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  1. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    @JDelage We have one washed the jackets. The Ranch Blouse in Cone Mills has been left raw. Yes, pretty amazing details on this jacket and the entire collection this season as always.
  2. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    One of the most exciting new season arrivals is full of surprise, hidden details and classic designs reimagined for a modern age. This can only be an introduction to the wonderful world of Mister Freedom. The Cowboy Jacket, Embroidered 301 Okinawa edition is milled in Japan, and the custom fabric at 16.25 Oz. is a left hand twill. Comprising of 50% recycled Okinawan sugar cane fibres and 50% cotton, this denim is unique to both the hand and eye, not to mention renowned for the depth of fading. The ‘Rodeo’ iteration carries a definite 60’s halcyon vibe, enhanced by the 100% rayon embroidery which adorns the rear and really carries it to the next level and beyond. The jacket is also available without the embroidery. Shop Mister Freedom Cowboy Jacket - Okinawa Denim & Embroidered Shop Mister Freedom Cowboy jacket - Okinawa Denim (Without Embroidery) One of the sturdiest and most unique shirts we have ever stocked comes in the form of the ‘San Pablo’ CPO. It is named after the American gunboat in the classic ’66 film ‘The Sand Pebbles’ starring Steve McQueen which patrols the Yangtze River circa 1926.The design is inspired by western military wear which would frequently be repaired and (rebelliously against forces regulations) customised by local tailors. Hence, 100% rayon dragon embroidered ‘Liberty Cuffs’ - a hidden adornment inside the cuffs, concealed rainbow chainstitch, hidden chest pocket and contrast reinforcement patches. More regulation details are included with the vintage uniform reinforced shoulder yoke and USN anchor buttons. Really out of this world in every way. Shop Mister Freedom San Pablo CPO Shirt The general appearance of the Rough Rider Blouse will be familiar to any MF aficionados, based as it is on their classic trucker style. This season's version comes in a 15.5 Oz. New Old Stock Cone Mills denim from the late Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC.The collar has been modified to more closely resemble an early American work blouse, the underside of which is lined with the ‘Okinawa’ sugar cane fabric. The interior has been lined with a discharge printed, Japanese plaid flannel which has been brushed for warmth and comfort. Shop Mister Freedom Rough Rider Ranch Blouse Closing the Mister Freedom show for now, we have theDouble Calico Nixon Shirt. There is nothing quite like this out there. Once again making use of the discharge print and testing the limits that can be reached with this technique, the 5 Oz. cotton twill displays two entirely separate, yet complimentary antique calico patterns - one to the face and one to the reverse. This is a thing of beauty and although loosely based on a work shirt cut is a smart shirt option like no other. Shop Mister Freedom Nixon Shirt - Double Calico
  3. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    They’re back, and what better timing with the current cold snap hinting at winter already. The N1, based on a US naval deck jacket, has been refined and perfected by Iron Heart. As always they eschew unnecessary embellishments to give a clean, stylish and modern appearance. Lined throughout with long hair Alpaca, even in the hand warmer-pockets, windproof whipcord fabric and knitted storm cuffs, this is the such a first class winter jacket. Offered this year in Khaki and a strictly limited run of Navy. Shop Iron Heart N1 Deck Jacket - Navy Shop Iron Heart N1 Deck jacket - Khaki Another Iron Heart cold weather classic that is the ‘Ultra Heavy Flannel’. Loomed to a super solid 12 Oz. using wild, Peruvian Aspero cotton, the resulting fabric is brushed once on the outside face and twice on the inner for a super soft and insulating garment. The cut, size and styling of these is absolutely on point and now back in the always popular Ombré weave and available in classic red or grey. Shop Iron Heart IHSH-204 Ultra Heavy Flannel - Red Ombré Shop Iron Heart IHSH-204 Ultra Heavy Flannel - Grey Ombré We also received a restock of the cordovan wallets. In the small bi-fold we do our own version by removing the standard coin pouch and adding more slots. We are now carrying the mid-wallet in black as well as oxblood. Shop Iron Heart Cordovan Wallets
