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  1. Looking for a chambray tcb ranchman tcb catlight orslow work shirt buzz rickson any other recommendations
  2. BionicEye


    Now you make me curious which brands?
  3. BionicEye


    and i heard some good things about this cheap chambray shirt https://www.uniqlo.com/eu/en/product/men-chambray-slim-fit-work-shirt-regular-collar-426848.html?dwvar_426848_color=COL67&dwvar_426848_size=SMA002&cgid=
  4. BionicEye


    no love for the tcb workshirt?
  5. any chambray shirt recommendations? the thread is really up to date anymore
  6. BionicEye


    Sorry for another size question i have the ranchman in size 42 and fits me perfect do i need the 50s jacket in size 42 or 44 the chest size is 3 inch smaller on the jacket than the ranchman but an inch bigger in the shoulder I was leaning to a size 44
  7. BionicEye


    http://tcbjeans.com/2020/01/20/24944 new model by tcb
  8. BionicEye

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    Why not tcb?
  9. BionicEye


    can somebody help me with the ranchman chest 106 cm, shoulder 45 cm, 83 kg, 1,79 meter, armlength 62 cm size chart suggest a size 38 but im afraid that will be too skintight for me, i like a more relax fit i will wear it untucked with a t-shirt underneath it
  10. BionicEye


    just received my denim hopily the waist will stretch out denim fits perfect but the waist is really really tight smaller than the size chart on the other hand love the details, fit and fabric
  11. BionicEye

    New Contest Suggestions

    Mayb we can help ruedi and do a swiss jeans freak denim contest to support the jeansmuseum
  12. BionicEye


    seams apc isnt that populair anymore, here is my apc ns
  13. I dont know Normally i wear tapered jeans but to try something different is nice aswell
  14. what to choose denim bridge 05 db19 or tcb 50
  15. BionicEye


    so i went through the whole thread and i still not sure which size i have to buy i decide to go for the washed 50s, since inoue doesnt sell rigid ones anymore post wash waise size in a size 32 is 41 cm, my favorite worn pants are 43 cm at the waist will the one wash size 32 stretch out to 43 cm or do i have to go with the size 34 i found out the size 32 raw waist size is 43 cm and most of the time the denim will stretch back to the raw size