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  2. sutocorp are not replying to emails from superfuture since late 2016 consequently their official thread has been locked until overdue payments have been made.
  3. just set up a new dedicated twitter account for supertalk @supertalkx @superfuture is better kept for travel/general stuff... i like guest editing but it needs to be modded or can get out of control like the IG guest editing did. will have a think about what to do next. ...needs some followers first!
  4. just updated some notification settings... members should have a few more options of how to receive. let me know if any issues fyi... NOTIFICATIONS are HERE: --------------------------------------------- [1] MANAGE FOLLOWED CONTENT [2] CHANGE PREFERENCE --------------------------------------------- [3] SEND ME....... - or click 'change how the notification is sent' for more OPTIONS
  5. it's on the activity/unread stream... but missing on the forum subindex we should be able to get it back
  6. sufu 6 is retina quality. clicking images loads uncompressed version. click full screen and can zoom in further... [though that might only be for uploads...] not sure... learning and finding all this good stuff as we go...
  7. @jbanger if you click this icon it should turn to green. then it should stick as your default...
  8. @jbanger i just looked and the custom stream i created the other day is appearing so has 'stuck'.... i accessed it via the menu activity -> my activity streams -> custom streams. so this custom stream looks like this....
  9. the techs are watching this one as it's one of the last unresolved issues. theory A is that it might sort out once everything finishes getting indexed... [almost done] EDIT: INDEXING JUST COMPLETED ... so try now and see if that made any difference...? theory B is that it's some missing links. for example 'content posted in areas i follow' is not showing from before the update on january 5. NOW WORKING FOR ME... i can see all the threads i have posted in - that i also follow - back to 2007.
  10. haha. just had someone else saying they get too many notification... did you adjust notification settings?
  11. we suspect a lot of these things *might* be related to the indexing... there is lots of data crunching still going on.
  12. @scamster it's some retro throwback to supertalk 1 or 2 somehow locked forever into some random database table... :-[] ...but just checked and you should be able to change it in your profile settings... if not, supermods can change it.
  13. @branespload this still not working? if not, let us know what sys/browser. anyway... just tweaked settings - all members should now be able to HIDE posts... [only those with super membership - supermembers supersellers supersponsors superartisans can additionally DELETE posts] emojis r coming... ;-0! EDIT: actually the dreary default set r here on the menu edit bar ... we can add others... not sure if possible to get full osx sets?
  14. @piece keeper via techs: ------> This appears to be working correctly for me, . When I click on a date it brings me to that exact comment. Can you test this out? It might be because it was rebuilding still, but it seems like its currently re-indexing posts ATM. Please test on other users as well. --------------- looking at your links wondering if it might be because you are viewing on the default rather than superfuture theme - which might have different settings... --------------- FYI - posts still re-indexing [1 week in ;-)]
  15. hiya, just wondering if any members out there are REAL experts on SEO stuff...?? must be total expert user of google webmastertools/GA analytics and know their way around a server. would really prefer someone who is user of supertalk --- if they exist? otherwise will look via the usual channels.... thanks. PM me with experience/background,