  4. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    Now for the drop that we have been jonesing for quite some time - more than doubling our range, we present the latest trinkets, fancies and downright masterpieces from the blessedly mercurial minds at Good Art Hlywd. It is all but impossible to choose standout pieces when the entire collection stands out, so here are the edited highlights encompassing all that’s best of the wild, the strange, the functional and the flippant. You also have a golden ticket to a world of pure imagination, thanks to Good Art's desire and ability to create one off and custom pieces. Want that in 22k gold? Done. Black Diamonds in the Rosette gaps? Of course. One ruby and one emerald for the eyes of Jack Skull? Yours. The only limits are what you can conceive. There is still time for custom orders to be created and delivered in time for you to present as the ultimate Christmas gift so contact us to discuss any ideas. ---------------------- Perfectly showcasing Good Art's ability to add functional movement to what are traditionally static pieces, the Lasso Chain uses the larger of its two Rosette disks as an adjustment method to control the length of the chain. Utterly unique. There are plenty of opportunities for some new wrist action, including the ‘Jack Skull Crusher’ bracelet, where every link is a perfectly formed, miniature skull. A favourite customisation here is to switch one or more of the skulls for a gold version, which is a subtle but decadent touch. For something a bit more in your face and to the point there is the ‘Bear link’ bracelet. Available in different link gauges as you prefer, this a chunkier construction reminiscent of the sort of chain that holds a freighter to a New York dock. Stamped on each outer face with the Good Art logo. Fancy something outré? Of course you do. In that case, the Honey Pot (with spoon) should be just the thing. Channel your inner Victorian salt aficionado, Pooh bear or Jordan Belfort - we won't judge. Good Art affectionately refers to its smaller pieces as ‘Knick Knacks’. A suitable moniker for things which are so fun to mix and match, attaching to them to parts and places you would never expect to see high end, quality jewellery - lace locks, press studs, boutonnieres and of course the range of pendants which are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Proving that they can excel at subtle just as well, the Model 31 Band ring is an exquisite exercise in understated simplicity. Always looking for new ways to allow us to rock the Rosette, we offer a selection of caps, all topped off with the solid silver signature press stud. Let's top it off with a piece that neatly demonstrates the widest range of the superlative skills from Good Art. Intricate design, articulation in all directions - rotational, vertical and horizontal, use of different yet complementary shapes and sizes, featuring a variety of attachment solutions. A design beauty but with function at the very heart of its DNA, its the Barrel Key Chain. We look forward to seeing you in store soon to amaze and delight, hopefully finding or creating that ideal piece you never new existed, whether it be off the shelf or out of the mind. See Our Entire Good Art Hlywd Range
  5. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    The new FW18 range from 3sixteen is released today. As always with this style forward NY brand, we have some sharp, modern silhouettes complimented with timeless detailing.The slim cut Stadium Jacket returns in a sleek charcoal grey. An equal amount of consideration given to function as well as form: The outer is an 8 oz. waxed cotton canvas, the inner a thick and quilted jersey padded with Thermolite for insulation without bulk. Trimmed with a heavyweight ribbing to the hem, collar, cuffs and hand warmer pockets, this jacket is truly ‘weather ready’. Shop 3sixteen Waxed Canvas Stadium Jacket - Charcoal The ‘Crosscut’ shirt has developed an enviable reputation since its introduction nearly ten years ago. Named after the signature crossed back yoke, this season brings us red and slate blue plaid iterations in a heavy, Japanese flannel. Woven on a low tension which delivers a coarser, textured hand, the inner face has been triple brushed for warmth and comfort, while the outer face is left unchanged to best present the weave. Shop 3sixteen Crosscut Flannel - Red Plaid Shop 3sixteen Crosscut Flannel - Blue Plaid Also utilising the Crosscut pattern is the new western shirt. Indigo dyed, the Japanese cotton/linen blend has a unique character and depth of tone – this is definitely going to look pretty special with wear and age. Finished with a gently curved hem and concho shell snaps. Shop 3sixteen Crosscut Linen/Cotton Western Shirt - Indigo For a smarter option using a straight rear yoke, we have the 100% linen shirt in black. This fabric has a really tactile feel and is tonal throughout including stitching and two front pockets. Details include chainstitch run offs and horn buttons, burnt for texture and colour. Shop 3sixteen Black Linen Shirt
