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  1. Stevenson hoodie TCB jacket Sugar Cane Broken Homme Ive been feeling in a slump the last couple of weeks as far as getting dressed is concerned. Starting to feel like Ive exhausted all of my current layering options and Im getting a little bored. Really hoping that sometime over the next few weeks I can grab a few new shirting options and perhaps a new sweater option. Anything extra good out now that I might want to take a look at?
  2. TCB

    Spilled a bunch of gas on myself at work yesterday while filling up a saw, so I ran my Bush pants through the wash last night. Very happy about how these things are starting to turn out.. really wanting to start a pair of TCB for casual (not to destory at my job) wear. I stopped keeping track awhile ago (bummer), but my closest guess is putting these at about 15 ish days of wear before I took them to work and somewhere around 70 days of going to work in them. Unknown washes, but they have been washed a fair bit, have not been giving them any kind of special treatment at all
  3. I dont typically follow what 3Sixteen has going on, and until now I have never seen their type 3 but damn.. I really wish i would have know about these. This is BEAUTIFUL. Both because yours has faded so wonderfully, but also just the general cut and desig of the jacket looks lovely.. really feeling those subtle seams at the shoulders on the back, and also feeling the side pockets. Do you have any fit pictures of you in this?
  4. Woah. Think that might actually be an option?
  5. I usually never take a photo before work because well.. my work clothes are just old skateboard clothes and not that cool but the TCB bush pants were looking to good to not post today. These are by far my favourite fitting pants, if I could find an identical fit without the big pockets, Id be the happiest denim nerd alive
  6. Its been snow storming and freezing rain here for almost 3 days now but it cleared for a little while today so I went out to check out everything that was frozen. Turned out to be a beautiful little evening. Not the best photo for a fit picture, but good enough ! Blackboard Cafe beanie The Flathead Sugar Cane jacket Sugar Cane Red Wing
  7. TCB

    The more time I spent looking at the numbers, and comparing, and thinking about how low the rise on the 50's slim is.. the less excited I get. Starting to feel real unsure about them
  8. TCB

    Perfect! Thanks for the clarification. Hoping my pay cheque rolls in tonight and I can put an order for the jeans. Had actually planned to order a new shirt tonight because I was sick of my current layering options.. but this through a beautiful wrench in that plan My size 30 in the 70s bush pant is one of my favourite fitting pants that I currently wear, the size chart on those says that the waist measurement is "76", the size chart on the 50s slim seems to suggest that I will need to buy a 28 waist in order to get the proper fit on my waist.. Thats making me real nervous, Ive never been in a size 28 anything
  9. TCB

    Appears that the jacket and the 50s slim are up in the TCB store now. Are they actually available now or is this a preorder? Does anybody know? Thinking I'll try to place an order for the jeans at the very least in the morning.. on the TCB webstore it has options for 30 "washed" and 30 "rigid" , am I safe to assume that the "rigid" option is an unsanforized option? I just dont want to get mislead by google chrome translating the page or something like that
  10. The Shop Vancouver X Knickerbocker hat TCB button up underneath Dehen sweater sugarcane **edit just realised the photo is pretty blurry and not good. Sorry pals
  11. TCB

    This cut is so pefect for me. Very excited. Will absolutely be my next purchase
  12. The Shop Vancouver X Knickerbocker X The Ideas hat RRL shirt 3Sixteen jacket SugarCane denim Converse
  13. Put another wash into my TCB jacket last night, deffinitely shrunk up some more. It is feeling a little tight with a sweater layered under it right now which I feel is giving it kind of a "bulky" look or something but I think if it opens back up a little and softens a little it will be the perfect fit. New York Hat Co StrikeGold Tshirt Shit black hoodie TCB jacket LVC Broken Homme
  14. TCB

    Shes beautiful! Thanks for posting these
  15. Any photos of yours around? Would love to have a look