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  1. lost a couple hours to this
  2. a yes here also
  3. loving kim dickens strand right now chinese chicken waffles laughed hard @ chang 'let's put fuckin pork in everything'
  4. This may have come up before but anyone been to the Paris 45rpm store? do they carry only ai-indigo line or others?
  5. zI8bMifOEq4 & repeat
  6. here are two ebbets caps in grey first is flannel second wool you can see they both materials have an uneven quality im ok with either really
  7. some old style lettering on cooperstown caps diggin the last one couldnt find any esses
  8. was gonna mention cap material wool or flannel? logo stitched or felt? s font? and so forth flannel and felt for me s font unno
  9. those pics look great i could go all grey w white/cream or tonal no seems like theres enough interest for more than one color tho
  10. interested archival has a post on cooperstown design here for inspiration i always liked the plain navy w white logo like the sassafras version sf for superfuture?
  11. -xM13SGpr_I ZAOkzjpfXRs rewatched recentley and liked it much more id happily follow the characters for time lookin forward
  12. personally practice an hour a day including 20 mins of meditation and hour and a half weekly class since beginning I cant imagine how I lived without it I have learnt yoga nidra although im not aware of every strand i'm curious as i feel somewhat of a novice
  13. checkout the remix twofer tradimods vs rockers some decent names do congotronics missed seeing them a few years back cos they didnt get visas still bummed also recent comp shaangan electro of south african music is awesome IXE6_j1N7o8