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  1. DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    hope no, coz' my IH not giving me much comfort and I am thinking to switch to OOE while it's early stage.
  2. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    yeah, I think we need a third run already (for the ones like me)
  3. DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    3rd wear of IH PIH10ANT, still a bit restricting in top block but I will make them work. Initially was going to enter with OOE (comfiest jeans hands down), but as I live in a humid windy freezing sh**hole I felt cold in them already in mid-October, so had rapidly to switch to something heavier.
  4. DWC2 2017 - 2019

    just paid. Joining (just received, hopefully they will fit) with IH PIH10ANT
  5. Tender Co. Denim

    no, you did not
  6. The Flat Head

    need some advise on 2111 sizing: most japanese wear size 34 (samurai, IH..), TFH 4002 in 36 because of hip and thigh, RJBlues x R&H RFR-002 in size 34 were uncomfortable, so I suppose also size 36 would have been mine. As I understand in 2111 are not that slim (and also shrink a bit less than pioneer denim) so I should stick with 34? Or also size up to 36? thanx
  7. Hi, any ideas for jeans with cut like OOE 02 cut (the one I like the best) but heavier, something in 18-22oz range? thanx
  8. Japan Trip

    great great write-up!
  9. Denim - Fiscal Sense Thread

    But most of Livid stuff is made in Portugal..