. I went TTS. edit: I.e., they fit similar to Alden Trubalance.
  13. ^^Awesome. Just dropped into Godspeed and picked up a shirt in size L, great cut. Here's a quick fit pic in case people are wondering about sizing - I'm 6'2, 185lbs.
  14. I'm actually picking up some Buco engineer boots from Godspeed, probably this week. I'll be sure to share some photos!
  15. Hear hear Niro, always enjoy Mike's reviews.