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  1. What's your point? The (many) images are up and being viewed by people all over the world What *do* you (and others) at SE think of it? I actually think it looks quite abnormal, maybe that's just me?
  2. i think i missed the "thug" angle..makes sense!
  3. Anyone else not liking the big-biceps look? IMO repro usually includes an unfortunately regressive masculine caricature (miner, farmer, engineer, biker, lumberjack, etc..)..but i'm not liking SE's "modern" or "next level" take...
  4. Ranger shirts look nice, hopefully they're not too heavy..I would never wear it myself but the "Baloo" Campus looks interesting!
  5. i've been wearing the 2009 and it's surprisingly comfortable for the 2014 the same in the waist/hip area?
  6. Anyone have a link?
  7. that's a nice one! looking forward to seeing details on the fabric
  8. fair enough..for my part i likely wouldn't have hated the SExSG contest thread so much if i hadn't seen it in a context influenced by denimio
  9. Anti-semitic hate media on the internet (typically identifying as "right" wing) puts a triple-parens around a person's name to identify that person as part of a global conspiracy (I think some older people are doing it too)...though I don't think that's happening here?!
  10. Shirt looks really good!
  11. Took me a while to realize the start date is November b/c i'm used to mm/dd/yyyy ....
  12. i can see how loads of slub, pink weft, and super loose woven 25 oz are a bit too much (or, for me, way too much)...but what's wrong with left hand twill?
  13. maybe they look better in a full shot?
  14. love everything about that big yank repro (except the lettering..); still being sold anywhere?
  15. lol those socks are a joke right? sadly i've seen enough people wearing pants like those nudies to know that's an actual style