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  1. finance and the state of the world

    Yeah, they gotta stop keeping interest rates so low, and stop easing. Any opinions on Dodd-Frank ?
  2. Curious what your thoughts are on anything markets, a particular and/or global economy, companies.. For those interested in something perhaps more pivotal than 1500$ jeans. (sorry if wrong sub-forum)
  3. MacBook.

    I don't think I'm willing to drop 2k on a retina mac; like you said, it doesn't really look like it's worth 300 bucks more for a pretty screen. and I need something portable. gonna get the air, thanks for the info bud
  4. MacBook.

    Hey guys, I have a 2008 aluminum macbook (2.4ghz c2d, 4gb ram) which is pretty old and can be very irritating when trying to leave multiple things open at the same time (I like to leave lecture notes open in preview or ppt so I know where I left off). It often blocks and runs very choppy, and when it gets hot can make quite a lot of noise, which isn't great. approx 1h30 of battery life.. I primarily use safari microsoft word and powerpoint preview mail itunes vlc should I go for 2.0ghz i7, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd macbook air for 1699$ or 2.5ghz i5, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd retina macbook pro for 1999 doesn't look like there's much of a performance difference btween the two, for me I guess it comes down to: 1: is this retina display really worth 300 bucks more + the extra bulk ? 2: are both these machines fast enough to comfortably last 3-4 years doing the stuff i do ? 3: how shitty are the speakers in the macbook air ?
  5. what are you eating today?

    ^dude your pictures are half cut off, if that makes sense. so much dank food here.. freecat your sandwish looks incredibly dope, could do with an extra layer of ham though.. good going on the cheese
  6. Ma·ri·jua·na

    Yes, because I was talking about So-cal in my original post. If you want to talk about genetics, north america is probably light years ahead of amsterdam. same weed in outskirts of dam (or at least 80% as potent as the dopest coffeeshops found in dam, some coffee shops in dam are absolute shit) for half the price. you sounds like an angry weed snob.. smoke a joint and relax, man.
  7. video games ruined my life

    lol dick move..
  8. scotland :: edinburgh :: general

    Guys help me pick up in this town ! stoner-friendly users will know what I'm talking about
  9. Ma·ri·jua·na

    Amsterdam's not that great and still very expensive (outskirts are cool); we can't grow in dorms.. It's outlawed here (as it is in the states; in fact penalties are harsher in the states, at least in new york). though in ny my o costs 325 ish.. for simple possession it's a slap on the wrist here and you're good to go. So no, it's not severely restricted and there's tons of uncured 100 pound ounces going around but that is even more shit (squeeze one of those nugs it'll be drippin in water..). Everything seems to be cut and sprayed to smell like febreeze. I'm done with this bullshit. There is so much demand and so little/crappy supply so dealers seem to think it's alright to maintain really high prices while destroying our health. I found it extremely strange when I got here.
  10. Ma·ri·jua·na

    I wish my numbers were mixed up.. But no. For the 'dankest' shit here, thats the price
  11. Ma·ri·jua·na

    Cold turkey since 2 days... stomach fucked up all day, walking around my flat smoking cigarettes all day, cringing playing fifa next to my flatmates smoking bud.. insomnia. only thing that's keeping me going is the fact that i don't hafto smoke/pay for all this cut shit up here in scotland. right.. as a side note, fuck all of you living in the US and Canada. 350 pounds (550 us dollars) for an o of what would be generic haze in new york, while up in canada they're paying max 200 canadian dollars for dankass shit..
  12. Is Kanye West as good as he thinks he is?

    top 5 in my list of producers. terrible mc.
  13. good hip hop

    Since when is new hip-hop a niche ? It is probably the most popular genre today (at least with the youth). Action is cool. Ghostface sounds but with doper beats and flow imo
  14. good hip hop

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1x1aBqHLAQ and sorry but a lot of the shit here is shit... Gucci mane & waka flocka flame "Ferrari boyz" hardest album of the year ? really ? and yall are bumpin this in what, a toyota corolla ?
  15. good hip hop

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DJJ6IDHav8 I listen to these songs every day, for the past year or so.. not a huge fan of new hip hop (though i feel it's gotten better); action bronson is dope.