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  1. Blackboard Cafe beanie Lady White shirt Sugar Cane jacket Stevenson Overall Company pants Dr. Martens Ive had these SOC pants for probably almost 9 months now Im guessing but have only worn them about 5 or 6 times. I really love them, the construction is impeccable, they fit me perfect in the waist and are very comfortable to wear and this style pant looks so good on mostly everybody else that I see wear them but I just cant seem to find a way to style the rest of my outfit to make them work. Going to start trying to wear them more often now that spring is here, so any suggestions would be warmly welcomed
  2. I am quite envious of this outfit. Very good. Your posts since I have joined have almost single handedly made me want to order a pant that isnt slim.. almost
  3. Today is a sad day.. I am about 10 and a half months into heavy rotational wear of my Black Type 3s, and I just had another big blow out, this time in the crotch area and there is nobody locally to fix them, and I am moving in 2 weeks so I do not want to send them away anywhere just yet. Ran them through the washer this morning and now I am putting them onto the shelf for temporary retirement. Lots of photos.. maybe too many (oops)
  4. I think I already posted a picture once of this fit (or a very similar one) but I really like these photos that my friend TJ shot of me a few days ago New York Hat Co Strike Gold Tshirt 3Sixteen jacket Sugar Cane Dr. Martens
  5. Ok good. If Volvo says it fits, it fits!
  6. What I Want To Wear Today But Am Having A Crisis About The Fit 2017 I love this TCB shirt, and Ive worn it a ton, its been very faithful but almost all of the times that ive worn it have been layered under something or tucked in. Now that the weather is breaking and the snow is gone I want to be able to wear just a button up shirt but Im a bit concerned about this fit. Does it look too long to you fellas?
  7. Blackboard Cafe beanie TCB jacket The Flathead Sugar Cane Dr. Martens
  8. Blackboard Cafe beanie Big Hop Tshirt 3Sixteen Sugar Cane Converse
  9. Stevenson sweater TCB jacket Sugar Cane Redwing
  10. I always try to keep a good stache! Im no good at having a beard, but I also dont like having a clean face while I have my head short, so Ive been doing the buzzed hair/stache combo for the last year or so. Ive never watched Peaky Blinders but Ive heard nothing but great things! I think its about time that I check it out. I really enjoy Cillian Murphys work. Definitely appreciate the tone/style of the show. A few months back I almost bought the 3 piece suit that Knickerbocker did.. could have had a real good Peaky Blinders kit! I got it while in Japan in December from the Gladhand store. Sizing doesnt seem to be the best if I have to be honest.. They are sized S,M,L,XL not by numbers so the sizing doesnt seem to be dead on for anybody, the perfect size for me would have been a combination of Small and Medium. I usually wear a 38 in most jackets, and I have a medium in this one and it fits me pretty ok, but not perfect. I personally that the body sections are all a bit bit, it looks baggy while zipped and its longer than I would like, but the bicep/armpit area is very tight and I cant move around it in to well. I love it, I couldnt pass it up and leave without it, but the fit is for sure not perfect
  11. New York Hat Co Strike Gold shirt 3Sixteen Sugar Cane Dr. Martens
  12. Love that Deluxeware sweater that you always wear. Where can I check those out?
  13. Stevenson hoodie TCB jacket Sugar Cane Broken Homme Ive been feeling in a slump the last couple of weeks as far as getting dressed is concerned. Starting to feel like Ive exhausted all of my current layering options and Im getting a little bored. Really hoping that sometime over the next few weeks I can grab a few new shirting options and perhaps a new sweater option. Anything extra good out now that I might want to take a look at?
  14. TCB

    Spilled a bunch of gas on myself at work yesterday while filling up a saw, so I ran my Bush pants through the wash last night. Very happy about how these things are starting to turn out.. really wanting to start a pair of TCB for casual (not to destory at my job) wear. I stopped keeping track awhile ago (bummer), but my closest guess is putting these at about 15 ish days of wear before I took them to work and somewhere around 70 days of going to work in them. Unknown washes, but they have been washed a fair bit, have not been giving them any kind of special treatment at all
  15. I dont typically follow what 3Sixteen has going on, and until now I have never seen their type 3 but damn.. I really wish i would have know about these. This is BEAUTIFUL. Both because yours has faded so wonderfully, but also just the general cut and desig of the jacket looks lovely.. really feeling those subtle seams at the shoulders on the back, and also feeling the side pockets. Do you have any fit pictures of you in this?