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  1. Not my best photo ever, but I figured it was worth it to show my TCB's in their natural habitat. I am currently working a Reenforcing Ironworker job at 2 new highrise buildings in Vancouver, we are only only floor 3 of 65 on one building and 24 of 57 on the other so far. I hope these 70s Bushpants make it all the way to the top!
  2. Huge Gladhand fan. I have one of their jackets and a few shirts. One of my favourites
  3. Ive seen the At Dirty stuff in person and was really not into it. It seemed to lack a lot of the details and finishing touches that we have all grown to appreciate. It was very basic, and if im not mistaken, made in China I am not up to date with the other two brands you mentioned though, i'll be sure to check them out
  4. Thanks man They are the 727s. Im really liking them so far. Not my favourite of all time, and they could use a hemming but I do enjoy them so far
  5. New York Hat Co Super brand TCB Fresh pair of Stevensons that I was gifted by a friend Redwing My pup Todays outfit really has me thinking about my next clothing purchases. Its time. My current closet is started to feel stale
  6. I scrolled through but didnt seem to find a definitive, final answer. Is payment due on the 15th if we wish to participate? What forms of payment are being accepted? Thank you <3 Participating or not, I'll be following this one very close
  7. Just took a look at that. The one that is listed as "Type 3 slim fit" is the one I just posted of mine. Confirmed. That was confusing
  8. Got it. That makes by far the most sense of any explanation that Ive found so far. Thank you!
  9. Some places seem to call them the "1947 slim" and some "SC42014" but it is definitely different from what is listed as the "1947" on Self Edge. Ive actually been quite confused on the issue myself. When WAS 1947? Is it now 2014? What IS slim? Do aliens exist?
  10. Just put I believe the 4th wash into my Sugar Cane 1947 slims after having worn them for the past year as probably my most regular pant (alternated with that black pair of Sugar Canes that I destroyed).
  11. Blackboard Cafe Super glasses Gladhand Sugarcane Redwing
  12. TCB

    Looks great man. I love all of the embroidary/repair you do to your stuff. Might have to take a drive up to Squamish one of these days and bring you a piece to play with..
  13. Went to shoot some photos for NiftyDo yesterday, so I figure I'll post them as my "WAYWT". Greasy old Layrite head Super brand glasses Knickerbocker mfg button up Gladhand shirt underneath Merry Co pants Converse Ive wanted this Knickerbocker shirt since it was first released but missed out on gwtting one from them directly, very thankful that NiftyDo could find me one. My new favourite shirt.
  14. That shirt looks fantastic from a far (and Im sure as it seems to be the case with most Roy products, it will look even better close up, in hand). I havent owned a Roy piece yet to date, but Im really feeling this one
  15. Man.. I really want to. At this point I think I could safely adapt to wearing the 20s cut (I secretly love it but am scared of change or something), but I just moved coast to coast across Canada about 2 months ago and money is still a little tight. Is July 15th the payment date? I absolutely love all of the TCB products, no conversion required on that front. I currently have a Type 2 jacket, the 70s bush pant and had a pair of the Orange tab super slims last year. The conversion I need to make is from a fairly skinny pant to a real mans cut