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  1. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Yeah, hard to say on what will happen. I wore my TCB 70s Bush Pants to my job as an ironworker, and after about 100 days they looked like I had been wearing them for years, but then they basically blew out on every seem imagination and my pockets ripped off. 100 hard working days = 3 years of normal wear and insane fades, but now they are either for strictly a keep-sake or need heavy repairs EDIT! but I still think you should continue... because at the end of the day they are just jeans, and they are YOUR jeans, and you should treat them however you please
  2. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Knickerbocker X The Shop Vancouver Knickerbocker Dawson HUF
  3. Dawson Denim

    Gave them a little wash and dry last night, and tried a different cuff option today
  4. TCB

    Those look so good! Perfect fit @istewi
  5. Dawson Denim

    If its anything similar to the construction of the jeans... its worth it as far as Im concerned. Ive owned 3 or 4 pairs of TCB now, and I really think I would happily pay the extra money again and again for Dawson
  6. Dawson Denim

    I reaaaally thought I had chose the proper hem length when I ordered them.. but I am also thinking I may have messed that up somehow. I thought I calculated it so I could have a single 3” cuff ... but.. hrm
  7. Always such a hard question to answer for people. We can all tell you which brands we love... but its always going to be larely based on our personal experience and preference. Ya know, its easy for us to kind of make a reccomendation (if you want super heavy denim maybe look at Iron Heart, if you want super slubby perhaps you should look at The Strike Gold, etc etc), but I really would think the best advice I could give you would be to just look at a LOT of denim. Scroll through every forum and webstore you can find. Look at fit photos, fade photos, read what people have to say about their personal pairs and just really get a feel for what speaks to YOU, and give that a try. Whatever you want!
  8. Dawson Denim

    Had my first day of wear today! For me, the fit is exactly what I wanted! (Although Ive gotten deep back into working out and eating well lately and just lost 14 lbs so Ive got a liiittle bit of extra waist room)(but not enough to bother me, just enough to have extra shirt tucking in room and require a belt). Not exactly sure how I’ll utilize the cuff on these, but Im pretty happy with how it was in these photos Although I did wear them all day today, I am going to go ahead and toss them in a light wash this evening. Partly out of the habit of washing jeans on the first day, partly because they feel quite stiff and startchy
  9. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    This thread has been so fun and exciting again the last few days. Almost makes me wish that I was back in the mix! Good luck everybody! And Congratulations on the imminent victory Karl ! Hahahaha
  10. Dawson Denim

    Today was the day! Just got them in hand. Going to come back later and post a more details of my thoughts and a fit picture, but I figured Id dump in my initial photos and a quick first impression in the meantime! First and foremost, Id like to mention that Kelly and Scott have been the absolute most kind and courteous people that Ive ever tried to do business with me. They were so sweet and helpful during the ordering process, they messaged me twice during the waiting period just to check in on me, and they had a lovely chat with me today when I got in touch with them to let them know that they arrived. I would do business with them all day, everyday, and many times in the future. The packaging was beautiful. All of the "paperwork" looked very nice and well assembled. All of the cardboard inserts and information cards seemed to reflect their quality of work as it was all very sturdy and beautiful to look at. I was especially fond of the little tote bag that the jeans came in. Upon my first couple of examinations of the jeans themselves, they seem to be by FAR some of the best constructed pants that I have ever owned (although I have not handled Roy or Ooe). Everything is so nice and tidy. The workman ship is topnotch. Something about them seems "special" from the new pocket design to the hand signed and numbered tags. The denim is very very stiff so far, it is 14.5oz but it honestly feels much heavier than that right now. The fabric looks beautiful, although the color may be a little bit off in this round of photos I am so excited to get started!
  11. I much prefer the Whitesville ones. But that is largely in part based on the fact that I have a short torso and I found the Lady White shirts to fit me very very long and the Whitesville shirts were short
  12. I much prefer the Whitesville ones. But that is largely in part based on the fact that I have a short torso and I found the Lady White shirts to fit me very very long and the Whitesville shirts were short
  13. TCB

    This is absolutely 100% true
  14. TCB

    Forgot to mention that you need a discount code. “Tcbclear40” is the code. For me, the 50s would only be $20 more expensive at The Shop than say..Denimio. But for me, it would save me a ton on shipping and duty and such, so I suppose thats why it seemed cheaper
  15. TCB

    The Shop Vancouver is having 40% off on all TCB jeans right now if anybody is looking for a new pair. I think I am going to talk myself into spending money I dont have on a pair of 50s as they are $240 Canadian / $180 Usd right now