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  1. kicks79

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    So as the owner of Big Trouble I'd like to address some of the issues from @428CJ "You should not be paying to ship them back...and if they don't have the same size to replace them with, then they should just give you a refund. If you choose to repair them, then they should cover repair costs. That, or they can do the work of arranging the delivery of a repair part for you...if they are an authorized retailer." Levis Australia covers the return cost of faulty items but only in Aus. Unfortunately, they don't cover intl orders. We did offer the customer a replacement pair or a refund. Yes, we are an authorized Levis LVC retailer. "I don't imagine the retailer can "fix" the problem with the jeans themselves. But they can facilitate refunds, exchanges, and contact with the Levi's company, if necessary. Retailers are the point of contact with Levi's regarding quality problems on brand new jeans." That's exactly what we did. We have arranged an exchange or refund to be processed. For the issue to be resolved the jeans need to be returned to Levis Aus. As they won't give a replacement or refund if they don't have the original jeans back to access. "FWIW, both tines on the tack are still intact. If, for some reason, you won't force the retailer to handle the situation, then I would simply try straightening the tines, purchasing the necessary tack button installation tools, and restoring the button yourself." There is no need to force us to handle the situation. We are have already arranged for the situation to be resolved in a prompt and timely manner. "I would like to know what retailer has stated that the way you fix this issue is to return the jeans at your own expense, then have the replacement pair shipped to you at your own expense...so we can all avoid giving them our money." The name of our shop is Big Trouble Store. We are based in Sydney Australia. I'm sorry that you feel like you would not shop with us. A large part of your issue here seems to be the return shipping costs. As mentioned with domestic orders Levis Aus would have covered the costs. However, with Intl orders, they do not. As a small independent retailer. We simply cannot cover the return shipping both ways on a pair of Levis that we sold on sale that were close to our cost price.
  2. kicks79

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Thanks for the insight guys. I know myself after trying to move a few denim blunders of my own that the 2nd hand market for used jeans is pretty weak. I just thought the massive wait time for these might negate that. although I did overlook the whole custom made aspect. It's been my experience on eBay that a BIN price works better than an auction, as so many people don't follow through with their bids. Starting it at a $1 also runs the risk that you may actually only sell it for a fraction of what you wanted. @mpukas Hope you manage to sell your pair and recoup some of your cash.
  3. kicks79

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    So forgive the ignorance, but why if people are waiting years for these jeans is the resell value so bad? Or is it just that particular model?
  4. kicks79

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    You guys are more patient than I am. I would have tapped out after 6 months. Has anyone tried to get a refund due to the lengthy wait times?
  5. kicks79

    Samurai Jeans

    I would suspect that the market direction dictated BIG's current brand roster more than the effect of the Levis lawsuits. Seems fewer people are buying heavyweight denim and with the rise of online sites like Denimo it's a very competitive market. I visited BIG in the new york summer and also wondered how much denim they sell during the summer months.
  6. kicks79

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    No jackets, but currently 30% off 76 and 54s here https://www.bigtroublestore.com/collections/levis-vintage-clothing
  7. kicks79


    The tabs will no longer be available as of next season. So yes the spring summer range will be tab-less.
  8. kicks79


    It's the same denim. I don't know which mill they use sorry.
  9. kicks79

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    It's usually considered that the knee is 13" down from the crotch.
  10. @piece keeper Carhartt WIP do a denim version of those pants and they now come in everything from slim to relaxed fit, however, I found that anything that I used to put in that pocket tended to fall our when you sit down, so be warned!
  11. @pedro I would say that you are right with your assumption on there being more denim per capita in Thailand than anywhere else. Apparently, there is a brisk business there with people renting out their jeans to construction workers for a few weeks to break them in
  12. kicks79


    @bodMy understanding is that the Tab ban is both for the domestic Japan market and export.
  13. kicks79


    @Broark Here are my measurements of the size 105 we have in store measured BIG style Waist: 34.5" Front Rise: 12.5" Back Rise: 16" Thigh: 12.75" Knee: 9.5" Hem: 7.75" Inseam: 32.5"
  14. kicks79


    @beautiful_FrEaK There is no winter or summer specific version of the 105s as far as I'm aware. Yes, there is a women's version It runs from size 0-2 and would have different measurements from the men's version. I've posted the official orSLow 105 size chart in this thread but can post again if people want.
  15. kicks79


    As far as I know, Levis's claim is on the tab itself, regardless of its position.