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  1. With an unbroken shoemaking heritage that reaches back almost 150 years, it is little wonder that Moonstar is so highly respected in its field. Founded as a ‘Tabi’ maker (traditional, split-toed footwear with a rubber sole) in Kurume, Japan in 1873, Moonstar has used its wealth of experience to innovate, whilst maintaining a superior level of quality. The logical and natural progression in style and design led them to the classic, vulcanised rubber sole canvas sneaker. The construction of these sneakers is an artform in itself. A skilled craftsman attaches the upper to the outsole according to the shape of the last, and then puts a tape around it. This process is impossible to do by machine. Each pair is done by hand. The outsole is made of raw, claylike rubber that supports the shape of the shoe. Utilising the ka-ryu (vulcanising) process, each shoe is then fired in a kiln at 120 °C (248 °F) for 70 minutes which causes the sulphur mixed inside the raw rubber to chemically react, returning the rubber to its natural elasticity and creating a soft, flexible, and durable sole. The end result is a perfectly made long lasting and comfortable shoe. We hope to receive the Gym Classic Shoes in black in the near future and will let you know once they arrive. Shop Moonstar Gym Classic Shoes - White Shop Moonstar Mud Guard Shoes - Navy Shop Moonstar All-weather Shoes - Khaki Video showing the making of Moonstar Shoes at the Kurume factory
  2. I would not describe our RFR-004 collaboration with RJB as having a low rise. One of the reasons we have done this collaboration is because RJB core jeans do have a very low rise that prohibits many customers from enjoying its great denim. The back rise of the 33w is 15.25 raw and will settle at 15" after shrinkage and stretch.
  3. Iron Heart has just released a brand new fit. The IH-888s offers the signature 21 oz. denim in a mid to high rise relaxed tapered silhouette. For those familiar with the 634 cut this new fit adds a little extra room in the thigh with a taper below the knee to a narrower leg opening. Iron Heart are masters of heavyweight fabrics and the 21 oz. indigo selvedge denim is what they are known best for. Woven at a low tension and using long staple and very high grade American cotton, they have produced a denim that is substantial and hard-wearing but surprisingly easy to wear due to its soft and supple handle. The jeans contain all the usual Iron Heart hallmarks; thick embossed (and one of our favourites) leather patch, polycotton constructional stitching for durability, iron buttons and selvedge accent on the fly. The denim has been sanforized and has almost zero shrinkage. Shop IH-888s 21 oz. Indigo Selvedge Relaxed Tapered Jeans Rust Brown is this season's Dawson flannel from Indigofera. The shirt is made from a Japanese selvedge fabric that is full of nep and texture. It will just get better and better with wear. The flannel is a regular fit (the XXL offers a 52.5" chest for our most heroically built customers). The shirt has corduroy lined cuffs, collar and pocket flap, snap closures and is brushed on the inside for warmth. Shop Indigofera Dawson Flannel - Rust Brown
  4. Definitely good to go. Many thanks!
  5. Shop Nine Lives Thick Knit Indigo Waffle Henley Restocks include the Tsuriurake Loopwheeled (hanging loopwheeler) sweatshirts in both colourways; blue/black and off-white/grey. They were a great hit first time round. Customers found the voluminous but incredibly soft loopwheeled fabric and perfect fit hard to resist. We also see a return of the Leather and Sashiko Varsity Jacket in black and blue. The combination of pigment dyed leather sleeves and indigo dyed Sashiko body makes this a real stand out piece. The hallmark raglan design makes shoulders flow seamlessly into the sleeves. The Nine Lives “Kodawai” obsession with details is never more apparent than in this jacket. Shop Nine Lives Tsuriurake Loopwheeled Sweaters Shop Nine Lives Leather & Sashiko Varsity Jackets
  6. Our first arrival for the colder months ahead comes from Nine Lives; a wholly unique Japanese brand that combines its love for heritage design and fabric production with thoroughly modern silhouettes. The Jacquard Check Raglan shirt returns in a new blue and grey palette. This custom-made selvedge fabric weaves five different colours of yarn creating a 3D-like effect. The depth and texture of the fabric is really something to admire. This is a slim fitting shirt with raglan sleeves and YKK snap closures. Shop Nine Lives Jacquard Check Raglan Shirt - Blue/Grey A new style for this season is the Ultra Heavy Chino fabric Work Shirt (19 oz. to be precise). We love the way Nine Lives has reinvented a classic workwear staple with a more minimalist design and produced such a unique fabric. The buttons are concealed by the placket and the chest pocket uses a hidden stitch construction. The shoulders are gusseted for ease of movement and comfort. Shop Nine Lives Ultra Heavy Chino Work Shirt - Black Nine Lives offer two Henley shirts this season. The Merino Wool Indigo Henley is super soft and slim fitting. It uses custom made buttons and can be worn on its own or under a shirt during the colder months for insulation.The Thick Knit Waffle Henley is another exclusive Nine Lives fabric and has been dyed with natural indigo. Like the Merino Wool Henley it has been rinsed so shrinkage is minimal. Shop Nine Lives Merino Wool Indigo Henley
  7. We have just released our new collaboration with Real Japan Blues & The Flat Head using the RJB signature 14 oz left hand twill Zimbabwe cotton denim.
