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  1. Those Lofgrens of yours may be the best shoes on this forum.
  2. lol true. I have too many chinos and trousers to even get decent fades
  3. Kapital makes a ton of stuff. I bet their Japanese shops are pretty great and have a lot of exclusives like RJB/Flat Head stores.
  4. There are a lot of more female-friendly shops in that area as well so that might work out for him...
  5. I'll have to watch out for this on mine. I haven't seen anything like this yet...
  6. Haha, no worries! It's not really de-railing IMO. I haven't been, but I kinda wish I did now just for the experience. Maybe next time. Yeah, I forgot to mention Tezomeya. I wish I had had time to go there.
  7. Nice! Japan is awesome! If you're in Nagano, you have to head to the Flat Head store there for sure. Conner's Sewing Factory is close to Kyoto if you spend any time there. I didn't get down to Kojima, but I know that Momotaro and Kapital have a big presence there. Also, I believe that Warehouse and Studio D'artisan have some good stores in Osaka if you are there.
  8. Thanks! I wish it wasn't so hot so I could actually wear the tux. My Clinch boots are the best that I own and I really love boots!
  9. Wow that fabric looks stunning!
  10. Thanks! I love my Clinch boots. I don't think anyone makes better engineers. @mondo thanks, glad you liked it! I appreciate the kind words
  11. RJB shirt Flat head T Hollows belt RJB denim Clinch HH boots
  12. I gave them measurements and discussed sizing with them beforehand. Luckily, I already had a pair of Clinch boots to reference. With Role Club, I was measured personally because I live relatively close to Brian's shop. @mikkadehachikai - Yeah he asked for those pics so he could post on his blog! I was very honored to be on the same page as Iron Heart, Good Art, and Nine Lives!
  13. Thanks! That's interesting. I did not know that when I was there. Yes, the Stockburg people are all super nice! Honestly, I just met Kobayashi-San at Self Edge last year and talked with him and Istvan for a little over an hour while wearing nothing but Flat Head and RJB gear (I have a lot of it). He invited me to come to see Chikuma if I ever came to Japan and I took him up on the offer as soon as this trip was finalized. I can't believe the treatment I received either! Googie's was the best part. That food is unbelievable.
  14. Thanks! I'm loving the shirt. The rayon is so perfect for summer. @BAerts I wouldn't be surprised. There may have been one in his personal garage. It wasn't open. @mpukas It was definitely fun and yeah he's a total baller.
  15. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you got something out of it. Feel free to pm anytime