  6. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    Pure Blue Japan has just delivered 3 new shirts for the autumn season.One of the best fitting shirts yet from PBJ is the Indigo Sashiko. The lightweight fabric is made of 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane. This savvy blend enhances the overall fit of the shirt giving it a slight stretch, whilst also acting to reinforcethe looser, sashiko weave. It is yarn dyed indigo and will show signs of fade with wear. The shirt features resin buttons and Chian-stitched side seams, with run off.The Double Gauze shirts have returned after a long absence and are as ultra soft and minimalist in style as ever. This is a two layer woven fabric that gives a blanket lining effect. The Indigo version is woven using rope dyed indigo weft whilst the warp is dyed black. The black version uses a black warp and grey weft. Shop Pure Blue Japan Indigo Sashiko Shirt Shop Pure Blue Japan Double Gauze Shirt - Black Shop Pure Blue Japan Double Gauze Shirts - Indigo Viberg has now delivered the latest addition to our core line with the service boot in Horween's Brown Cromexcel. This is one of the most popular leathers from Viberg and it is immediately clear why. There is a real depth of tone to the colour and hue of the leather which makes it obvious that these are going to age and wear with real style. The 2030 last, partially structured toe and Dainite sole make this a really versatile option that can be paired with any colour or style of jeans or trousers. Shop Viberg Service boots Brown Chromexcel Indigofera always delivers the goods with artist collaborations and the latest is no exception. Graphic designer Björn Atldax gives us a knowing nod to Emanuel Wyn (the French pirate considered the first to fly the Jolly Roger) with his iconic imagery which Indigofera uses to great effect with this Long Sleeved Iconic T. Watch out for the blanket version coming soon. Shop Indigofera Long Sleeve Iconic T Shirt
  7. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    Our friends in Japan have suffered a torrid few weeks with violent typhoons disrupting daily life but thankfully everyone is safe and well. This has had a delaying effect on production schedules but as life gets back to normal autumn deliveries are now gathering pace. Stevenson Overall Co. introduces the new ‘Big Sur’ jean this season. The Nihon Menpu denim mill uses the finest long staple cotton the US has to offer. Stevenson does the resulting 14 oz. green line selvedge denim justice with subtle, yet unique pattern stitching accents to both the rear and coin pockets, offset folded belt loops and a smart, slim tapered cut. The stitching details are as impressive as always as Stevenson uses a rare narrow gauge lap seam. The denim comes sanforized.Along with the jeans we have a full size restock of the Quartermaster chinos in both khaki and indigo. These are some of the best fitting chinos we have seen and are in the original, heavyweight chino weave fabric. Our friends in Japan have suffered a torrid few weeks with violent typhoons disrupting daily life but thankfully everyone is safe and well. This has had a delaying effect on production schedules but as life gets back to normal autumn deliveries are now gathering pace. Stevenson Overall Co. introduces the new ‘Big Sur’ jean this season. The Nihon Menpu denim mill uses the finest long staple cotton the US has to offer. Stevenson does the resulting 14 oz. green line selvedge denim justice with subtle, yet unique pattern stitching accents to both the rear and coin pockets, offset folded belt loops and a smart, slim tapered cut. The stitching details are as impressive as always as Stevenson uses a rare narrow gauge lap seam. The denim comes sanforized.Along with the jeans we have a full size restock of the Quartermaster chinos in both khaki and indigo. These are some of the best fitting chinos we have seen and are in the original, heavyweight chino weave fabric. Shop Stevenson Overall Big Sur Jeans UES might not be the first name that jumps to mind when thinking of heavy flannels. However, they are able to create the heavyweight fabric thanks to their access to an original Schoenherr weaving machine. The result is a brushed cotton both extra thick and extra soft. With a neat, slim silhouette, these shirts come with chain stitched body seams and ivory palm nut buttons. Available in either a toned down navy or a more vibrant red. Shop Ues Denim Extra Heavy Flannels The Flat Head is well known for constantly raising the bar and pushing both craftsmen and materials to explore the limits of what can be achieved. This ethos is perfectly demonstrated by their latest range of wallets which are really quite something to