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  1. upheavel


    It doesn't matter how shitty or lame any Acronym item is people will still buy it regardless. Once you have a cult following and a hardcore fanbase you can practically sell anything. You know they have clout when they are selling a modular that carries two Tylenol pills for $100. It's just like Supreme people will buy out every garbage accessory they have.
  2. upheavel


    This happens to every luxury brand that goes mainstream and has resell potential. People will still buy into the brand no matter what.
  3. upheavel


    The picture was white but the title/description said it was black. Either way everything sold out now anyway lol.
  4. upheavel


    The plastic zipper end is trash also. It's slightly fraying on the ends already on mine.
  5. upheavel


    Its a glorified $20 scarf that cost $300. What do you think was going to happen? Mine had the same problem after a weeks use, just sew it back up and move on.
  6. upheavel


    I don't blame them why let a reseller profit when they can just pocket more.
  7. upheavel


    They were suppose to release yesterday. They increased the prices on everything compared to the original prices that they were going to sell it at.
  8. upheavel


    Nah bro I'm just getting warmed up, its only the 5th inning.
  9. upheavel


    I was talking about the main line not Veilance. The same idea applies to Veilance as well, people are buying it for the brand and the way it looks not because of its durability. You could pay 3x less and just get a Beta and it would last just as long as a Veilance shell. The same is true when my wife tries to tell me Channel and LV has "better" leather than Longchamp or Coach. Sure, the quality is slightly better but she is buying Channel and LV because of the brand and the way it looks, not because of the durability and how many pockets it has.