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  1. thats a superb fit volvo !!!!
  2. nice jeans and superb fit ! may i ask how you purchased them? Thanks a lot !
  3. perfect fit !
  4. perfect fit foxy !
  5. shall i go for tcb 20s or warehouse 1004xx?
  6. hi guys, I would like to know, among 1000, 1003 and 1004, which model is the roomiest? Thanks a lot
  7. how can i get a pair of lot. 147? thanks !
  8. TCB

    i am interested in tcb 20s as well ! but is it silly if i am not going to wear a suspender with them?
  9. is the fit of 711 similar to that of warehouse 800 ?
  10. is 1000 > 1101 > 1001 in terms of thigh width ?
  11. thanks for the info. and i guess the sizing should be the same right ?
  12. hi guys, i am wondering what the differences are between Lot. 401 and Lot. 403 sweatshirt. Could someone kindly point them out? Thanks!
  13. is it ok to wear a denim jacket that is longer than the t shirt ?
  14. i have a pair of WH 1001 banner (size 36, one washed version) I find them a bit loose in the waist but the im satisfied with the overall fit
  15. my normal jeans measure around 90 cm using BiG method, shall i get 34 or 36