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  1. Aries

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Yep, Wesco MP is the perfect engineer fit for my narrow feet too.
  2. Aries

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Lofgren will definitely be too wide. I can do an 11D or 12C in Barrie and comparable Lofgren sizes are much wider. The Wescos motor patrol last (1339 from memory?) is very good for narrow feet, so is the Viberg 2030, or the Real McCoys lineup.
  3. Aries

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I visited the RDT ship last week since I was staying in a hotel round the corner. the owner was lovely and very helpful, and the construction quality of their Engineer Boots is amazing; the buckles are incredible.
  4. Aries

    Mister Freedom

    It took me, by taxi, about 30 mins from lax last time, very doable.
  5. Aries

    The Flat Head

    Yep popped into their Tokyo store (lovely folks, were in awe of the state of my, i.e. their, leather jacket after a few months wear). They were talking about next year's production as I really wanted a few shirts that were out in my size, I was a bit taken aback, in a good way! Was great to hear.
  6. Aries

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Yeah I picked up their melton wool black overshirt. It's stunning and the owner was really great to order from. That said it's mostly too hot for Australia so I never wear it...! Will sell it on at a hefty discount if any of you in the Northern hemisphere are looking for a hefty overshirt as you move into winter!
  7. Aries

    The Flat Head

    Awesome thanks @Cold Summer, I’ll pop in sometime then, today hopefully.
  8. Aries

    The Flat Head

    I'm travelling down to Kyoto today and, as folk might know, it's a small hop from there to Osaka, so was thinking of visiting Osaka during the week. Google Maps tells me Flathead's store is still open there; anyone know if that's correct or just Google Maps lagging behind?
  9. Aries

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    I’m in the McCoy’s Shinjuku store right now and I shit you not they have a pair of engineer boots made for them by Viberg for 690k Yen....! Great staff and amazing store but I’ll take a pair of shinki bearhead Boots for 100k or buco engineers for 120k...!
  10. Aries

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Such good kit @JDelage. I've also blacked out whilst in Tokyo, picked up the MF midnight jeans and PBJ Black/Indigo type 2.
  11. Aries

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    In Tokyo, picked up the Mister Freedom midnight denim, and also the PBJ Black/Indigo Type 2. All blacked out now!
  12. Aries

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Great boots @tod, I had a pair for a short period, but like some others here my slim feet would just slide around in the E width. Still beautiful boots, but I couldn't walk in 'em!
  13. Aries

    The Flat Head

    Thanks mate, agree, this is the pick of the bunch. I was searching for half belt "sport jackets" for a long time and considered various, but this just ticked all the boxes, from the minimalist design to the brown stitching and lightweight lining for year-round wear. Sadly, once I decided on it, it was sold out pretty much everywhere (including Rivet and Hide in my size), but I eventually tracked the last one down at a great German shop, https://japanese-denim.de/new-arrivals.html , and snapped it up!
  14. Aries

    The Flat Head

    Forgot about this thread, this is relevant: My Flathead Rider and Racer jackets have been worn quite a lot these past few months, thought whilst I have a decent camera in my hands I'd snap some pics. First 3 pics are of the Rider, next 3 are of the racer. Stitching is immaculate throughout, as you might expect. I have to say, even for Shinki leather, the Rider leather is on some other planet. The extra "greasing" process Flathead put this one through (if anyone speaks Japanese - https://www.flat-head.com/items/srj-07c/ ) has resulted in just the juiciest leather I've ever handled, and I've been to Tokyo and handled, bought and worn tonnes of Shinki. The Racer leather is also gorgeous; a much more familiar Shinki kind of leather for those who've owned any.
  15. Aries

    The Leather Jacket Thread

    Ha yeah I understand. I’ve felt all the best shinki, from Freewheelers to RMC and other brands using it, and this particular process Flathead put it through just takes it to another level, the grain and feel in person is insane; one of those where you have slightly strange situations with friends asking to touch you because of your jacket.