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  1. Globe Specs Nine Lives RJB 103bsp John Lofgren x Self Edge
  2. I'm with you on this. I know The Flat Head has motorcycle influences, but they always felt more 50s to me. Ive seen pictures of Kobayashi-San's cafe and cars and it all screens 50s to me. Hell, he even has made bowling shirts. He may as well have his own sitcom.
  3. From what I understand, their standard patterns/regular items are made in the US (items from the Sportsman collection) and most of the limited items and items from the other collections are made by Toyo. I'm not sure why this is and I don't think this explanation is entirely accurate, but it does give a general idea of what they do. In this light, I do not think that using Toyo is a cost-cutting move.
  4. Yeah definitely not moral. I don't know enough about the situation to be morally opposed to it, especially considering that we do not know that conditions of most of the MiUSA and MiJ products that we own. If they are indeed making such a financially influenced decision, I worry what the compromise could be and it means that money is further forward in their mind than making the absolute greatest product is. Yes, this is incredibly idealistic, but let's be honest- there are actually many brands that really do put making the best product before anything else. Most of these have quite a cost premium, but I think that it usually tends to be worth it. I could mention the specific brands, but that would bring a whole new argument.
  5. Actually, RRL doesn't get much love there lately and you'd be surprised at the current diversity there. That place has become far friendlier than this place, but let's not get into that. At this point, I'm not sure if I should make an Elsa joke or a 99 Red Balloon's joke.
  6. YES! FINALLY!!!! Just picked up the natural Lofgren x SE sneakers. So glad I did.
  7. Agreed. Like I said, I cannot say that Portugal's quality is technically worse than other countries. My Clark's are made in Vietnam. I bought them several years ago before I really got into all this... denim stuff. The quality has actually been very impressive, but on principle I would not buy them again.
  8. Sometimes a brand cuts little or no corners at all (these are usually very small brands or one man shops) and you just pony up the dough or have a long wait time. I'll pony up.
  9. The quality probably is fine, possibly better than MiUSA. Keep in mind I don't like most MiUSA brands either.
  10. As you can see, I'm not the only one who has a problem with it. Like I said, I'm not trying to convince you so I'm not trying to make a massive, comprehensive argument. People are missing the point. The main point is that I don't like that the main motivation is to save money. That's it.
  11. You're still missing the point completely. I'm not trying to convince you, btw. I don't like the reason they are doing it. Though I could be wrong. I would be happy to be convinced otherwise.
  12. I have boots from Spain as well (Carmina) and they are indeed excellent. Seem people are not understanding my reasons for not supporting Indigofera. Did anyone notice that I didn't say anything about the actual quality of the product? Although, I am of the belief that certain brands and countries (Japan specifically) do in general produce a better product. At least @garden gnomes in space gets it.
  13. ^definitely better than my fake German village.
  14. I found reading that really strange as Soul tends to be pretty cool on denimbro. I don't track anything about my jeans largely because I wear pants, chinos, etc from Stevenson, Freewheelers, MFSC as much as I wear jeans, but I can definitely understand why someone would do it. My sign of being completely crazy is that I know own or have on order Roy, Ooe, WH Ranch, and Conner's partly just so I can compare all of them as the major one man brands (yes I know Ooe is technically 2, but I put them in the same category.)
  15. I think those Denimes look good as well. I agree that the Red Wing plus socks look is garbage. I've mentioned this before in another thread. I think engineers benefit from the jeans being above the buckles, however.