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  1. Depends on how far east you are. My high is only 75 today.
  2. Tatton Baird Hat Globe Specs glasses Real McCoys Red Silk A2 Freewheelers shirt and Pants Hollows Belt Role Club Boots
  3. Fake German villages are the best fake villages! I can't believe I'm saying this, Volvo, but those suspenders look great.
  4. Freewheelers jacket Warehouse loopwheel t RJB denim Flat Head sneakers
  5. RJB RJB Role Club
  6. I still need to go there. My fiance and I go there for the Coffee Tale
  7. More fake German village today Globe Specs Himel Masterson Hollows Stevenson Overall Role Club
  8. Awesome shots @MasonAlexander Globe Specs Iron Heart RJB Role Club
  9. This. I want to like his shirts, but something about them... especially the sizing just doesn't work for me. They definitely seem to be well made, however. I absolutely think they would be worth what you pay for them. For me, however, Freewheelers, Masterson, and Flat Head/RJB have more interesting fabrics. Both pairs of his pants/jeans that I own are amazing cuts on the other hand.
  10. Nice! you went for nearly the same type of specs that I did. I generally hear that he gets the measurements right, so I would feel confident if I were you.
  11. That's a shame. They look incredible!
  12. Actually, you can get a lot of the standard FW shirts for under $200.
  13. Congrats! It's a long wait, but worth it for sure. There are already several differences that I've noticed already. The biggest benefit of Role Club for me so far is having my feet measured by Brian. These fit better than any boots or shoes I've ever owned (it will be interesting to see how the White Klouds fit). I will be doing a video review/comparison eventually. What boots/specs did you go for?
  14. Picked up my Role Clubs from Brian this weekend. Getting my feet measured gave me the best fitting pair of boots/shoes ever right out of the box. The wait was definitely worth it! It's going to be fun comparing these to Clinch Globe Specs Himel Nine Lives Mister Freedom Role Club HH boots
  15. I agree on that, which is why all of my pants are double cuffed. @volvo240thebest thanks! I really need to wear it more. Love that TCB duck jacket.