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  1. Longshot but does anyone fancy trading a pair of 710's in a size 36 for a size 34? I have a barely worn pair in a 34 and I honestly can't ever see my thighs fitting into them.
  2. I picked up a pair of black 107's in a size 4. They are actually bigger than the measurements above. A bit loose on the waist but nothing a belt can't sort.
  3. Probably the best 800 fit i've seen.
  4. Fullcount 1101 - will try to keep these going for a while to get some wear on them:
  5. Nice bump! I was out at South Queensferry today (near Edinburgh). The Forth rail bridge was coincidentally celebrating its 127th birthday:
  6. Fullcount 1101
  7. Engineered Garments Buzz Rickson WH800 Visvim
  8. My first pair of Japanese denim purchased from BiG about 2.5 years years ago. WH800. Sadly getting a bit tight so haven't seen much wear recently:
  9. Got my first decent camera (it's old but great to learn on) so had to test it: Please excuse the socks!!
  10. Engineered Garments Our Legacy Fullcount 1101 Visvim
  11. Good shout Maynard. Thanks for the comments all. I will keep these and hopefully get some wear out of them. They might be good to use sparingly as a smarter pair when worn with no cuffs. Having said that I have seen some amazing faded pairs.
  12. They are fine for walking around and going up and down stairs. I notice they are pretty tight when tying my laces although expect that will improve.
  13. Shitty indoor fit pics. Please share thoughts on whether or not these will stretch out sufficiently:
  14. I've had the jeans on over the weekend and although they are a snug fit they do seem to be getting more comfortable. I'll probably try to get some pics up soon. I'm trying to lose some weight so hopefully they'll work out.
  15. I got a pair in a 34 from here in pretty much new condition as far as i can tell. The waist is fine but the legs, paticuarly thighs are a snug/tight fit. Is there much stretching to come or am I goosed?