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  1. To be honest, I don't think anyone outside of Sufu and other denim heads really care about LVC. We used to sell it here in Sydney at a shop I worked at. The 47 501s fully distressed cuts. This was a time when everyone was wearing Supreme, Levis, Evisu, and Nike Dunks. Maple here in Sydney have been selling LVC for a while. The prices are on par with Iron Heart, Samurai and other Japanese brands. Which again if I'm honest I would rather cop over LVC.
  2. Just wanted to share some style shots of orSlow gear that we shot for the shop orslow 105 and E-Cru Vintage Coverall US Army Fatigues Used Herringbone US Army Jacket x 107 Ivy Style
  3. These guys still have some copies of the 501 book for anyone still looking
  4. Anyone recommend some natural fabric cleaner for denim? I had some APC x ASOP fabric soap a few years back that had a great lemon and cedar scent to it. Unfortunately, they don't make it anymore. Thanks, in advance.
  5. TCB

    I wouldn't worry about the dryer wrecking the denim. As long you are sure they are not going to shrink to a point that you can't wear them, you will be fine. I've thrown my samurai's in the dryer multiple times and never had a problem.
  6. I'm surprised that they got Samurai. I know that in the past that Samurai were very loyal to RHD and would not deal with any other retailers in Aus.
  7. Great interior, it looks amazing!
  8. The Australian retail scene is pretty tough. The largest independent chain here in Sydney has closed down. Now with Great Southern Denim gone, there are fewer stores pushing interesting brands. As a shop owner, I would love to stock everything that a brand did. However, the reality is that this is simply not possible. My advice to people is to support their local stores, go in and talk to the owners and let them know what they want. They are more likely to stock things if they know there is a viable market.
  9. The looser fit and 9-ounce fabric make them pretty breathable for a denim pant. However, it all depends on what you are used to. For example if all you wear are 14-ounce denim, then these are going to feel lighter, however, if all you wear is 6-ounce cotton pants these will feel hot.
  10. I would start here and check if any of them have websites
  11. I asked Orslow about the size discrepancies and they said that the tagged size is what they expect them to be after wash and dry. However, it's likely that individual pairs will vary just like vintage denim, which never runs exactly to the same measurements. So that their size chart is an averedge and a guide to help people get an idea from it. This is their size chart.
  12. Samurai 15 ounce is tough
  13. We did talk about this a few pages back. The 105 is a regular fit, the 107 a tapered fit. The two jeans are almost identical, except for past the knee, where it is a full leg for the 105 and the tapered leg for the 107. The official Orslow measurements for waist Size 4 are 35". A lot of stores say they are a 34" probably so as not to confuse customers. Also, the thigh and rise measurements are a little small for western guys who wear a 34" so a size 4 would fit better than a size 3 even though the size 3 is a 34" waist. I'm assuming the Burea has taken this into account I measured the thigh and hem using the BIG method. I'm not sure how The Burea has measured. I'm happy to concede that my measurements are out a little. It is never an exact science measuring denim. If you have any other questions always happy to help.
  14. Some pics of my Orslow USN pants. Shot inside with lights. Wish I had a pair of them new to show a comparison.
  15. Let a few things go and acquired some more since my last post in this thread. Sydney has been so hot and humid it has been so hard to get much wear out of the denim lately. 1) Visvim Fluxus 05 these are 8 years old now and look amazing, crotch and pocket bags are finally going though 2) Anatomica 618 Slim Fit. A recent addition, love the no side seams. 3) Samurai 500xx Pushing 10 years, been repaired once. 4) Samurai 710 evolution is coming along nicely 5) Post Overalls Five Pocket. Made in Japan, this pair is a really nice modern tapered cut. 5) 3sixteen 120x ST Shadow selvedge evolution is so interesting to watch on theses. 6) Orslow USN pants, still denim? not quite jeans. The 9-ounce one wash is finally yielding some nice fade results.