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  1. I have the cowboy jacket and it's of great build quality. The fabric is a deadstock denim, but I doubt Christophe would choose anything that's not up to the highest standards.
  2. I'm really curious, what kind of job says "jeans are fine but only if slim"?
  3. File this under "aren't we glad jeans that tight aren't a thing any more"? ^^ Just stumbled over this shot of Deep Purple. judging by how fucking young Ian Gillan looks this must've been 1969 / early 1970... even "old man" Jon Lord rocking the ball busters. Oh and props to Ian Paice for that sawtooth shirt.
  4. Yeah if it's called westerner it's probably Sateen, not denim.
  5. In case you're still wondering: the 100J was/is pretty much just a 101J but in Lee's "Westerner Sateen" fabric, a wheat/off-white colored, light non-denim version of the jacket. I have a modern Lee x J.Crew version of it: It's a nice, light summer jacket, fitting a bit more relaxed than the 101J in the same size. (I just googled a bit to get info on the jacket I have and apparently Sidney Poitier can be seen head to toe in Lee westerner (jacket and pants) in "Lilies of the Field (1963)")
  6. The building where my work place is located has a few vacancies that are being renovated right now, walls being tore down, floors remade etc. - there's one contractor I met on a few smoke breaks who complimented me on my Sendra boots one time, we talked a bit about cowboy boots and how you have to spend a few hundred € to get decent quality. I've seen that guy come to work in the morning wearing some chinos and Timberland boots, but once he starts doing real work he changes into what every construction worker seems to wear around here, those grey functional overall kind of pants you get at hardware stores and some awful looking (but probably steel toed) nondescript work shoes. This kind of pants: Now I have no idea if that stuff is that much harder wearing than a pair of Iron Hearts or whatever, but that stuff is at least seriously cheap. Like 10% of what a Japan or US made pair of premium jeans would run you. So I get why you wouldn't do "real", hard manual labor in jeans that cost you ten times as much. I mean, I made it a point to wear a "good" pair of jeans when I spent days cutting down an unruly hedge in my garden last year (for the fadezzz), because it's raw raw work wear grunt grunt and all, but with every twig that poked me in the leg I kept checking for damage to my precious Japanese denim... I know that's not very wabi sabi of me but I'm probably just not rich enough for feeling that way, I guess.
  7. Well it was a slow day at work, so I had time to think I hope so too, but I'm also sure that I can recuperate some of the cost if they shouldn't work out for me. (Also I was on a bit of a spending spree throughout March anyways, so why stop now)
  8. Oh well. I just pulled the trigger
  9. Yeah I'll think about if I just want to risk it and trust that after hemming I still could pull them over my taller boots (I hate owning jeans that I can't wear with all my boots). I've recently received a gift card for Denimio that is burning a hole in pocket so I'm more or less just looking for things to buy that I don't actually need
  10. Denimio gave me the following actual measurements for the D1728: Those aren't far off from the size chart on Denimio. The hem is smaller than the hem on my Samurai X Denimio 710, which I find super weird, since all pics of those jeans don't seem to show that much taper. The top block on the other hand seems so roomy that I could probably get a 29 and have it fit like my F380 in 30 after a bit of stretch.
  11. TCB

    Correct, 38.
  12. That's the Kapital Century Denim jacket (no. 5)
  13. I've only worn it for the second time today but I'm really, really satisfied with it. Can't wait to see how it'll look in a few years.
  14. I think the 2268 and its variants are worth the price they're asking. All other boots I'd only get at a discount, though. I like my brogue rangers but they're not worth 250+€.
  15. Thanks! Well I like swapping in Chucks or other sneakers to avoid the 100% work wear look - to dress it down, so to speak. I wear boots every other day, I'd guess.