behold.The three options are hand-sewn in Japan and all include a solid, sterling silver, engraved chain ring and leathers sourced from Japan's Shinki tannery.Firstly, a mid length, tan cowhide which has an internal zip coin pocket. Secondly, a sumptuous bi-fold using Shell Cordovan leather polished and shiny on the exterior whilst the interior presents a softer matte finish. These have a tab closure coin pouch and come in either a rich, deep brown or black.The piece de resistance, however is the quite frankly astounding; a tall wallet that eschews the standard straight lines for gentle, elegant curves which match up perfectly on each side. This is craftsmanship of the highest degree. Made from beautiful cut of Shinki Shell Cordovan. Shop The Flat Head Harness Mid-Wallet w/Coin Compartment Shop The Flat Head Small Shell Cordovan Wallet - Brown Shop The Flat Head Small Cordovan Wallet - Black Shop The Flat Head Shell Cordovan Tall Wallet - Brown Anyone got just the one pair of Chup Socks? No, us neither. Why would you when the range of colours and designs is so compelling. Inspired by traditional patterns and palettes from across the globe there is always something to appeal and delight. Shop Chup Socks
  8. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    3sixteen has released its new Selvedge Fatigue Overshirt in a Dark Frog Camo design.This is a 100% cotton fabric woven in Japan and the shirt features two chest pockets, selvedge cut on the placket and crosscut back yoke. This garment can be layered but is hefty enough to be worn as a jacket. Shop 3sixteen Selvedge Fatigue Overshirt - Dark Frog Camo Rogue Territory enters the new season with the return of the Traveler Shirt in two beautiful Japanese fabrics.Both the Navy Neppy Plaid and Grey Jacquard have lots of texture as their names suggest. They come with Club collar, Japanese urea catseye buttons and are slim fitting.We have also restocked the Slub Stealth 17 oz SK jeans with black warp and weft. A great option for anyone in search of super slim black jeans. Shop Rogue Territory Traveler Shirts & Slub Stealth 17 oz SK Jeans Indigofera's heavy twill Alamo shirt returns our favourite colourway to date - Ocean.Alamo is a regular fitting work shirt and sizes big. Shop Indigofera Alamo Shirt - Ocean Schott NYC’s ‘Perfecto’ brand's P571 Café Racer is a unique iteration of a stone cold classic. It comes in a smooth, waxed black cowhide with tonal hardware and detailing throughout. Unlined, this jacket gives a tactile, up close and personal feel when on. It is clear that age and wear are going to lend an amazing patina to this leather as it shapes and moulds with its owner. Shop Schott NYC Perfecto Brand P571 Café Racer Momotaro Jeans has come through with some great shirting in perfect tones for the autumn. Available in either olive or grey, the selvedge twill shirt is impeccably cut with a trim silhouette and a cutaway collar, making this a spot on solution to the ‘what is smart casual’ conundrum. The fabric is a super-soft 95% cotton and 5% wool mix which feels really comfortable against the skin.For a more worker oriented, vintage option there is the chambray 100% cotton stripe shirt. Keeping the same slim cut as their casual counterparts, this version features a more classic styling with point collars and a stitched Wabash stripe. There are two chest pockets, one a patch pocket with button fastening, the other open top with pen pocket sewn in. Shop Momotaro Selvedge Twill & Chambray Shirts
  9. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    With the exception of those just starting out on their first, we don’t know anyone who just has one Iron Heart Ultra Heavy Flannel - these shirts win from whichever angle you come at. The eco friendly, non-farmable Aspero cotton provides a superior loft and comfort, more similar to wool than cotton but without the scratchiness, washing and care hassles associated with wool. Double brushed on the inside for extra softness and insulation and single brushed on the face. Spot on fit, felled seams and black logo’ed snaps, these shirts can stand the test of time through style and durability.The latest iterations (IHSH-206) in either brown or green have come close to selling out before even hitting our website so don’t sleep on these. Shop Iron Heart Classic Ultra heavy Flannel - Green Shop Iron Heart Classic Ultra Heavy Flannel - Brown Also new in - the 21 oz. 777 jeans. Using Iron Heart's renowned signature fabric, a heavyweight 21 oz. denim. It is woven at a tension that allows comfort and breathability right from the go. The 777 is a super slim cut with a great, trim silhouette. It is more tapered below the knee than other Iron Heart styles thus opening up this amazing fabric to a whole new audience.It has a slightly lower rise compared with the 555-01 which we have also restocked this week. Shop IH-777-21 Super Slim Selvedge Jeans Shop IH-555-01 Super slim Selvedge Jeans To finish off we have also just taken delivery of Iron Heart's heavy duty, Tochigi leather belt. It comes with teardrop holes and a nickel plated solid brass buckle. For those who like their belt length ‘just so’, these are easily customisable, with a brass Chicago screw construction, which allows for easy customisation. Available in natural. Shop Iron Heart Heavy Duty "Tochigi" Leather Belt
