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  1. Nice! I'm trying to get a pair of the M-37 because Cinch backs make me feel a certain special kind of way
  2. They fit a phone quite nicely. They aren't actually curved either. The stitching is just curved.
  3. Tatton Baird Mastersons Leroy Role Club
  4. Mastersons, RJB, Freewheelers, and Momotaro are the ones I wear the most right now.
  5. Agreed. They're a little wide, but I don't personally think that it looks bad. I think the flasher is making it look far worse.
  6. Very nice! I do have to wait because I wanted the 10oz Levi's Cone denim and the waxed canvas jacket Those look gorgeous and are making me very envious
  7. I think some of the other lasts fit much larger than the CN last, but then again I don't think they look as nice as the CN :/
  8. I'm at about 9 months right now as well. It's frustrating because he originally said it would be about 4 months. Not cool.
  9. Some shots of my first pair of Clinch boots after being used for a lot of actual work. The latigo leather is super heavy duty. I know this is probably not true, but it feels tougher than even the cordovan that I've handled. There is a reason I now have two more pairs of Clinch. These are incredible boots.
  10. Some recent pics: Nine Lives, CSF, Role Club RJB, CSF, Clinch MFSC, MFSC, Role Club Tatton Baird, IH, CSF, Clinch Denimbruin x Velvasheen, RJB, The Flat Head
  11. Thanks, man! Yeah I'm with you. I wish they still had these...
  12. These aren't that faded, but they are the most faded jeans I have ever owned They are my 103bsp RJB jeans. I've owned them for about 21 months, but they only have about 5 months of wear on them right now. Also, here's a link to a review of them I did because I am a shameless self-promoter. https://almostvintagestyle.wordpress.com/
  13. that's some nice jacket evo right there.
  14. @beautiful_FrEaK those are SEXY!!!
  15. Didn't it top 100 over there a couple times?