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WAYWT (denim version) 2017


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First day of 2017.

408 days of wear. 7 machine washes & 2 soaks. 170101_001_002-01.jpeg

Jacket: pbj6079

Shirt: pbj2177

Wallet and leech: tannergoods

Jeans: ih666sii 408 days 7 machine washes 2 soaks ironheart

Boots: rw8111 redwing

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@Flash  just wanted to say I appreciate your daily style (not flubbing anyone else, just been meaning to tell you lol). Relaxed, clean, and not trying too hard to be anything other than you. Just wearing nice quality clothes nicely, without the costume, if that makes sense!

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20 minutes ago, d-rew12 said:

^What kind of jacket is that? Is it TCB?

Ya TCB seamans jacket size 40. It's kinda baggy without anything under it but fits a normal enjoi skateboards hoodie under it well. I have their 50s jacket as well in size 40 and can't fit anything under it comfortably. 

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