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  1. I would say the 35 is the tagged 36. Just got another pair that I am eventually happy with. Went for the one wash w36 which has turned out perfect. Had raw w36 which didn't shrink enough and raw w34 which are too tight.
  2. BIG version are one wash and look pretty accurate from my experience.
  3. Warehouse 900's RAW w34x34 for sale in the market above. Having a clear out!!
  4. Warehouse Lot900 RAW W34 L34 Brand new, never worn, never soaked. Longer inseam version with denim pocket bags and stitched red thread at rear pocket. RRP here in the U.K. £239. £140 shipped in Europe £160 shipped in US I will consider offers but don't take the piss!! RAW Measurements Waist - 17.75inches (straight across waistband) Front Rise - 11inches Back Rise - 16inches Inseam - 35inches Leg Opening - 7.75inches Payment via PayPal or bank transfer in U.K.
  5. Which warehouse model are you comparing them to?
  6. Mr Handy is good... used him last year for a taper and reinforcement, hole fixing etc... all in think it was around €50. Excellent job.
  7. They are prob much like my w34's.... fine if you are up and about walking etc but no good if you have to sit for lengthy periods, driving/office. I sold my w36's which in hindsight I shouldn't have as they were perfect. Think I will get another w36 this time with the shorter inseam.
  8. I got my 1105's from them in Aug. No dramas but be prepared for customs fees if applicable in your country.
  9. TCB

    What size did you go for bf... always interested in your purchases as we are the same size!!!
  10. I really like the look of them but need more post soak measurements in a w34/35. The other thing I am sceptical about is the increase in leg opening when hemmed.
  11. I think the zipper does effect the stretch. I have only been wearing them 5 days but I think they are becoming more comfortable now. Another week and they should be good. Just wondering what others thought of them.
  12. Anyone put any wear into their 1105's? I got the O/W in a w34 but am not noticing too much stretch in the waist. I am wondering if I may need a w36 but fear the legs would be too full.
  13. I did it with my w33's and it did make a difference. Ended up selling them. Much too wide.
  14. Prob is when you lose that much inseam on that model the leg opening is then too wide.