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  1. Denim black market!. How much is that pair worth? $50k? Def in the hands of a private collector.
  2. They were made for MF's retail partners as well. A local store near me is getting in the jacket.
  3. In theory, It would be possible to take the crepe off and resole the goodyear welt and then re-crepe them but it would be a tricky task and you might find it hard finding someone who is willing to do it for you.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully, will watch tonight.
  5. Agreed, I think the real key to fading is to just not care and wear the hell out of your jeans.
  6. If your clothes are too cheap, then someone is getting screwed over in the process of making them. If paying $350 for a pair of jeans that last me five plus years and ensures that no kids in a sweat shop are being enslaved by large corporations means I'm stupid then I will proudly wear that badge.
  7. Looks like a great night!
  8. To be honest, I don't think anyone outside of Sufu and other denim heads really care about LVC. We used to sell it here in Sydney at a shop I worked at. The 47 501s fully distressed cuts. This was a time when everyone was wearing Supreme, Levis, Evisu, and Nike Dunks. Maple here in Sydney have been selling LVC for a while. The prices are on par with Iron Heart, Samurai and other Japanese brands. Which again if I'm honest I would rather cop over LVC.
  9. Just wanted to share some style shots of orSlow gear that we shot for the shop orslow 105 and E-Cru Vintage Coverall US Army Fatigues Used Herringbone US Army Jacket x 107 Ivy Style
  10. These guys still have some copies of the 501 book for anyone still looking
  11. Anyone recommend some natural fabric cleaner for denim? I had some APC x ASOP fabric soap a few years back that had a great lemon and cedar scent to it. Unfortunately, they don't make it anymore. Thanks, in advance.
  12. TCB

    I wouldn't worry about the dryer wrecking the denim. As long you are sure they are not going to shrink to a point that you can't wear them, you will be fine. I've thrown my samurai's in the dryer multiple times and never had a problem.
  13. I'm surprised that they got Samurai. I know that in the past that Samurai were very loyal to RHD and would not deal with any other retailers in Aus.
  14. Great interior, it looks amazing!
  15. The Australian retail scene is pretty tough. The largest independent chain here in Sydney has closed down. Now with Great Southern Denim gone, there are fewer stores pushing interesting brands. As a shop owner, I would love to stock everything that a brand did. However, the reality is that this is simply not possible. My advice to people is to support their local stores, go in and talk to the owners and let them know what they want. They are more likely to stock things if they know there is a viable market.