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WAYWT (denim version) 2016


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Fun little motorcycle show last night. 

My homeboi Danny took my camera and snapped this here flick of me and Johns Lil Triumph I thought I would share the kit. 

TCB Bucket hat- The day started out raining pretty heavy so naturally I thought I would dress the part of a fisherman. 

White Japanese T - One of hand painted by Gen Love Ear Art. 

Levis SunSet - I really dig this Top. I picked it up a while back from my homies shop TriCo in Hollywood. It's one of the few pieces I have thats long enough for me to tuck in so when I want to look fancy, its a go to. 

WH Ranch Prototype #1 Jacket- We were placing a new order for some WH stuff a few weeks ago and I saw that he had his prototype up for grabs, so I tossed it in with the rest of the order. I tossed it in the bath for a good 20 minutes on Friday and let it soak up some love.. You know how sometimes you just know something is gonna be good ? This is one of those, very hyped. 

Stevenson La Jolla 727 - I love these pants. Can't really say enough good things about them. 

Redwing Iron Rangers Hawthorn- I can't seem to get away from these guys. 4 years strong. 


Little accessories -  7th Heaven Jewelry Art Brass knuckle Silver skull key fob, and I really dig this little Silver bracelet that I made out of an old giant necklace I got as an old video game ambassador back in the day. 


gerogia-1-26.jpgCreep. Have fun everyone. 


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DSCF8988.jpgI took a quick break from looking for Kanye tickets on Craigslist to get our friend Lauren to take this flick to and was promptly told to "fuck off" by someone taking my photo.... not sure how that works.


My standard 50's Buco riding cap

Velva Sheen Waffle 

Orgueil 1015 Nep Jeans- I love this cut. 

White cotton socks.. Jammin. 

Buttero Leather kicks. 

Dads old late 40s Elgin watch. 

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