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  1. Looks like the pants of someone who got an anvil on their head, Looney Tunes style
  2. I had this place on my list and while I was setting up a list of waypoints to do sat nav by I noticed that they closed up show in January A real bummer because it looked like an awesome small shop that wasn't all the same "Boot Barn" style stuff you can get everywhere. Another thing, I'm still trying to locate a White's boots dealer somewhere in TX, NM or AZ. I'm using the dealer locator on but all shops listed there either seem to not exist anymore or don't even mention White's in their brand list online. Is it actually that hard to get a selection to browse in retail?
  3. MF / MF / TFH / Sendra
  4. What pair of jeans gets trashed by being washed thirteen times Agreed, that doesn't look horrible.
  5. If I was in the market for a jacket I might be tempted - on the other hand I'd want to see how the denim turns out with a bit of aging first, a jacket is more of a long-term investment than a pair of jeans.
  6. I think as long as you don't size down you won't have problems with this fit, the top block and thighs are slim but not tight. I enjoy my pair a lot, it's true that they instantly feel like you've already worn them for a few weeks, but they're still rigid enough to get proper creases going.
  7. There's a dude I see in my office building every day who did exactly that (just taking scissors to all his jeans and cutting them off at above ankle height) and all I can think is "what will his mother say when she sees him ruining perfectly good jeans" He doesn't even wear nice sneakers or socks. Washed out black socks and dirty Vans. Nothing you would like to show off really.
  8. As a light summer jacket I like the off white (or ecru) Lee 100J "Westerner", same cut and details as the 101J denim jacket but made of a light sateen fabric. Lee made one with/for J. Crew a few years ago, got mine on Ebay.
  9. Maybe if you substitute "greaser" for "motorcyclist" in this case? It seems to make more sense then
  10. I've been wondering the same thing. Portugal is EU and right next to Spain, shouldn't it be at least a step up from, like, LVC made in Turkey or something? I have done zero research but I don't see why Portugal should be seen as a red flag, especially since own several made in Spain boots that are top quality.
  11. The "b&m needs to educate consumers on our unique and honorable company tradition" argument is really pretentious. To me, b&m needs to be able to tell me what size I need to get and if and how fit will change once you wash a piece. Sure, they also should be denim nerds you can geek out about something with, but I think in "our" field that goes without saying. Shopping at R&H is great not because they told me stuff you can read online, but because I could talk about what fit I want from a jacket and what size to get to achieve that. Even when buying from the webshop they'll shoot you a short email to confirm size. Same for SE, Kiya is always spot on in sizing advice even only over email. (Not trying to counter your argument in any way) Personally, I'm a westerner but I don't really have a problem with Japanese sizing at all... sure, my Samurai shirts may be sizes L and XL and fit like an M, and SDA t-shirts may say M and fit like a S. Just saying that there is a market for Japanese sizes in the Western world, but of course, experiences differ It's just one (the only?) area where being not really tall works out as an advantage
  12. TCB

    Sure, sleeves aren't a dealbreaker, I had to do the same with my Lee 101 jacket. But since I got jackets with sleeves with just the right length I appreciate that, too.
  13. To each their own
  14. TCB

    To a observer like me it sure does seem that way, this thread seems to show the most sizing issues of all brand threads...
  15. I wear slim jeans with boots all the time, too - I meant thoroughly painted-on skinny jeans