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  1. dennnnnnnnn

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    Any more info on these? Google came up with nothing, I’d buy them because the patch is cool
  2. dennnnnnnnn

    iconic denim photos

    When did Levi’s stop making selvedge if at all?
  3. dennnnnnnnn


    hello any size advice for the 900xx? i need a 32.5 im getting conflicting measurement inforation, i know i need to size up but it seems half the sites list up to an inch difference. can anyone with 33 or 34 tagged sizes tell me which one is closest?
  4. dennnnnnnnn

    iconic denim photos

    What pair is Richie wearing?
  5. dennnnnnnnn

    iconic denim photos

  6. dennnnnnnnn


    hello im looking for a reliable size chart for 50s slim jeans, tcb, blue in green and denimo all seem conflicting, even denimo is conflicting itself in an email. im 33 in iron hearts and 32 in fullcounts it appears 31 tagged size would be 32.8 inches which is what would be perfect according to tcb
  7. dennnnnnnnn

    Samurai Jeans

    does anyone have any info on the cotton project jeans? it seems like it’s impossible to find information including their website. the model is SA051J im looking for a slim straight fit with a softer cotton blend
  8. dennnnnnnnn


    where can one buy such editions?
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