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  1. I'm not a fan of Red Wing at all, personally. The pairs I've seen in person were not too impressive quality-wise. Plus, they're everywhere. I'm going to sound like a douche-tacular, snobbish prick when I say this, but I don't care because it's really how I feel: To me, Red Wing is just 'baby's first pair of boots.' I've seen too many dudes in Gustin jeans and Red Wing boots bragging about how amazing they are because they don't know any better. They're good enough to get the job done, but if you're paying full price, you may as well by Wescos or Whites. I generally associate people who espouse the greatness of Red Wings with the people who praise Gustin and N&F. They just haven't been enlightened yet. It actually pains me when I see a really good pair of jeans worn with them. It's not just the mediocre quality and played out nature of them, it's also the fact that they're just all plain ugly.
  2. I have to agree that Instagram has probably been a good thing for our denim world at this point. It allows connection to a lot of people, brands, and Craftsmen that would otherwise be difficult to discover or talk to. Conner's Sewing Factory for example pretty much only responds to ig dms and not to actual emails. I did my wh ranch order through Instagram and have found a lot of information and people worth following and talking to there. Forums still have there place if you find the right one for you. IH, this and especially denimbro have been quite informative and helped me meet some actual cool forum people in real life as a result which is wonderful. I think the market has roughly hit its peak here in the US, but as with other vintage revival trends such as pomade (another community that I am active in), it doesn't appear to be shrinking in terms of numbers of people interested in it. The mythos is what has shrunken. Even a couple of years ago (and I am sure that those of you who got into the scene before the 2010s experienced this even more, discovering raw denim was a bit of a mystery and the more you learned, the more you realized was out there. There was the difference between raw and sanforized, vintage repros and modern style denim, the heavyweight nuts, etc. Then there was the difference in styles between people who were more streetwear-oriented, people who post here, the more vintage-vibe stuff on denimbro, etc. Now, with Reddit and Instagram, all of that information is right there and much of the mystery of discovery is gone. This is good in some ways, but it may take some of the fun out of it. I can say the same thing for pomade. The end result is that there will always be the die hard fans that will stick around long after the trend is over and because of the internet, there will be enough of those people that the trend will never completely die and those who truly enjoy it will always be able to. There will also be more casual people who get into it for a short period, but the internet allows more people to discover these worlds and as a result, there will inevitably be more people who really get into it and stick around for the long run.
  3. Thanks! I think I can find Elijah Craig 18 near me. I'll be looking up the others as well. I know they have some of that near me. I'll have to pick it up. My current go to is Angel's Envy for bourbon and Lagavulin 16 for scotch
  4. Lol I still stand by my point on the 666. It depends on the exact one, however. Some of them have almost no taper at all which looks very strange if not cuffed.
  5. I love bourbon. Which is your favorite? I need new suggestions.
  6. Yeah a lot of Iron Heart jeans do have that issue. I have no idea why people like the 666 fit so much
  7. The food shots tend to be kept to the appropriate threads so I don't mind them. If they were all over waywt I'd be annoyed, but they aren't so I'm with the camp that likes seeing the insight into people's lives in places like world tour and contest threads.
  8. Thanks! I think it is a tie between my Roys and my Ooes for best fit personally and now after measuring them, realize they measure nearly EXACTLY the same, minus the fact that I don't have them cuffed as short. They are at 26.5" length vs. the 25.5" length of the Roys, which sort of explains what you pointed out a little while ago on denimbro . The only difference is that the Ooes are just slightly slimmer in the knee The Roys were a second hand pickup that turned out to be PERFECT! Measurements (inches): waist: 33 front rise: 12 rear rise: 16 thigh: 12.5 knee (11inches down): 9 hem: 8.35 length with them cuffed how I wear them: 25.5 Yeah the thigh and seat are always the big issue areas for me. The Ues are close, but I think the thigh may be a bit large and the rise is a bit short for my current tastes. The TCBs are almost certainly too large for me. I would have to try something like that on before going in on them. I have never worn something over a 9in hem. I'll be in Japan this summer though so maybe I can check them out!
  9. The jacket is a custom fit (the Himel). Both jackets shown have a 43in chest. My pants are usually size 33 or 34. Sometimes 32 when they are really vanity sized. This was the high desert in February so it was 50 out and windy. This was at desert and denim.
  10. Thanks for the kind words guys. I really do appreciate them! You guys are both right. I try not to go too retro in order to not get into costume territory. That's why I like to mix in some RJB/Flat Head in with the Freewheelers pieces for example. Volvo is indeed dead on about my body type. I'm built quite stout at only 5'7.5 (you gotta add that .5 when you're this short:P) and this puts me in a weird spot for pants. Too skinny makes me look out of proportion while too loose makes me look even wider and quite sloppy as well. I have partially cured this by always cuffing and making sure that my pants never have any break at all. This definitely helps keep me looking neat. I would say that most of my pants fit in to the slim or straight leg category. I have 3 pairs of MFSC pants and none of those could fit into anything below a slim straight category. I think my butt and thighs are the culprit that make it look I am wearing slimmer pants than I am. Those Garrison pants are a perfect example. Johnb from DB looks like he is wearing a straight fit in his Garrisons, but I look like I am wearing a much slimmer pants because... Well let's just say I fill then out more than he does haha. Anyway, I'll move on after now revealing they I am in fact a try-hard. Volvo, my jacket costing as much as your car makes me feel even worse because you don't have a car, you technically own a tank
  11. Freenote Cloth Wool Mackinaw Roy All Ducks Clinch Himel Grizzly RMC Henley O.A. x S&S Clinch Himel Studio D'Artisan suvin gold loopwheeled sweater Mister Freedom Garrison Pants Clinch Harry Potterland because Harry Potter is life
  12. With my bro Milhouse Real McCoy's Red Silk A2 Stevenson Overall Co. Indigo-dyed Zimbabwe cotton chinos Clinch Latigo engineers
  13. Globe Specs Freewheelers Morgan Sack Coat Stevenson Overall Co. Indigo Loopwheeled t shirt Roy All Ducks Clinch Latigo Engineers
  14. This is what has happened to mine. After a while, it looks beautiful, but it is definitely an accelerated process.
  15. This has been my experience with my natty cxl Lofgrens. I imagine the leather is pretty much the same on your Whites. They are still more than durable enough for any situation that I would put them in.