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  1. MileHighEvertonian

    The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

    TCB 20s contest pair. Never quite kept pace during the contest, but I made them my go-to yard work/home renovation pair this summer. To quote Hemingway, they evolved "gradually, then suddenly."
  2. MileHighEvertonian


    Amid a brutally hot summer in the US Mountain West (the still current heat dome pushed us to 107 F in Salt Lake today), daydreaming about a season call "autumn" led to this impulse buy. In truth, I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting when I confirmed my order. They're 1001xx 1000xx unsoaked pink line selvedge denim (which I think translates to a 1947 silhouette in ~14.5oz DSB fabric). Even the stamp on the patch sends mixed signals. They aren't especially dark, and they're noticeably neppy and scratchy - very cool and distinct from anything else I've got. They've got a bit of hip flare but not much diaper butt (compared to SC 47s). Sadly, I was able to find the remnants of the amputated red tab, but at least there were arcs to muck with. They will be fun to break in if/when the burning hydrogen orb in the sky lets up a bit.. .
  3. MileHighEvertonian

    Mister Freedom

    That sucks. I almost bought a pair of those Lot 54BB in 36 as well. I decided the rise was too high for me and actually ended up sizing down 1 on a pair of 64s LHT instead. One thing to note is that MF measures the thigh straight across from the crotch (not an inch down like SE and many others). There's also the "how do you measure/estimate the top block?" problem. So, you end up with thigh and waist measurements that compare favorably to other jeans you own and then you still discover, as @shredwin_206 notes, that MF tend to be to run "quite snug in the arse."
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