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The Moccasin Thread

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I like the ring boots too JKISSI, not sure whether to go Quoddy or Arrow though. Here is a fit pic from SF member Bastorizer (I don't much like them in this pic):


Anyone know of anyone that does custom mocs? I have an idea but I don't know if I have enough skill or time to make them myself. I think i'll call Quoddy or Arrow tomorrow.

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those are arrow ring boots didn't like the leather sole vs crepe before but the fact that they can be resoled changed my mind

I did dig those blue bluchers, they also do a burgundy or any colour you see on their site and you can choose from a range of laces and hardware according to kirsten shorey who handles orders

but they seem to get less responsive as each day passes I gave up on trying to get a custom order

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Yeah! I've been so curious about those. They're the ones that lace up the back, right? Please post pics when you get 'em...

I guess you are talking about the trail boots...


I am actually getting these


Also, I've been thinking of requesting them to make a dual tone boot, with a light brown shaft and natural toe and sole... What do you guys think ?

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xposted from a few places....but approriate here nonetheless

My new Russell's have arrived! Been anxiously waiting for these.... They are the fleece lined knockabout, customized in dark brown Chromexcel leather, with an added instep strap, on a cushion crepe sole. They are fully fleece lined, like ugg boots, but look like regular russell engineer boots from the outside. They almost feel like cheating, they look and feel so good...




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^^amazing boots, but when will you wear fleece lined boots in LA?!

They're surprisingly comfy as 3-season footwear. The reason surfers in Australia like their sheepskin boots year round is that, like wool, sheepskin allows your feet to self-regulate their temperature really well. The idea is that the sheepskin's natural wicking properties keeps your feet dry, and all the air that circulates around inside the shoe serves as insulation; keeping you cool in summer, but warm in winter..... Or so says your typical Ugg marketing exec.....

I also have nerve damage in my feet that make them a little fussy when it comes to footwear.... These are just obnoxiously easy to wear.

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