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  1. I'd guess that's not because no one at Levi's cares, but because they still make jeans in an industrial way. If some detail is too expensive or too much of a bother to reproduce they might just leave it be instead of hiring a bunch of Japanese artisans
  2. Strangers in the night Why is no one talking about the 340 Calistoga when SOC is mentioned? They were high on my want list for some time, I thought they'd be a great slim straight pair.
  3. I've only noticed subconsciously that newer LVC patches seemed to look different, maybe tidier for lack of a better word, hadn't really noticed those notches before because I didn't directly compare. Interesting.
  4. I hadn't been looking at Taobao in a while and found Bob Dong have a new chino out that caught my eye, I've been looking for a straight leg chino for a while now but nothing really appealed to me - 45€ isn't a big risk so I pulled the trigger. Also got a heavy wool beach style vest and three pocket t-shirts - I like the contrast stitching they do and at 10€ a pop not much to think about either ^^ As always construction and materials are great. The chinos aren't selvedge but other than that exactly what I was looking for. The legs are pretty full and the rise is on the higher side. I just threw them in the washing machine to see if they'll tighten up a bit around the thighs. Small picture dump:
  5. Yeah, ranch blouse in Okinawa is really tempting. I really, really, really don't need another jacket though.
  6. I guess the saddle pants would be a more unique pair - personally I love the front pocket design.
  7. Stupid pose but to continue the MF theme: all Mister Freedom besides jeans (Warehouse) My daughter helped waxing the jacket with great enthusiasm (In the pic above only the orange fabric is waxed - finally found the time to do the rest of the jacket)
  8. Well my long sleeve pics have been taken early in the morning, it's been warm but with nightly thunderstorms so cool in the morning - I rolled up the sleeves as it got warmer during the day
  9. More of the same MF / WH / Vans
  10. Mister Freedom / Warehouse / 70s
  11. They were reduced to begin with and with an additional store wide 20% on top it was like 30-45 $ per pair
  12. There was no reason to worry at all actually, the package has just been delivered, it seems the tracking just didn't update any longer once it crossed to border
  13. Thanks! I guess I'll contact the carrier if it doesn't move for another day or two.
  14. Question to Chinese speakers: I've ordered a few things on Taobao and had them shipped to a Hong Kong address. I've already paid for all shipping, the package has left China proper and cleared HK customs. I don't think that I missed anything in the tracking info, my question is about the last line that says "waiting to arrange delivery", is this translation correct? I can't find any buttons or links to "arrange" anything myself... 2017-Jul-31Mon.12:27:59【中国】包裹正在等待揽收 21:12:33【中国】[广州市]韵达快递 广东广州白云区瑶台公司收件员 已揽件 21:25:59【中国】[广州市]广东广州白云区瑶台公司 已发出 2017-Aug-01Tues.00:11:25【中国】[广州市]快件已到达 广东广州转运中心 00:13:04【中国】[广州市]广东广州转运中心 已发出 02:42:17【中国】[东莞市]快件已到达 广东东莞转运中心 02:56:38【中国】[东莞市]广东东莞转运中心 已发出 08:20:03【中国】[东莞市]广东东莞沙田公司派件员:新四方仓 15992908581正在为您派件 08:19:56【集运】您的包裹已被递四方集运仓签收 09:25:53【集运】淘宝订单号41071951362182071已入库,请及时登录淘宝账户支付国际转运费 16:44:38【海外】包裹已出库,发往起运国海关清关,最新轨迹查询: 2017-Aug-02Wed.11:54:28【海外】干线交接成功 14:06:23【海外】包裹已在香港清关完成,等待安排派送 And here's what Google makes of it: 2017-Jul-31Mon.12: 27: 59 [China] package is waiting for Lan received 21:12:33 [China] [Guangzhou City] Yun Da Express Guangdong Baiyun District, Guangdong Yao Tai company recipient has embraced 21:25:59 [China] [Guangzhou] Guangdong Baiyun District, Guangdong Yao Tai company has been issued 2017-Aug-01Tues.00: 11: 25 【China】 [Guangzhou] Express has arrived in Guangzhou, Guangdong transit center 00:13:04 【China】 [Guangzhou City] Guangdong Guangzhou transit center has been issued 02:42:17 [China] [Dongguan City] Express has arrived in Dongguan, Guangdong transit center 02:56:38 [China] [Dongguan City] Dongguan, Guangdong transit center has been issued 08:20:03 [China] [Dongguan City] Dongguan, Guangdong Shatin Company sent members: New Quartet warehouse 15992908581 is for you to send 08:19:56 【Cargo】 Your package has been handed to the Quartet set warehouse receipt 09:25:53 【Cargo】 Taobao order number 41071951362182071 has been warehousing, please log in Taobao account to pay international transit fee 16:44:38 [Overseas] package has been out of the library, sent to the country of customs clearance, the latest track query: http: // 2017-Aug-02Wed.11: 54: 28 [Overseas] trunk transfer success 14:06:23 【Overseas】 package has been completed in Hong Kong clearance, waiting to arrange delivery
  15. Day before yesterday, it's too warm for jacket and boots again today MF / TFH / WH / MF