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  1. Pure Blue Japan

    PBJ607918OZ 209 days of wear.
  2. Minor update on some of the jeans in my weekly rotation. S710XX19OZ. 78 days of wear. 1 machine wash. 1 soak. PBJXX00714OZ 131 days of wear. 3 soaks.
  3. Samurai Jeans

    S710XX19OZ. 78 days of wear. 1 machine wash. 1 soak.
  4. Pure Blue Japan

    PBJXX00714OZ 131 days of wear. 3 soaks.
  5. Samurai Jeans

    I am looking at the 20th anniversary version of S710XX 16oz. Anyone got any information about the denim used. Any fade pictures or equivalent if it has been used in the past. BR / N
  6. Samurai Jeans

    Anyone here familiar with the S710XX 19oz . I am thinking of grabbing me a pair. But am thinking about sizing shrinking after soak / wash. I opted for a pair of 34 in both my PBJs. And I have been using 33 in my IHs. How much do they shrink. SHould I go up a size or go tts.`?
  7. The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    I am not on Pinterest very often. But I went there last week and was entertained by looking at "Denim"
  8. Iron Heart Jeans

    Here are two more pictures.
  9. Iron Heart Jeans

    It has been a while since I took any photos what so ever. My main camera lens broke a while back and needs repairs. But a week ago after I had given some of my shirts a wash the sun hit my 76. It sparkeled in the sunlight and was so beautiful. I had to take some photos When I went through my old pictures I noticed that I had a picture from 2014 09 26 when the shirt was sparkling new with only 2 days of wear. Thought it would be cool with a comparison picture of it on the same date and place three years later So I took some photos yesterday. Left side: 2014-09-26 2 days of wear 0 soak 0 machine wash Right side: 2017-09-26 241 days of wear 3 soaks 1 machine wash
  10. DWC - Final Submissions Thread

    Congratulations louisbosco!
  11. DWC - Final Submissions Thread

    What!!! I am speechless. This really made my day. It has been two fun years. I would not have an easy time picking out winners from all the beautifully faded pairs.
  12. The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    Not really my cup of tea.
  13. DWC - Final Submissions Thread

    Two years of wear and tear. It has been a a fun journey. I signed up with two pairs for the DWC. These are one of the two pairs. IRON HEART 666UHR - Super Heavyweight 208 days of wear, 7 soaks & 1 machine wash WASH & SOAK 2015-01-23: Initial soak 2015-01-23: 000 days 1st machine wash (30 degrees) 2015-06-11: 064 days 2nd soak 2015-12-26: 081 days 3rd soak 2016-02-27: 103 days 4th soak 2016-03-24: 125 days 5th soak 2016-05-14: 149 days 6th soak 2017-02-02: 180 days 7th soak For the full journey see denimworldchampionship.com forum.