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  1. In Tuscany the area around Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci is great, bot towns are great little gems. They're located a short drive down from the Livorno/Pisa area and totally worth a stay. You should get a rental car and just go on a road trip down to Sicily!
  2. Thanks! Pretty cool to see so many of the old gang still around Mechanical keyboards are a rabbit hole like many other enthusiast hobbies... it's not just about loud and clacky. People are enjoying different things, personally I like a tactile feel without an actual click best, and I'm even starting to lean towards silent switches. But sometimes a vintage looking and sounding loud beast of a keyboard is great fun. It's a bit like enjoying different denim weights Then there's different form factors, keyboards with screens or knobs or both, and thousands of keycap sets in every style and color imaginable. One of the reasons of my dive into this world was when I saw this set with Japanese sublegends, I liked the look and that was that... Oh by the way, just today I got delivered a denim usb c cable! No chainstitch though
  3. I've been on that loudest fucking keyboard you can manage journey too. My home-office-adjacent wife is not amused But only a little while until she wants her own custom keyboard! (Just like she will want her own pair of Japanese denim any day now!) There's actually a keycap set "inspired by Japanese Denim" by GMK called "indigo" but it missed the major opportunity of showing some fading instead of just all blue keycaps, so even with the selvedge line on the enter key I'm not interested ^^
  4. Oh don't you worry, I actually still have sufu open in one of those tabs that I never close! Boy was I confused/happy about that notification icon! In short I'm still in denim, right now on wear day #423 in a pair of Sugar Cane Hawaii, I just went on to other obsessions At first it was photography and I spent ages and €€€ to build up a collection of vintage lenses to use on Sony full frame bodies, and after that I went down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole. Trying out switches and keycaps like I used to try on jeans and shirts! Happy to see the board is still around and active
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