  10. Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    My own collaboration jeans with Real Japan Blues : RFR-002 and a seriously Good Art Hlywd wallet & sterling chain
  11. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    The Hawley shirt from Indigofera is a real beauty. Soft but heavyweight in a rich, burnt umber brown, this piece looks great and feels special as soon as you put it on. Heavyweight snap fastenings and a satin lined collar, placket and cuffs all come together to make the complete package. Shop Indigofera Hawley Suede Shirt - Dark Brown This week sees the welcome return of the Fargo shirt from Indigofera, in their new 'Winlock' selvedge. Clocking in at a solid 13oz, the Fargo is designed to be either a stand alone piece or to function as an overshirt or jacket substitute, with a liitle extra room built in to the cut. The sanforized fabric is bursting with texture promising unique fading potential and it has some great finishing touches in the form of heavy duty logo snap fasteners along with riveted cuffs and gusset. Another updated version of an old favourite is the Norris flannel in khaki/charcoal colourway. Using a Japanese, shuttle loomed selvedge fabric creates a soft, comfortable, yet sturdy option. Shop Indigofera Fargo Shirt Winlock Selvedge Shop Indigofera Norris Flannel -Khaki/Charcoal Perfect for changeable climes, the aptly named All-Weather from Moonstar is now available in this effortlessly casual beige colourway. Each shoe is handmade and fired in a kiln at 120 °C (248 °F) for 70 minutes which causes the sulphur mixed inside the raw rubber to chemically react, returning the rubber to its natural elasticity and creating a soft, flexible, and durable sole. The shoe is then waterproof to the level of the rubber, whilst the canvas upper allows the foot to breathe. Sunshine, showers, rain or even snow - no problem for these.We have also replenished our stocks of the All-Weather in Khaki and the lower, gym classics in black and white. Shop Moonstar All-Weather Shoes - Beige
  12. The Flat Head

    Have you seen the D306 in the Pioneer denim released since you left TFH? The rise is great and there is extra thigh room too. Our RJB (whilst not strictly FH) collaboration was conceived to offer a higher rise compared with their core range. The left hand twill denim is so soft so can be worn super slim in comfort. Then we did the RFR-004 for a relaxed tapered fit but I think you'd favour the RFR-002
  13. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    Iron Heart comes through with a truly versatile piece, the IHSH-177. Utilising a heavy duty, 18 oz fabric this can be worn as either a shirt or a jacket according to circumstance. They have taken the much loved silhouette of their classic denim western and transformed it into a CPO with the addition of hand warmer pockets, heavy duty press stud fastening and a twill lining to the cuffs, collar stand and pocket linings. This really will cross the seasons with ease. Shop Iron Heart IHSH-177 18 oz CPO Denim Shirt The Flat Head releases its latest Shinki horsehide Rider's jacket. This custom made leather is a darker shade of black compared with its predecessor. The leather, still a substantial 1.3mm in thickness is slightly more supple than before. Being tea-core with a semi-aniline finish it will age magnificently. The asymmetrical design with D-pocket, cinch buckles, and sateen lining has otherwise not changed. This jacket is a flagship piece of the store and we are thrilled to have it back in stock.We have also restocked the high tapered D306 jean in the Pioneer denim. This fit launched last year has proven popular with its medium to high rise, extra thigh room and slim silhouette from knee to hem. Shop The Flat Head Horsehide Rider's Jacket Shop The Flat Head D306 Jeans We have a new denim from Pure Blue Japan. This is based on their signature fabric - dialled down to a lighter weight 12 oz, whilst retaining every bit of character, slub and texture of its heavier counterparts. The 1143 is available in the popular relaxed, tapered fit which allows a little more room in the thigh and rise, with a neat taper to the hem. Shop Pure Blue Japan 1143 12 oz Relaxed Tapered Jeans
