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  1. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    well, that explains it. zany.
  2. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    ^winning bid exceeded $30,000! What am I missing? The bidders knew that Roy himself didn't actually come with the pants, right? Tell me this was some sort of charity auction.
  3. TCB

    Thanks, all, for the hat sizing input!
  4. TCB

    Do any of you out there have the 30s hat yet? I mostly wear fitted baseball caps with a tagged 58.7cm circumference. TCB lists the medium at 58 and the large at 60cm after washing. What do you all think? Is a centimeter of stretch more likely than hoping for additional shrinkage from the large?
  5. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    Admittedly, it took me quite a while before I finally agreed to get my pair with suspender buttons. As this contest gets closer to kicking off, I'm curious how folks are approaching a suspenders/braces purchase. I haven't the first idea of what to look for in terms of materials, style, brand, place of manufacture, etc. Any thoughts while we wait?
  6. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    phew! good catch! let's save TCB's SDA-style "triple crazy jeans" contest for another time.
  7. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    When I double checked my invoice against the master list on page 1 (good call, nycsurfer), I discovered that I had forgotten about this little wrinkle. Good stuff.
  8. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    Paid up...
  9. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    Anybody get a paypal invoice yet? Just curious.
  10. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    Alright Volvo, I'm going to go whole hog and get suspender buttons after all. Thanks for administering all these contest orders and details. Cheers.
  11. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    ^great. I'll pm you in just a bit...
  12. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    Volvo, Before I pm you with details, I'm wondering (and bet others might be as well) if we have any clear sense of when the jeans will ship? Depending on the timeline I'll need to provide you different shipping addresses. Thanks.
  13. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    ^I'm not gonna lie. It's a pretty compelling argument. I may well rethink my decision before we reach the deadline...
  14. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    I just want to register my support for the first arc option (OG-inspired) alongside others who've already chimed in. Also, I can appreciate Volvo's sentiment & disappointment about those of us who are going without suspender buttons. For me, the choice was all about making sure I won't even hesitate to wear my pair regularly. Buttons & braces would be fun as a novelty for me, but I somehow find the buttons to be the one thing that make me feel a shade or two too costume-y; as such, I just worry that I would pull my 60s or SC 47s on too often instead of the 20s. Truth be told, until the no-buttons option was confirmed, I was just going to buy a pair of 50s and sit the contest out. So, I'm quite pleased with Inoue's flexibility on this and happy to be on board for the contest. Also, I'm about to move from Denver, Colorado to Charleston, South Carolina and think that such a significant change of scenery and lifestyle should pair really well with the contest. Cheers.
  15. TCB

    I'm not likely to be in the market for overalls anytime soon (a house with a garden and yard work is still a few years off), but I can't help but love this picture: