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  1. MasonAlexander

    Dawson Denim

    @Broark on their website, the size charts work fine if I go to the regular store, but if/when the option pops up to shop the Canadian store (or show Canadian prices or however it is worded), if I click yes, the size charts will no longer work for me
  2. MasonAlexander

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Shirt - Sugar Cane Vest - Belafonte Jacket - Knickerbocker Overalls - Labor Union Boots - Vintage
  3. MasonAlexander

    Dawson Denim

    @UkeNo That would be so good!
  4. MasonAlexander

    Dawson Denim

    I saw a photo a while back of Pokey Lafarge wearing the Black Wide Taper jean and they looked really great. Wasnt a super detailed photo of the jeans or anything, but they looked great with the rest of his kit