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  1. Doogan


    Warehouse 1101 x #beastfromtheeast
  2. Doogan


    ^Sounds good! I have loads of jeans with bigger cuffs, so going for a different look with this pair. Small or no cuff should work.
  3. Doogan


    I was lucky enough to pick up a barely used pair of 107 onewash. Great cut - decent rise, room in the thighs and a good taper. Really chuffed with these. Just need to get them hemmed now.
  4. Doogan

    Hiut Denim

    Good publicity! https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/style/celebrity-fashion/meghan-markle-introduces-welsh-brand-11872663
  5. Doogan

    Superdenim Instagram Community

  6. Doogan

    Denim Repair

    Has anyone had the seat and waist taken in before? I'd like to know if it can work or will ruin the jeans? I have a pair of Orslow that are great everywhere except a bit saggy in the top block. I'd only really take them in by 1 inch. I'd probably send them to Denim Dr as he mentions this type of work on his website: https://www.thedenimdoctor.co.uk/gallery-of-previous-denim-alteration-repair-restoration-work/
  7. Doogan


    The 1105 is definitely tighter in the top block. I need to lose some weight and hopefully then they'll work out for me. I'm getting married next year so have both that and the jeans as an incentive (jeans more so though).
  8. Doogan


  9. Doogan


    Thanks for the replies. I can close the top button but it looks ridiculous at the moment as I need to lose some body fat! The fit seems spot on apart from the waist. If they don't stretch so much I'll need to get back into jogging and eat better.
  10. Doogan


    Received my pair of 1105s today in a 34 and the waist measures just under 16" measured across the top. WTF. This is a damn shame as everywhere else seems good. A 32" waist on size 34 jeans is a piss take imo. Added a comparison of my 34 1101 vs new 34 1105.
  11. Doogan


    Picked up a pair of 1105s from Rauketan in a 34. Really hope they fit my fat ass as they look golden. Anyone got any deets on these? 15th Anniversary model?
  12. Doogan

    Resolute 710 34classified

    View Advert Resolute 710 34 Hi I have a pair of Resolute 710's in a size 34 that I am looking to trade as they are a bit small for me in the thighs. The jeans have been worn a few times and remain in good condition. I'll consider any pairs/brands of jeans in reasonable condition that would fit a measured 35 waist. I can add measurements and pics on request (stock pics on this ad). Kind regards Dougie Advertiser Doogan Date 07/22/2017 Price Category denim  
  13. Doogan


    Cheers! I forgot to mention that I also have a resolute 710 in a 34 which is (far) too tight in the thighs. 36 seems the way to go for these. I like to wash my jeans as well and hate them being too tight.
  14. Doogan


    Max, those 505's look superb! I'm quite tempted to get a pair from Denimio and can see they are reduced but not sure what size I'd be. Are these a size up job? For reference, I currently wear a 34 in UES 400t and a 33 in FC 1101 although both are a snug fit. My 34 WH800 has actually got a bit tight to wear. I'm trying to lose weight though so caught between a 34 and 36...
  15. Doogan

    UES Denim