  8. After the success of our Real Japan Blues x The Flat Head super slim jean collaboration released last year we have been working on a fit that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a roomier top block in the form of a relaxed tapered fit.The fabric used is the signature 14 oz. RJB left hand twill Zimbabwe cotton – famed for its long staple fibres and fading properties. They are full of texture and with an extra deep indigo hue.The RFR-004 keeps all the same details as the original RFR-002 : subtle indigo thread rear pocket arcs, hidden rivets, custom patch. Just like the super slim version the fit is designed with decent rises but is allows for more room on the thigh and gradually tapers to a narrow leg opening. Cyclists, lifters, Rugby players or just those who appreciate the extra comfort of a roomier fit – these are for you!The jeans are unsanforized and available in both raw and one wash. We have also restocked the original super slim RFR-002 in all sizes. Shop Real Japan Blues x R&H RFR-004 Relaxed tapered Jeans RFR-002 Super Slim Jeans Shop Real Japan Blues x R&H RFR-002 Super Slim Jeans RFR-002 jeans worn for 7-8 months
  9. From 3sixteens diffusion line 3sixteen+, we are one of the few stockists chosen to carry the "Caustic Wave" 40 BSP Trucker Jacket. This is a 16.5 oz. loomstate denim produced in collaboration with a small, specialist mill in Ibara, Okayama. The result features indigo warp yarns that have been double dipped for an extra deep indigo hue that will yield high contrast fades. The mill used heavily twisted yarns of uneven shapes to produce a fabric with a dry, rough hand that will result in vertical falling fades over time. After a Wall Street Journal article a few weeks ago praising the merits of the 3sixteen twin pack t shirts we completely sold out. We have an eagerly awaited and full restock in all colours and sizes. Shop 3sixteen "Caustic Wave" 40BSP Trucker Jacket We have a new example of some of the softest, most comfortable, organic cotton in the shape of the Melange Grey, short sleeved Henley from Berry On The Drums. Woven on 1960’s traditional circular looms (drums) this method means the garments have no side seams and ensures no twisting of shape over time. Ideal for year round use, it is also a great holiday garment. The soft lightweight fabric is perfect beach attire but works just as well on a hot evening with jeans or shorts. Shop Berry On The Drums Tubular Short Sleeve Henley
  10. The xx-17oz-011 from Pure Blue Japan hit the store this week. This is the 17 oz. version of the left hand twill x011 with indigo warp and grey weft.The new denim looks very much like its lighter weight predecessor: same rich indigo hue and giveaway grey weft. When you wear the jeans you are instantly aware they are in a very different category in terms of weight. Heavily starched, they are very rigid when raw. They soften over the first soak but it will take a good dozen or so wears to command these jeans and develop that initial break in. The rewards, however, for those whose whole raw denim mission is to achieve high contrast fades will be pretty damn good.Note that PBJ has modified its slim tapered fit and all new jeans including these have a narrower leg opening. We'd also suggest sizing up one from your usual PBJ size with these jeans. Faded pair of 13.5 oz X011 jeans Shop Pure Blue Japan xx-17oz-011 Slim Tapered Jeans We have also received the IHSH-33B from Iron Heart. This is the indigo selvedge western that has been overdyed black. With wear and washing the black recedes to allow more indigo to pop through revealing a particularly unique fade. The overdyeing process removes all shrinkage from the shirt so you may need to size up one from the IHSH-33 itself and other Iron Heart shirts. There are black permex snaps on the placket with the IH logo, felled seams and chain stitch run offs. The denim is 12 oz. in weight.We have also restocked the IHSH-33 indigo western. Shop Iron Heart IHSH33B Black Overdyed Selvedge Western
