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    The shoulder measurement is a little smaller than normal but thats perfect imo. Most shoulders on the larger sizes are always massive, so it's nice to see some smaller shoulders!
  2. d-rew12


    I second that ^ I was thinking og buying that exact one as well (also in a 42) but getting the non-washed version and just cold washing it. Really curious to see how close to the website the measurements are. Looks great!
  3. Mine did the same thing after a wash and was like, what's going on haha. They're awesome. Sadly, right now I can only wear them like 1-2 times a week due to the busy season at work , but soon enough! great pics everyone!
  4. Was supposed to fly to Washington this weekend to purchase a car but it's been delayed, so in the meantime here are a few of the film photos from the event. No jeans though haha Edit: Imgur kind of fucked the quality on these so oh well haha
  5. Small trip down to LA for a japanese classic car show. Most pics are on film but here are two with my phone and a crappy pic of me weering the jeans haha
  6. The selvedge line on mine kind of wavers as it goes down the leg so some parts are smaller than others. When I got them hemmed, one legs is a little smaller and I love it. Here is a shitty pic haha
  7. Thank you! Getting used to it, but don't mind too much anymore! One of my favorite details in general is small selvedge, and these have probably the smallest I've seen. It's great.
  8. They came out a little shorter than expected, but figured I'd role with it. Obviously cuff doesn't make it any better haha. Here is a fit pic of mine!
  9. Decided to keep them and took them to SESF last weekend to get hemmed. Going to pick up tomorrow so finally ready to join you guys! Still need to lose a few pounds to make them more comfortable haha.
  10. d-rew12


    My 1001s are one of, if not my favorite pair I've owned (although I tapered them so not sure if that makes a difference). Was going to buy a new pair but they've made the waist smaller one the new batch(s). Although I found a pair from 2014 and am tempted to snag them. Although looks like I might wait to see what Kiya has in store!
  11. Thanks guys! That's good to hear. Pretty much all my unsanforized did the same, but for some reason I had my doubts with these haha. Jonas from Goteburg is also super helpful and gave some advice so I'll soak them this weekend and see how it goes!
  12. My pair arrived! Only took like 4 days so I am impressed. Unforuntely... I might be cutting it close on fit. Definetly a little tighter than I was anticipating but might be able to squeeze by with a cold soak. EDIT: Anyone have any luck going back raw size in waist? In feel they fit great (or will after wash) pretty much everywhere but the waist is a little tight pre soak so am super hesitant.
  13. d-rew12

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Sorry forgot to put that in the post, but they are one-washed 38x32 so they are 30" in length
  14. d-rew12

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    If anyone is interested in a size 38 710 only worn once, let me know! Simply just not going to make it work. Selling for $135, trying to move on and grab something else.
  15. From all the fit pics everyones posted, they look much tapered than I had pictured in my head which is awesome haha.
  16. @Broark from the other thread, thanks for the measurements! And damn yeah the wiast shrunk a ton but it seems they stretch easily so should be solid. The measurements look great though!
  17. d-rew12

    Interest check: Denimbridge contest

    @Broark I can't quite tell but did you get a 38? I am very interested to see what your raw and washed measurements are And thanks @BobboI shot them a message. The jeans look great!
  18. d-rew12

    Interest check: Denimbridge contest

    How many pairs are heading to the shop? Interested again and kind of tempted to grab a pair that isn't accounted for
  19. d-rew12


    Gives you an excuse to rock the Hayashi-san look But tempted to grab another pair, but not sure if I want to go 66 again or go for the XX
  20. d-rew12

    Samurai Jeans

    That's pretty much the problem with most jeans when you hem them short sadly, regardless of taper. I think when you stack, it gives the visual that the leg opening is smaller so if there is no taper and you hem, and the leg opening is the same, it just feels much wider. I have the same problem on pretty much every pair I've owned. Just one of the those things you got to deal with sadly. I usually just taper.
  21. d-rew12

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Read a little back about the whole back pocket fiasco. It seemed at the time, they said there would be two version (in Japan), but sadly all I am seeing on rakuten are the no arcs. Found a pair of 1101XXs with arcs on yahoo auctions (https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o315183176). Not a deal or anything but tempted. Had a pair of regular 1101s from a while ago that I wore for a few months and stopped. Kind of tempted to grab another pair as I am in need of a new pair!
  22. d-rew12


    I didn't actually notice but that's a good point. The waist looks way smaller than I remember. 92cm on an unwashed size 36
  23. d-rew12


    So I think I read a little bit ago in this thread that they changed some of the warehouse fits? Did the 1001 change at all form say 2016? I ask because I loved my 1001s so much I am thinking of grabbing another pair, but looking at the newer version while the measurements look roughly the same, the patch now says 1001XX instead of 1001 like my old ones. Was just curious if they're still pretty much the same jean? EDIT: It also looks like the 800 now says 800XX too, so maybe just a change in the naming scheme on the patch? Also here are the ones in question https://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=132358411
  24. d-rew12

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Thanks for the kind words guys. And sadly no renters insurance it lesson learned. I live in an old complex so no cameras but yeah thinking about it now. But also thinking of moving somewhere else. Haven't really had any issues but I live next to a high traveled homeless area so who knows. They attempted to break into another but gave up. They broke in through the back entrance and I happen to be the first one they see. My city also isn't very fashionable so maybe they thought they could make a quick buck. Oh well. And I found out last night, they also took a big thing of change I had (that was given to me by my mom). Was so damn heavy I never really dealt with it so I'm kind of impressed they took it haha. But now an excuse to buy some jeans I guess haha.