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  1. dau

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    Completely agree with that. With all the great possible choices the option with Roy is good because a) it's Roy b) it would be done for us, so real unique contest pair and budget issue.. $$200-400 in 2 years perspective of contest is not that much of a difference. just wear this one pair and don't buy more
  2. dau

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    wouldn't the inseam length on them be a problem for some of us?
  3. Question to all the Paraboot guys around here: how did you size them compared to Viberg/Red Wing/New Balance? Thanx
  4. participating in contests helps - ~9 months without new jeans (longest I've gone for years)
  5. dau

    New Contest Suggestions

    I think between we agree on something and the contest start there will be a looong time for you to enjoy tfhs I am participating in gbg contest at the moment and I am looking forward for the next one 'coz it's now even several months before it will begin. and Roy contest is a great idea!
  6. $10 once and that's all? can't say it's too bad at least it's the one thing that can prevent this forum from "hey, I deleted half of the topics we had to free some server space" nowadays niche forums don't bring much cash from ads so you would try to find other ways to keep afloat
  7. dau

    New Contest Suggestions

    yes and no, I like my tenders but I would be ok with them having any back pockets really as they deliver with many other little (and not only little like wattle dye) things. and he does not only square pockets (see Wrangler shaped pockets on his Whooper line). my idea was that as we are to have a limited batch and probably pretty customized they could come with pocket design we all agree here (square or not). for me: not square? good. square? excellent.
  8. there is no connection: you can use paypal and deliver only to your neighbourhood
  9. dau

    New Contest Suggestions

    as a special production for contest he might would have made them with more traditional back pockets (even though I wore tenders to work just fine)
  10. dau

    New Contest Suggestions

    Great idea with making it a real contest: first you spent time/money finding rare rare jeans in deadstock condition in your size and than fade them for 2 years. the one manages - wins
  11. ah, I'd prefer the other way: jeans work for me. not sure how yet, but when I figure out I'll get rich.
  12. living homeless/unemployed life in full already 3 month (worn almost everyday, except for several days when its too cold, in -10C you want something warmer). almost no signs of fading or whatsoever, don't know how you develop significant progress people. great jeans overall
  13. dau

    New Contest Suggestions

    Id be interested in tender, while the gbg contest (I won't win in any of them anyway)
  14. dau

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    that's the idea I like