  11. From Friday 30th June until Sunday 2nd July we will be holding our one and only sale of 2017. We are offering 15% off our entire range including recently arrived items. No discount codes are needed. The sale prices will appear online at midnight British Summer Time on the morning of Friday 30th June ending 72 hours later at midnight on July 2nd. The store is well stocked with jeans, jackets, winter flannels, shirts, t shirts, socks and boots so make sure you have a good look at our current range online. The sale will apply both online and instore. The sale is strictly running to this schedule. The 15% discount cannot be applied retrospectively or applied to any sales after 2nd July. Sale schedule in other time zones: Central European Time : 0100 30th June - 0100 3rd July Eastern Standard Time : 1900 29th June - 1900 2nd July Pacific Standard Time : 1600 29th June - 1600 2nd July Australian Eastern Standard Time : 0900 30th June - 0900 3rd July
  12. In addition to the Rider's Jacket we have also restocked The Flat Head Cafe Racer Jacket in the new custom 1.3mm horsehide developed to TFH's specifications by the Shinki tannery in Japan. The jacket is lined with the familiar buffalo check and herringbone heavy flannel fabric in the body whilst the sleeves are lined with 100% rayon (red). The semi -aniline finish to the 1.3mm thick hide combines black dye and pigment. The ageing process is pretty incredible as the thick leather adapts and moulds to the wearer's body. Shop The Flat Head Horsehide Cafe Racer Shop The Flat Head Horsehide Rider's Jacket
  13. Shop The Flat Head T shirts
  14. We just received two stunning jackets from The Flat Head that tells us all we need to know about what makes this brand's pulse beat: an unremitting commitment to the highest levels of craftsmanship and fabric design. The Horsehide Rider's Jacket is made from leather custom made by the esteemed Shinki tannery in Japan. The semi-aniline finish to the 1.3mm thick hide combines black dye and pigment to allow this to age like nothing else whilst remaining tough and durable over time. There is sateen lining on the body and sleeves, classic D pocket design with zippered side and chest pockets, epaulettes with sterling silver studs, 100% iron "uchi-nuki" side-cinch buckles and universal zippers. We currently have sizes 40 and 42 with the 44 expected in a few weeks' time. "Flucky" is the first souvenir jacket we have carried and worth the wait. It is 100% made from rayon, a silk substitute invented by the Victorians and used on Hawaiian shirts of the 50s. What is remarkable is that the embroidery is also 100% rayon rather than polyester and finely and closely woven so there are no hollow gaps. This maintains the silk-like integrity over the whole jacket. It is lined with thinsulate providing insulation without bulk. The jacket is fully reversible with the traditional souvenir map of Japan on the wine coloured side plus the Flat Head Flucky wolf motif. On the black reverse side the "Customs Engine's Club" lettering is made from ultra-suede. The Flat Head heavyweight T shirts with triple stitched collars (that are literally indestructible) are made from a tubular knit. The T shirts are now cut and sewn at the sides for a more tapered fit. Shop The Flat Head Horsehide Rider's Jacket Shop The Flat Head "Flucky" Souvenir Jacket
  15. This spring UES Denim has released the Akiha Indigo Yarn-Dyed Selvedge Work Shirt. A tonal indigo stripe is subtly woven into the lightweight fabric. It has been rinsed once so will not shrink. The shirt uses Corozo buttons, has selvedge side gussets and placket and features triple-stitched seams. The Ramayana T shirts launched last year have been restocked in black and white and a new grey version has been introduced for 2017. The shirts are made from the luxurious Suvin cotton, grown in southern India, prized for its long staple and remarkable softness. The fit is so on point. Tried and tested (washed multiple times) for a year I can vouch that this is one of the best T shirts you will ever buy. Shop UES Akiha Indigo Yarn-Dyed Selvedge Work Shirt Shop UES Ramayana Pocket T shirts