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  1. kicks79


    @brainer666 Signature is a good option as well. However, I've had the unfortunate situation where someone had signed for the order, then the customer claimed he never got it. It then comes down to your word against theirs. Having said that, I've sold dozens of things marked as a gift and a lower value and 99% of the time it works out for everyone.
  2. kicks79


    @eddyraddish Use EMS to send to Japan, it's tracked and very quick. Japanese post is a lot more reliable than Russia. However at the end of the day, if the buyer turns around and says he never got what you sent, it's very hard to prove otherwise even with tracking. If you are really unsure of the buyer, insure the package for what its worth. It costs you extra but also protects you. It just means that the buyer is going to get hit with a hefty import tax bill. Avoid using Ebay's international service. It's not any safer and is simply an extra step in the shipping process and will add extra cost and time to how long the package takes to get to where it's going.
  3. kicks79

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    40% discounting doesn't necessarily mean that the lines are being discontinued. We've seen heavy discounts on LVC every season for the past couple of years. Like Bod says its more a sign of a slowing economy. Does it hurt the brand, however? I think the answer is yes, as everyone waits until it goes on sale. So the motivation for the brand and the stores to continue to carry the line diminishes.
  4. They do make a 30 in some doek models, whilst other models only go up to 28. They do run long and narrow, so whilst I'm usually a 26.5cm I need the 27cm for the width.
  5. I wear US 9 ie 27cm in both Doek and SLP. I don't find that they fit any different.
  6. kicks79

    Trophy Clothing

    @edmond Maybe you are just gettiing bigger Ed
  7. Anyone into RRL jeans? or can suggest a resource for checking out different cuts?
  8. kicks79

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @pedro If you want that "Denver" look I would take a peek at the aptly titled Rocky Mountain Featherbed range. Although it was an American company it was bought by the guys behind Anatomica and is now produced in Japan. The price tag is high, but it's an amazing quality product.
  9. kicks79

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Isn't the main beef that intl retailers and the brands themselves had with Denimio is that they ship internationally yet their products are priced to the domestic RRP?. Domestic retailers are generally not meant to ship internationally as export products have a different RRP. So by doing this, they undercut a lot of the USA and Europe stores that stock the same brands as their prices would be higher. I believe that this was the main issue and source of friction with many brands and other stores. It's worth noting that they don't actually have official accounts with certain brands they carry and the product is proxied from other stores in Japan.
  10. kicks79

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    The Superdenim site has no McCoys items currently on it. Does this mean the end of Superdenim? seems like McCoys was their most popular brand.
  11. kicks79

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Some sneak peeks of the LVC Collection dropping 2nd half of 2020. It 1980s themed. So expect lots of washed-out 1980s 501s.
  12. @Pedro To a lot of people, it's not a laughing matter at all. Why make fun of someone because they care about animals? Are you seriously equating the life of a cow with cotton plants?
  13. kicks79


    The USN pant is one of my favourite pants from orSlow and its a staple of every season. So if you miss out this season, there is always next time.
  14. kicks79

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    It's just the way the market is going. Denim sales are down, workwear and heritage are dying or dead. The trend is back to streetwear (so think logos), outdoors, hiking and tech-wear. So expect to see more of that "rough and rugged" look. FC might do okay as they are actually changing with the times, its just a matter of whether there core customers go with them or if they are able to pick up enough new ones.
  15. kicks79


    If you are a 30" waist then you would be looking at size 1. However, size 2 is going to have the thigh measurement you are after at approx 11.75" The Super-slim is a new style, so I'm assuming that stores haven't got around to measuring them yet.