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  1. Recent Purchases 2016–2017

  2. someone plz x3 tell me w2c a pair of northwave espressos in us11
  3. WAYWT Shoes Edition

  4. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

  5. best albums 2016

    PRISON_RELIGION - Cage w/ Mirrored Bars Blood Orange - Freetown Sound 21 Savage - Savage Mode
  6. japan :: osaka :: general

    any good secondhand streetwear shops? mostly looking for older bape, wtaps, etc.
  7. china :: shanghai :: general

    any reccs for stuff to do during a 17 hour layover? i land at 5 am and depart at 10pm. should i go to the zoo or some shit? merci buku
  8. let's talk about old/weird(?) sneakers

  9. WTB Gosha Sk8-HI

    Nomad has them in 11 for 30% off http://nomadshop.net/collections/gosha-rubchinskiy/products/gosha-vans-sk8-hi-suede-sneakers-white
  10. let's talk about old/weird(?) sneakers

  11. the lol wut threak

  12. let's talk about old/weird(?) sneakers