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  1. Suspenders was deffinitely a good choice! This is actually one of my favourite looks that you have posted (and youve posted some damn good ones! Feeling very inspired to try a similar look
  2. New York Hat Co Whitesville tshirt TCB jacket Cats Paw Redwing Bag of fried chicken
  3. Im trying my hardest!! I miss it so much
  4. Obviously not traditional fit pictures but sometimes I think its cool to see the clothes actually living, out there doing things. Orgueil shirt Sugar Cane Converse photos by a gentleman by the name of NJ that I met at The Shop
  5. TCB

    I know I was supposed to come back with my opinion on the 50s slim, but Ive been holding out. Im going to go back to The Shop Vancouver tomorrow and try them on for a 2nd time. Until then, here is a photo of my 70s bush pants that I wore to work over the last 4 or 5 months compared to a fresh pair courtesy of The Shop
  6. Blackboard Cafe beanie Eat Dust Cats Paw Broken Homme
  7. TCB

    Just got to try on the 50s slim at The Shop Vancouver. Having mixed feelings. Didnt buy them today but its still a thought that I am having. Going to post some more indepth thoughts once I get home
  8. In Banff / Lake Louise Alberta today. 1 more week of driving and the near 7000km trip will be wrapped up and I'll be back in my new/old/new again home of Vancouver. Didnt get a chance to get any real good photo of todays clothes in all of the excitement, but I've got something. First photo is : New York Hat Co The Strike Gold tshirt The Flat Head shirt TCB jacket Sugar Cane Red Wing Fighting with my puppy for a photo as he trys to go play with some nearby kids 2nd photo is the same shirt and pants and boots without the layering because Canada finally decided to give me a break
  9. Drove through Saskatchewan today.. only the 2nd time that I have ever been through the province. Very long, very flat... Knickerbocker mfg Strike Gold t The Flathead Sugar Cane Redwing
  10. Currently on a cross Canada trip (6500+ kilometres) in our car with my girlfriend because we are moving back to Vancouver. Been in Toronto the last 2 days. We stopped at this vintage store today so she could do a little shopping, figured Id snap a photo while she looked around. Not my best photo but I was in the mood to post to you guys Knickerbocker mfg hat Stevenson Sugar Cane Dr. Martens
  11. Cheap sunglasses that I just found in a drawer TCB TCB SugarCane Redwing
  12. Blackboard Cafe beanie Lady White shirt Sugar Cane jacket Stevenson Overall Company pants Dr. Martens Ive had these SOC pants for probably almost 9 months now Im guessing but have only worn them about 5 or 6 times. I really love them, the construction is impeccable, they fit me perfect in the waist and are very comfortable to wear and this style pant looks so good on mostly everybody else that I see wear them but I just cant seem to find a way to style the rest of my outfit to make them work. Going to start trying to wear them more often now that spring is here, so any suggestions would be warmly welcomed
  13. I am quite envious of this outfit. Very good. Your posts since I have joined have almost single handedly made me want to order a pant that isnt slim.. almost
  14. Today is a sad day.. I am about 10 and a half months into heavy rotational wear of my Black Type 3s, and I just had another big blow out, this time in the crotch area and there is nobody locally to fix them, and I am moving in 2 weeks so I do not want to send them away anywhere just yet. Ran them through the washer this morning and now I am putting them onto the shelf for temporary retirement. Lots of photos.. maybe too many (oops)
  15. I think I already posted a picture once of this fit (or a very similar one) but I really like these photos that my friend TJ shot of me a few days ago New York Hat Co Strike Gold Tshirt 3Sixteen jacket Sugar Cane Dr. Martens