  14. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    Normally restricted to the Japanese market we are offering for the second year running The Flat Head Souvenir jacket.The ‘Eagle’ truly is a standout piece that overflows with details to simply marvel at. Putting down layer upon layer of embroidery, they have created a beautiful design with real density.What makes this so special is that even with the tightly packed and super detailed weave, TFH has managed to perfect the balancing act of keeping the whole soft and supple as a souvenir jacket should be. 100% Rayon throughout (embroidery included), fully reversible including the zippers and thinsulate lined to provide warmth without bulk, souvenir jackets just do not come better than this. Available in VERY limited numbers. Shop The Flat Head Eagle Souvenir Jacket Evoking images of halcyon days, the ‘Golden 50s’ T shirt is a great example of a modern, vintage piece. This loopwheeled T shirt features a large design to the back and a smaller crest and logo to the front chest. Constructed with a super soft grey melange body and triple-stitched collar. For everyday wardrobe staples TFH brings us the Club Label twin-pack T shirts. One white, one grey, amazingly soft tubular knit and triple stitched collar, these packs are a quick and easy way to stock up on perfect essentials. Shop The Flat Head "Golden 50s" T Shirt Shop The Flat Head Club Label Twin-Pack T shirts We received a much awaited restock of our Real Japan Blues x The Flat Head collaboration jeans (with a waiting list as long as your arm) last week in both the RFR-002 (slim tapered) and RFR 004 (relaxed tapered) fits.These jeans really do take some beating. They use RJB’s renowned signature left hand twill / Zimbabwe cotton denim, the superlative construction knowhow of TFH and with our very own cut and details. They age and improve like no other and are super comfortable to wear. Available in Raw and One-Wash. RFR-002 RFR-004 RFR-002 11 months continuous wear Shop Real Japan Blues x The Flat Head x Rivet & Hide Jeans
  15. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    In conjunction with our Made To Order event with Viberg, we are releasing a range of exclusive boot builds that are available for pre-order until 12th July 2018.Each boot has a definite relevance both to our store as a whole and to our ongoing partnership with Viberg. They are also a real celebration of the finest leathers.We are offering boots in teacore black and subtle brown Japanese horsehide from Shinki which supplies the leather for our Flat Head jackets, a Boondocker with mini ripple sole, a service boot in Classic Snuff Calf - showcasing the best of British leather from CF Stead, two Chelsea boots - one side-zip in Mocha Oil Tan the other classic slip-on in Horween's Natural Chromexcel,plus a service boot taken to the next level in Shell Cordovan from Horween. These standout pieces exemplify the best available materials and construction.These seven styles will on this occasion be made especially for those who pre-order - each pair made from scratch, by hand, to order. Delivery is expected early October.If you were unable to attend our in-store event here is a unique opportunity to obtain a make-up that is out of the ordinary. We have done the hard work for you. -Service boot-Shell Cordovan by Horween-Black-2030 Last-Stitchdown construction-Ridgeway sole-Natural leather midsole-Single leather ply heel-Kip lining-Blind eyeletsLimited to 12 pairs only Shop Viberg Service Boot - Black Shell Cordovan - Pre-Order -Service boot-Brown Japanese horsehide from Shinki-1035 Last-Stitchdown construction-Vintage brass eyelets-Dainite sole-Natural midsole-Kip lining Shop Viberg Boots - Brown Shinki Horsehide - Pre-Order ervi -Service Boot-Black teacore Japanese horsehide by Shinki -1035 Last-Stitchdown construction-Gunmetal eyelets-Dainite sole-Natural midsole-Kip lining Shop Viberg Service Boot  - Black Shinki Horsehide - Pre-Order -Boondocker-Natural Horween CXL rough out leather-1035 Last-Sand colour mini ripple Vibram sole-Stitchdown construction-Natural midsole-Brown eyelets Shop Viberg Boondocker Mini Ripple Sole -Service boot-CF Stead Classic Snuff Calf Leather-310 Last-Stitchdown construction-Vintage brass eyelets-Dainite sole-Natural midsole-Kip lining Shop Viberg Service Boot - Classic Snuff Calf - Pre-Order -Chelsea Boot-Natural Chromexcel leather by Horween-2050 Last-Single leather sole-Channelled leather insole-Kip lining-Pull tab-Flat Welt construction Shop Viberg Chelsea Boots - Natural Chromexcel - Pre-Order -Side Zip boot-Mocha Oil Tan leather (USA)-2050 Last-Dainite sole-Natural leather midsole-Channelled leather insole-Italian nickel zipper-Kip lining-Pull tab-Flat Welt construction Shop Viberg Side Zip Boot - Mocha Oil Tan - Pre-Order