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  1. kicks79

    Levi’s 501 and Cone denim question…

    A private equity firm bought cone mills in 2016. They simply made an economic calculation that the floor space taken up by the white oak selvage looms was not profitable, so they closed them down and sold them off. Levis although one of their main buyers of white oak, was also in the process of going public. As LVC only makes up a fraction of their lines and profit, they chose not to buy the white oak looms. They had also been planning for this contingency for many years, developing alternative fabrics in Japanese mills. There is a ton of info on this over in the LVC thread all by members who are more knowledgeable than me on the matter.
  2. kicks79

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    So apparently it was only one of the Wachowskis and they never wanted to make a Matrix 4. But the studio said they would make it with to without them. So this was the result. This was referenced in the little side plot about a sequel to the game that they were working on.
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