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  1. Cucoo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

  2. Cucoo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Yeah, we should have agreed on light conditions for pictures, "only photos taken at ~ 5000 lux are permissable" I think light processing is fine, since it's necessary to get similar colors between pictures. It's not really possible to make sure no one over-processes his pics unless you only allow RAW files being handed in with the judges developing the RAWs
  3. Cucoo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    So no judges?
  4. Cucoo

    Tcb 20s Contest final photos submission thread

    Here's mine fresh after washing. Color isn't consistent, #1 is truest I guess. I've noticed that the back pocket stitching is actually starting to break which is a first for me I've worn these a lot and exclusively for many months. 304 wear days, 18 washes (30° mostly), no drier. While I wish mine were a few cm longer, I liked the cut and fit from the beginning. They held up nicely, right pocket is starting to fray at the top but other than that no repears needed - just what a desk jockey lifestyle gets you, I guess. I've really enjoyed this contest, although my participation on Sufu has been zero for some time now...
  5. Cucoo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Damn, it's over. Been enjoying my 20s very much although I still would've loved a bit more length - I've never really gotten used to the single cuff. It's always strange to wear heavier denim after these. Been wearing them most of the time besides a few 1-2 month stints in various LVCs. 304 wear days by now and 19 washes I think? I'll take some pictures for the pic thread soon, and I'll try to post some in here as "what the jeans have been up to"
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