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  1. MileHighEvertonian

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    @Double 0 Soul Kid Koala...what a blast from the past! Ninja tune and Warp artists came through Chicago often while I was in grad school in the early-mid 2000s. It was a great scene in those days. I'm fairly certain I permanently lost some hearing in my left ear at an inhumanely brutal and amazing Squarepusher show. I've got a million more old stubs here and there, but here's a few:
  2. MileHighEvertonian

    Mister Freedom

    ^nice @ecsong187! I really envy the pocket bags on those midnight 64s. Not much noticeable happening with my LHTs yet, but I gave them a second soak the other day (warm this time) to see if there was any more shrinkage before hemming them and they actually shrank below/past the MF chart specs. Cone being cone everything stretched right back out after a day of wear. The inseam, though, is down to 33.5" so no hem needed, just a nice simple double cuff.
  3. MileHighEvertonian

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Unionmade carried them and JCrew also carried Shuttle Notes shirts a year or two ago as part of their "in good company" / "brands we like" cross-brand offerings.
  4. MileHighEvertonian

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Nice list @Suitedupmon! We watch Eyes Without a Face a few times a year in our house. Halloween night usually comes down to that or The Innocents (dir. Jack Clayton). Have you seen Wenders' Until the End of the World? Criterion released it on blu ray recently with a 287-minute version. I've not seen it before, but it's on the list to buy.
  5. MileHighEvertonian

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    +1 for Clerks from this 90s mallrat skater from New Jersey!
  6. MileHighEvertonian

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Some Faves: Le Cercle Rouge Paris, Texas Sunset Boulevard Eyes Without a Face (Les Yeux sans visage) The Royal Tenenbaums Safety Last! Guilty-ish Pleasures: Harrison Ford action flicks (Indiana Jones, Patriot Games, The Fugitive, etc.) Roger Moore-era Bond
  7. MileHighEvertonian

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    ^ Duke's FW collection reminds me of the old Milton Berle male anatomy joke: he's going to pull out however much he needs to win. The real question is when is @Duke Mantee going to give us his write-up of "The Petrified Forest?"
  8. MileHighEvertonian

    Mister Freedom

    @Smallrod I think the fabric is terrific; soft, smooth, and super interesting without being showy. I found the MF size charts to be pretty accurate for both pre/post soak. I'm a size 36 in Canes, Momos, TCB, etc., but I sized down to a 34 with this pair based upon the charts. As long as there's an inch of stretch over time, a 35-inch waist usually works pretty good for me. I was betting that the Cone on these would stretch, which it has. Also, I have pretty big calves; I think the other Lot. 64s would have been too narrow at the knee for me, but this particular Lot was cut more generously. Pre-soak / Post-soak W: 18.5" / 17.5" FR: 13.25" / 12.5" BR: 16.75" / 16" Th: 13.25" / 13" Kn: 10" / 9.5 Hem: 9/5" / 9.25" Inseam: 36.5" / 34.5"
  9. MileHighEvertonian

    Mister Freedom

    Some more pics for you @ecsong187. There wasn't a tremendous amount of leg twist, but I soaked them in pretty tepid water. This photo is probably the best I can manage trying to capture the true color: I'm betting there's going to be some serious tate-ochi, as the vertical character of the fabric is really pronounced after the soak: I'm not sure what to think about the buttons that look more like they're dusted in pollen than oxidized.
  10. MileHighEvertonian

    Mister Freedom

    Hmmm. That's interesting. Maybe I did get lucky. Sorry to get your hopes up.
  11. MileHighEvertonian

    Mister Freedom

    @ecsong187 to be honest, I didn't pay attention to which season they came from because I kept thinking I was going to get the Lot 54 BB, but they are the "current" LHT with the indigo plaid pocket bags, etc. It looks like they might have been part of the Fall /Winter 2019. Hopefully this means you can compare away!
  12. MileHighEvertonian

    Mister Freedom

    Thanks @Broark I've taken something of the budget traveller approach to my small denim collection (pretty max out at $250). The sale was the only way I really saw myself getting a pair of MFs. I like the look and details of the Lot 54 BB, but the rise on a 34 or 36 looked too tall. Meanwhile most of the other Lot 64s are too narrow at the knee for me. So these were in the goldilocks zone. I'll try to get a couple better fabric close-ups in the next day or two.
  13. MileHighEvertonian

    Mister Freedom

    Californian Lot. 64 - 13oz. shrink-to-fit, left-hand twill Cone. I wasn't particularly motivated to grab some Cone before it fully disappears, but this struck me as having a distinctive combination of traits (and the MF sale price was terrific). The fabric is soft and slightly hairy, and has a really interesting almost silvery cast that I have neither the vocabulary nor camera skills to properly capture. For visual comparison, I paired them with some FC 1101s that have been soaked, but only worn twice. Pre-soak Post-soak
  14. MileHighEvertonian


    @ecsong187 Most of the Buzz shirts, including the mock twist chambrays @JDelage asked about a few lines above, are at or below $155 from HPA.
  15. MileHighEvertonian


    Here's a better look at the fabric and a couple details. The selvedge ticker on the gusset really complements the fabric and the shape of the buttons add some subtle flair. The color is more accurate in the first photo.
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