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  1. Thank you!
  2. These look incredible. Is there any reliable way to get a Clinch boot without actually being in Japan? I couldnt seem to find a retailer
  3. Mister Freedom Stevenson TCB Stevenson Dr. Martens Just started trying to wear my TCB type 2 a little more again, I had been mostly avoiding it because I was finding that it looked to long on me. What do you guys think?
  4. Been looking into Dawson a lot lately. I think they will be my next pair. Which fit of theirs is this? Looks so good
  5. I double posted by mistake and now I cant figure out how to delete this one... Sorry guys. Help
  6. Had to run a few errands after work, kept it very casual Knickerbocker X The Shop Vancouver Whitesvills Stevenson Redwing
  7. TCB shirt Dehen sweater LVC HUF
  8. FINALLY back to grey skys, cooler weather and some rain in Vancouver and I think I might be the happiest person jn the city. Autumn fits in full effect Mister Freedom TCB jacket Merry Company sweater LVC HUF
  9. Thanks everybody. These are a 1947. Not exactly sure which specific one as they came to me from a friend who didnt like them
  10. Been experimenting with putting a slightly bigger cut pant into my rotation lately, and I think I am liking it. Not so much as to be wearing a cut like this everyday, but Ive been enjoying the look. My only worry is that a wide cut and being short is going to make me look even shorter Knickerbocker mfg LVC HUF
  11. Nothing fancy but I havent posted in awhile Mister Freedom Warehouse Stevenson Overall Cons
  12. TCB

    Third! Hahaha. I have this pair, and my favourite pair of Sugar Canes currently in desperate need of repairs. Its a sad time in my denim life
  13. TCB

    Dude! That would be the best. Id love for you to work on them
  14. TCB

    fWas told at work on Friday that I have to stop wearing my TCB's (it is company safety policy to not have ripped or torn clothes because they can get caught on stuff while you climb and also create extra fire risk). So they are being retired until I can get them repaired. Gave them a wash last night so they dont stink out my closet in the meantime TCB 70s bush pants Unknown days (I would guess about 130-150) 4-5 washes Worn as my work pants to my job as an Ironworker (sorry for the massive photo dump, i feel like I am always the guy crowding a page with to many photos)