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  1. Mister Freedom / Warehouse / Nike
  2. Yeah, I regret not having had the time to hit you up! Only thing we had time for in Austin was watching the bats and getting In'n'Out - I blame the outlets in San Marcos for costing us pretty much a whole day
  3. Also regarding shipping, EMS probably, right? But he undervalues?
  4. I'm a 30 in my SDAs. I guess I just want to make sure that they don't stretch so much that the chinch can't handle it - since I plan to wear them mostly as my at-home jeans, where wearing a belt would add a bit of discomfort. I'll go with size 30 and just wash if/whenever they stretch too much Thanks!
  5. Hooray for peer pressure! Ok, change me to with suspender buttons... I'll just snip them if they bother me. You're 100% that sizing down isn't an option? That a 29 won't stretch an inch in the waist?
  6. Shameless interest check before eBay I can't make the mechanic sweat work, S is just too small for me. Please PM if interested. It's practically new, just been tried on a few times.
  7. Personally I know 100% that I won't get braces, and I can't imagine the buttons playing nice with a belt, meaning, they'll leave marks / dig through the leather over time - won't they?
  8. Bronson / Warehouse / 70s These Andy Warhol Chucks are much more colorful than what I usually wear ^^
  9. Yeah, plus no whimsy is probably the best solution for everyone.
  10. Quirky doesn't really bother me as long as it doesn't get too whimsical. If prefer Maynard's idea to the original scetch to be honest, the other is pretty boring IMO and Maynard's idea is pretty awesome. It gets across both TCB and the repro aspect.
  11. From Tuesday. J Crew madras / TFH / 70s
  12. There's a store 1h away that stocks White's and can also order custom boots. I'll just have to ask them if and what sizes they have available for trying on. Would be the easiest way to do this.
  13. Well, I measured the tracing and compared it to a few shoe width charts and it came out to an E - I think it's some kind of misunderstanding. I only emailed the tracings in form of a scanned JPEG, maybe it printed out wrong. I won't make any rash orders on this information, as per Kyle's request I'll have my wife do two new tracings, one standing up and one sitting, and snail-mail them to Baker's. Or maybe I'll even make the long and arduous journey of 1 hour on the Autobahn to try on some actual pairs at Statement Munich, who knows! And getting a true Brannock measurement is a great idea! In other news I just pulled the trigger on the Mister Freedom Trooper Boots. Trying to not get my hopes up, but every sizing advice on those said "half size down" so the 9,5 that was still in stock might just work for me. A buddy from Texas is proxying them for me so it'll take a while until I have them though.
  14. I'm thinking about getting a pair of White's semi dress and have emailed Kyle at Baker's with my sizing questions... but I'm not sure if he understood me correctly. In a nutshell my problem with most boots is that we only get sold D width here in Germany, so I'm sizing up to get more width - just yesterday I had to return a pair of Chippewa service boots in size 10 D because they hurt my feet. Length-wise I'm only a size 9, but I clearly need an E or EE since even a full size up in D might not be wide enough. So I sent the tracings and measurements and Kyle recommended a 9 C (!!). Is the semi dress last really that wide?
  15. Nice write up. I like your conclusion, too - personally, I cannot see myself ever paying a premium for Japanese socks, since I get sweaty feet easily in anything but merino wool blended socks. So the one thing I can't stand is 100% cotton socks, no matter how well they're made The patterns and colors are nice, but if you want actually functional but well-made socks there's smaller Western brands like the German Falke that are affordable and made a lot better than whatever cheap 10-pack you can get at Walmart and the likes. All IMO of course.