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  1. d-rew12

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    I got close to buying a pair of deluxewear/deluxe on yahoo auctions but narrowly lost. Completely forgot about them but I remember one of the cuts was really nice.
  2. d-rew12


    Just need to shorten your legs.
  3. d-rew12

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I'm really itching for a pair of resolutes but I remember being too fat for them . Going to re-look into them though. Hopefully I can make it work. Hey @edmond Do you have any 36 in stock? Or measurements of those 38? What's the length? I saw on BiG a 38x32 would fit perfectly. Really temped now.
  4. d-rew12


    I'm with you. I'm also 5'10" with a 28-29" inseam. I welcome these shorter lengths! My Boncoura's are the only pair I haven't hemmed (but still need like an inch off). Those short lengths are super enticing!
  5. d-rew12


    Got my 1001's back last weekend. Selfedge did a great job, here's a shitty fit pic but nice to have them back.
  6. d-rew12


    Looking at the measurements for their new flannels (lot 3104) on their site and damn, the measurements are almost perfect for what I want (sleeve could be a tiny bit shorter bit no worries). Just some of the colors are eh. Definitely going to look into them.
  7. d-rew12

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    Do you have measurements of your broken in pair? They don't seem too bad, but still a little wide in the leg so I'm curious
  8. d-rew12


    Yeah, I generally don't give it too much thought and just wash when needed, but these are worn in such random intervals so never really felt like it or got around to it. I love the stiffness too so was hesitant, but will get around to it once I get my warehouses back.
  9. d-rew12

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    If you're curious, here are the measurements of mine that I ended up selling (hemmed to 30" though). Waist: 18inFront Rise: 12.25inThigh: ~12.8inRear Rise: 16.25Knee: 9.25inLeg Opening: 8.5inLength: 30in
  10. d-rew12

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    Unfortunately most of Momotaros cuts don't work for me. Either too straight, or too slim. I could always taper but... I'll take a second look into them though!
  11. d-rew12

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    Man, I'm really struggling to find a decent pair of black/black jeans. The PBJ 19s ended up just being a little too skinny for me, the sugar canes aren't tapered enough and I even decided to go and try LSG denim (since they were pretty cheap) and went and got them hemmed. They fit okay but honestly still a little too tight. I'm kind of stumped on what to get/where to look now.
  12. d-rew12


    Your faded pair looks so damn good! Love the way boncouras fade. Finally got around to take some (cellphone) pics of mine. Still haven't washed (probably should as I don't really want a high contrast pair but love the stiffness of them) my pair but going to soon. No idea how much wear as I wear them kind of randomly but going to wear a lot in the next month or two as I wait for my warehouses.
  13. d-rew12


    After my last wash sadly, the crotch on my 1001's started to disintegrate. Washed again (sadly forgot to take after pics) and took them to selfedge yesterday for repairs. Missing them already!
  14. d-rew12


    Yeah their flannels this season look great. But hearing they're boxy kind of puts me off. But going to look into them, maybe a xmas present for myself :^
  15. d-rew12


    No Problem! And yeah, my size 36 probably have a 38 waist after stretch, and the inseam on mine is also around 30" but that's perfect for me as I have short legs haha. I do have an IG but I don't post any denim stuff. Just lame photos of my car :^)