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  1. MileHighEvertonian


    Just wanted to jump in and point out that the lot numbers are each cut with notably different sleeve/shoulder patterns. I just got a 401 and discovered that it's cut & sewn to fall off the shoulder quite a bit. It makes for a more relaxed, less fitted look than my buzz rickson's, which has narrower, set-in sleeve pattern . The warehouse "freedom sleeve" models look to have more of a hybrid set-in + raglan thing going on that gives a more fitted looking shoulder.
  2. MileHighEvertonian

    The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

    TCB 20s contest pair. Never quite kept pace during the contest, but I made them my go-to yard work/home renovation pair this summer. To quote Hemingway, they evolved "gradually, then suddenly."
  3. MileHighEvertonian


    Amid a brutally hot summer in the US Mountain West (the still current heat dome pushed us to 107 F in Salt Lake today), daydreaming about a season call "autumn" led to this impulse buy. In truth, I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting when I confirmed my order. They're 1001xx 1000xx unsoaked pink line selvedge denim (which I think translates to a 1947 silhouette in ~14.5oz DSB fabric). Even the stamp on the patch sends mixed signals. They aren't especially dark, and they're noticeably neppy and scratchy - very cool and distinct from anything else I've got. They've got a bit of hip flare but not much diaper butt (compared to SC 47s). Sadly, I was able to find the remnants of the amputated red tab, but at least there were arcs to muck with. They will be fun to break in if/when the burning hydrogen orb in the sky lets up a bit.. .
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342